Useful tips to generate prospects, job leads and referrals from LinkedIn

Want to know how to create an effective LinkedIn profile? Is it possible to generate job opportunities and job referrals through better networking on LinkedIn? What is the advantage of writing a recommendation on LinkedIn and using the "Post Update" and "Pulse" features on LinkedIn dashboard? Please read further to know about useful ways of generating job leads and referrals on LinkedIn website.

With social networking sites ruling the roost over the last few years, LinkedIn has emerged as a networking site with a difference. It is not the usual run-of-the-mill social networking site where people just post photos, videos and comments. LinkedIn helps one to get connected with professionals from all over the world. It is a genuine professional networking site that has proved useful for many corporate professionals, IT professionals, Banking professionals, Freelancers, etc. to get in touch with the right people for the desired job profile.

Many recruitment consultants are active on LinkedIn and if your profile is updated regularly, you stand a good chance of getting approached by some recruitment consultant sooner rather than later. There are too many people on LinkedIn currently, but, not all of them are able to make the optimum use of this wonderful platform. As an individual, you can get good job opportunities as well as job referrals and as a company, you might get good candidates on LinkedIn. In this article, I shall try and discuss useful tips to use LinkedIn effectively for generating job leads and referrals.

Effective ways to generate LinkedIn job leads and referrals

  • Build a strong LinkedIn profile

    It is important that you fill in all relevant information and keep your LinkedIn profile as complete as possible. Do not clutter too much information and leave sufficient spaces between lines (wherever applicable). Make sure you reveal all certifications, rewards, etc. that you may have won over the years. Try to highlight client-facing experience as it might attract more attention. Also, include all the areas that you may have worked upon during your professional life. Write a brief summary covering your strong areas and list out your career goals clearly. A well-written LinkedIn profile will go a long way in clinching any job offer that you may get in future (through LinkedIn).

  • Upload a professional looking photograph on your LinkedIn profile

    Your LinkedIn profile is not complete till you include your photograph along with other details. There has to be a face to your name so that people can easily relate to you. Make sure that you include a professionally-dressed photograph of yours in the LinkedIn profile. This will create a good impression and any resource seekers will understand that you mean business.

  • Get connected and expand your network regularly

    An excellent LinkedIn profile will be of no use, if you don't network properly and get connected to professionals from various fields. The website provides a list of suggestions of LinkedIn members for you under People You May Know. You can simply press "Connect" option next to any LinkedIn member you already know. Such a member can be your friend, relative, colleague from previous organization, colleague from current organization, University colleague, etc. This helps you to develop first level connection with people you know directly. Similarly, you can even develop second level connections or third level connections with people on your any of your friend's LinkedIn network. You can create a network of people with similar skills (as you) as well as with recruitment agency members and HR professionals of various companies.

  • Never accept connection request without proper background check

    In the urge for broadening your LinkedIn network, do not accept any connection request from absolute strangers (who are not connected to any of your connections). Make sure you seek a proper introduction from such strangers, check their profile thoroughly, check their online existence on other blogs, social networking sites, etc. Only once you are satisfied with the profile of a stranger, should you go ahead and accept his / her as your LinkedIn connection. This is required because a person sharing wrong information on LinkedIn might ask you to be his / her connection so as to reach out to a wider network of friends that you might possess.

  • Prepare your own lead list

    Try to develop a habit of exploring the network of your contacts on LinkedIn. Many times you will come across useful profiles who might get you the job of your choice in future. List down such names and try to get connected with them with a good introduction. Also, you might be able to get good referrals for a particular job requirement at your current organization. To attract such leads and referrals, try to get recommendations written for you from your common connections (from contacts who know you as well as them). A quality recommendation from a known person will always make any potential leads or referrals take you more seriously.

  • Regular posting of LinkedIn updates

    You can regularly post an update for your LinkedIn network. It is not the general status update or tweet that you do for other social networking sites. A good update on LinkedIn will be to share useful information (related to the professional corporate world or your own technology) in the form of an article or video. To do so, you can use the daily update or Pulse option available on your LinkedIn dashboard. Once you post an update, you become visible to your entire LinkedIn network. The more you post updates, the more you will remain in limelight on your network. This will increase your chances of getting contacted by any of your connections whenever an apt job opportunity arises.

  • Start joining different LinkedIn groups

    This website has plenty of useful groups based on similarly skilled professionals, people with similar technology likings, location-wise job requirements, etc. Make sure you join relevant groups and participate actively in them by sharing your thoughts, useful articles, news, etc. This will help you to reach out to a wider audience and impress them. You will also be able to get updates about any potential job opportunities or referral opportunities.

  • Write recommendations for your contacts

    One of the best ways to get noticed by a variety of professionals and companies on LinkedIn is by writing recommendations for your contacts with similar profiles (or goals) as yours. Once you write a good recommendation (which is based on true facts) and it is approved by your contact (for whom you have written it), it will be visible on your contact's LinkedIn profile. This way you will get noticed by the entire network of your contact. Even your contact will feel good about it and will try to help you out with your own LinkedIn recommendation as well as with job leads and referrals.

The above mentioned tips to generate prospects, leads and referrals from LinkedIn networking site will work if you follow them regularly. If you simply follow them once by updating stuff on LinkedIn for an entire day and then forget about it for next few weeks, it won't help you. Staying updated on LinkedIn is an ongoing activity which will help you in the long run. I hope my suggestions will help you to achieve more from LinkedIn. Please feel free to share any other useful tips that might have worked for you.

Read Useful tips to generate prospects, job leads and referrals from LinkedIn


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