Can we use AdSense on video blogs with YouTube videos?

Are you wondering if you can create a website or video blog with YouTube videos and earn by placing AdSense Ads in those pages? Learn YouTube and AdSense policies regarding placing AdSense ads on pages with embedded YouTube videos.

I am going to cover another commonly asked question in this blogging tips series. One of the question I was asked today by a blogger is, does Google allow us to create blogs with embedded YouTube videos and monetize it using AdSense and other ads.

I tried to explain to him that it doesn't sound ethical to create a blog which contains nothing but a lot of funny and entertainment videos from YouTube. In this case, the videos were not uploaded by him but he just wanted to embed interesting videos posted by others. Google allows embedding the YouTube videos in other sites and even provide various options to do the same. However, most bloggers are not aware that using such videos to generate advertising revenue may be considered as a violation of their terms of use.

The blogger who asked me about the YouTube and AdSense policies regarding monetizing the web pages with YouTube videos showed me a bunch of websites that do exactly what he wanted to do. Those blogs have no text content but has listed hundreds of funny videos, well organized into categories and sections with options to search by keywords. They do AdSense ads to monetize their webpages and according to this blogger, they have been using AdSense successfully for a few years.

Since he wasn't convinced with my answer, I decided to do a bit of research to present him the terms of use of YouTube and AdSense regarding embedding YouTube videos in blogs with AdSense ads.

YouTube terms of use regarding AdSense ads on pages with embedded videos

This is what the YouTube TOS says:
You agree not to use the Service for any of the following commercial uses unless you obtain YouTube's prior written approval: the sale of advertising, sponsorship, or promotions on any page of an ad-enabled blog or website containing Content delivered via the Service, unless other material not obtained from YouTube appears on the same page and is of sufficient value to be the basis for such sales.

You can read the full terms at official website.

AdSense ads on pages with YouTube videos

So, it is clear from the TOS that we cannot use AdSense ads or any other advertising in the pages containing YouTube videos, unless the page has other valuable content. You cannot consider the video as a valid content to make it eligible for advertisements.

AdSense policies regarding ads on pages with YouTube videos

AdSense policies do not mention anything directly related to YouTube videos. However, the copyright policies will come into play here. Here is the AdSense policy regarding the same:

"AdSense publishers may not display Google ads on webpages with content protected by copyright law unless they have the necessary legal rights to display that content. This includes sites that display copyrighted material, sites hosting copyrighted files, or sites that provide links driving traffic to sites that contain copyrighted material."

If you are displaying AdSense ads on pages with embedded YouTube videos, you are responsible to make sure the video itself do not violate any copyright policies. It is possible that someone has posted a video which violates someone else's copyrights. You can't say the excuse that you didn't know about the copyright violation. As per AdSense policies, if you use Ads on pages with video that violate copyrights, your AdSense account will be at risk.


According to the YouTube terms of use, you can use AdSense and other ads in your blog posts only if the page contains substantial text, in addition to the embedded videos. Creating ad-enabled video blogs with embedded YouTube videos without other substantial content is a violation of YouTube policies.

If you have a content rich blog and embed videos just to supplement your content, you can use ads, provided the videos themselves do not violate any policies. Before you place ads on your pages, ask this question yourself - is the page eligible for ads even without the video? If the answer is "Yes", then you can use AdSense ads on pages with embedded videos.

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Guest Author: Valentine26 Sep 2014

Great information on this topic Tony. I also wanted to embed some videos on my site which is a forum and has adsense enabled on it. I seemed reluctant to post such content on it till I found this article. Thanks a lot

Guest Author: Mohan11 Nov 2014

My website is with rich content and Adsense enabled one. I would like to add few more pages with embedded YouTube videos but without adding any Adsense ad codes on it. Is it safe or it is against the Adsense policy?

Guest Author: Harish Mohanan14 Jul 2015

Was of great use. Thanks!

Guest Author: Robin24 Jul 2015

Thanks for covering this topic because I want to create a website which contains an embedded video and some text which explains that video.

Guest Author: Moin (fairwheels.com21 Mar 2017

Great article. It really clearified my question. Thanks

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