Free online backup services to backup your social life data.

We all have accounts in various social networking websites. Everyday we share so many images, videos and we chat with so many people. Have you thought about taking backups of all these data? By using online backup services we can preserve all our social data safe. Data backup services are provided by different social networking sites. In this article I am going to discusses about the how to preserve our social data by using online backup services?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ like this so many social platforms are there to share our feelings with our family members. Since from the day we create our page in any social websites we share so many things, we chat with our friends and family members. Have you thought about taking backup for your data in social media? What if any one hack your profile? Are you going to lose all your social life? If we do backup by using free online backup services we can preserve our data.

Online data backup for Facebook users:

In olden days, we share our happiness and sad things with our family members but trend has changed. Sharing is common but everything is done through social networking walls. Among all Facebook, had taken the top place. From the day we create our profile page, we fill the wall by sharing photos, videos and countless Likes, Shares etc. Have you thought of doing back up for these things? Do you know there is a separate option for backup?

I will give step by step process to backup your data in Facebook:

  1. First go to your account settings page.
  2. Below in that page you will find "Download a copy" option click on it.
  3. In next page click on "Start My archive". It will ask for your password. Enter it and click submit.
  4. Then you will receive the download link to the email you provide in your Facebook account.
  5. If you have huge data you have to wait. It will take time to get download link to your mail. If you have less data, you can get download link within minutes.
  6. Follow that link and it will take you to "Download a copy page" there once again it will ask you to enter password after confirming your password click on "Download Achieve".
  7. Then your data will start downloading in ZIP format.
  8. Extract it and you will get all your social data in Facebook from the day you created your page.
  9. All photos you share will be in separate folder and if you share photos in Album wise then different folders will there for each album.
  10. Like this you can have videos in a separate folder.
  11. Coming to text messages, they will be in the HTML folder. Browse through it to get all your chat data.
  12. Like this you can backup your Facebook data by using free backup tool provided by Facebook for its users.
Facebook backup tools

Google Auto backup:

By using one Gmail Id we can access several services from Google. Among them, Google+ is the social platform. We can backup data present in Google plus and other services into a single file.

Step by step instructions to backup your data in Google plus:

  1. Click on your profile photo and select "Account" option.
  2. In this page click on "Data tools". In that select "Data to download" option.
  3. One separate page will open. In that, click on "Create Archive". By doing this you can backup data present in all services provided by Google.
  4. If you want to backup only Google + data, then un check rest of the options and select "Create archive".
  5. Once the backup is ready you will see download option click on it. Enter the password and download the data into your hard disk.
  6. After completing download extract it and you will see all your social data.
  7. In the same manner you will backup YouTube data, Gmail, G drive, Contacts and other services provided by Google.
Google Auto backup

Twitter Archive:

Most of us use Twitter for personal and professional use. It is the platform where we can send short and direct messages. Like Facebook and Google we can backup data from Twitter too. Compared to the above two, process to backup data from Twitter is simple and easier.

Brief sketch on how to backup data in Twitter:

  1. Click on Gear Icon. In that, select "Settings" page.
  2. In this page select "Request my archive" option.
  3. Your data backup process will start instantly. It will take time depend upon the volume of your data.
  4. Once the file is ready you will get an email with a download link.
  5. Click on that link and you can download your data.
Twitter Archives to back your data

Photo backup in Instagram:

Images play a crucial role in sharing. For sharing photos, Instagram is the best platform. We can also backup data present in Instagram by using separate web services.

To backup data in Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. To backup data, first go to this link
  2. Login using Instagram login details.
  3. After successful login, you will land in a page where you can export data.
  4. Select the data you want to export.
  5. Once the data is ready, you will get download button. It will take time depending upon the volume of your data.

LinkedIn Backup:

LinkedIn is the solution for all our professional needs. It is the best platform for both recruiters and job seekers especially for freshers.
We can backup data present in our LinkedIn profile.

To backup data follow these steps:

  1. Click on your name present on top left corner in your profile page.
  2. In that, select "Network tab". In that select "Contacts" tab.
  3. In that page, select "Gear Icon". Next right click on "Export LinkedIn connections".
  4. You can select either CSV or VCF formats to download data.
  5. Like this you can export all your contact details.

Free backup software:

We can use "Bit locker" option to lock the data but Bit locker locks entire partition. We can use "Folder lock tool" to lock particular tool. We can download this toll free from internet and install it in your PC. After installing, keep one master password and start adding folders to this tool. Add all your social backup folders to this tool. The folders you add to this tool will disappear and Windows explorer will not show these folders. If you want to see these folders, Login by using your master password and you will see all your folders.


By using all these processes you can backup your social life and important folders to your computer hard disk. Use of proper Antivirus software will protect your PC from all types of malwares and spywares and protect your data. While downloading and installing any software, be aware of the software licenses. Prefer trusted companies for software's you use in your computer.

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