Will Darksiders 3 and Metro franchise ever see the light of the day?

Draksiders was one of the best hack n slash RPG of 2012 as well as Metro: The Last Light, a great post-apocalyptic shooter. Sadly though, both franchises' future looks uncertain as THQ has gone Bankrupt. Will they ever see the light of the day? Let's find out.


With the demise of THQ, the helming of the Darksiders franchise and, not to mention, one of the behemoth and well regarded publishers of all time, Darksiders franchise's future looks really dubious. It was back in 2012, when we first had our hands on a Darksiders 2, the sequel to the original game. While it was nothing groundbreaking, it was a decent effort by the core team at THQ for which they were never appreciated.

When the game launched in market, there were not enough buyers for them to be able to sustain. Look what happened. It brought to the end of THQ and with that, end of everything we loved about them. The games they had like WWE franchise, Sam & Max, Metro franchise and Darksiders, are all gone now.

Franchises in danger of extention

Granted, they have been handed over to other publishers in the auction, but what's the guarantee that they are going to see the light of the day, ever? I don't think most of them will ever do. With 2K games grabbing the WWE franchise and EA gripping the UFC, there is almost a certainty that there will be no dearth of WWE and UFC games in future. You know that they are going to want to do a game per year. So, if you are a fan of those 2 aforementioned games, you need not worry about them as they are in safest hands possible.

What you need to worry about, though, is other franchises that are in danger of extinction. Metro franchise, for instance, is in the greedy hands of Deep Silver now.

The legendary franchise establishing a new ground with Metro 2033 back in 2011 and then again with a sequel in 2013, is looking one of the most likely to go down the drain. What do you think is gonna happen to the franchise now?

Well, for all we know Deep Silver, they are going to turn it into some free to play zombie mamba Jamba. That's all they have ever done with their games. Just look at their recent creations. All they have done is Dead Island and Dead Island 2, with both games infested with zombies. Now, I don't really loathe zombie games, but what I am saying is, you need to be creative with these games. You need to do much more than just programming a bunch of maniacs to roam around the street. That's not how a game should be done.

Invariably, that's what Deep Silver has always done – Making a fool out of everyone and exploiting whenever they can. So, if you had your hopes up for a great Metro game, you can pour it down the drain now as it's certainly not going to happen. Taking a glance at their records, they are yet to do something worth taking about and I am not going to take their words for the Metro franchise. I will believe their words when they actually showcase us something related to the game, like some concept art, trailer, or even a CGI. For now, the future of Metro franchise is fuzzier than ever. Let's talk about Darksiders franchise and how it's faring:

Darksiders game

The original Darksiders game released back in 2008 to critical acclaim by most of the critiques. It was appreciated by journalists and gamers alike. What lacked, though, was the number of copies that the games needed to sell to break even with the cost. It wasn't the case for them unfortunately. They had to be content with half the cost they acquired from selling the game. But they already had so much invested in the franchise. Of course, they wanted to take a leap of faith and give it another go with the sequel this time around.

So they reworked and re-engineered every original mechanics in process to make a huge game everyone will come to appreciate. Unfortunately for them, though, the development period proved to be one hell off tormenting time for them as THQ, the publisher of the game and the one who were funding them, was in really deep trouble. They were on the brink to bankruptcy before the game could release. Their only hope relied upon the game's sequel though. So, if here was any chance to rejuvenate the company, Darksiders 2 was their only chance.

Going bankrupt and purchase by Nordic games

And they did manage to release the game finally without going bankrupt in the meantime. Unfortunately for them, though, this game proved to be another failure in terms of sales just like their previous game and they went bankrupt leaving the franchise's future in question.

Heck, everyone was so afraid of taking the franchise in their own hands that no one dared to purchase it when they first tried to auction the franchise. The franchise remained unsold even during the second auction. Thankfully, on the third and very last auction, Nordic Game picked the franchise up. Now that they have purchased it, it seems as if they are not sure as to what to do with it. They are still wondering if the purchase is a mistake and if they actually fund the game, whether it will be able to break-even.

They have not eschewed away from talking about it in the public though. As we already know, they have always been honest with their audience, so it's no surprise to see them coming out in public like that. The stated that they are still looking into the direction of the franchise and it's not really abandoned. So the chances are, they have already started working on it. Now, the worst case scenario would be when they are lying to the fans.

There is no doubt that latter could be true about the franchise as Nordic Games Company is infamous for their lies, but in this case, there is no reason why they would do so. I for one really hope that the franchise gets to see the light of the day and finally come out of the wraps.

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