4 facts you need to know about Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs has been one of he most anticipated games of 2014. Scheduled to launch in late 2013, it was delayed to 2014. Here are some more facts you need to know about Watch Dogs before getting your hands on it.


Pondering about going a little stealthy? Do you want to get your hands on something where you can hack literally everything? Just imagine what if you could have access to such software that could control all the electronic devices of the world? Yeah, no need to daydream as it's not going to happen in real life, at least not in foreseeable future. But hey, it could happen in a game, right?

If you have ever had an itch for hacking, you are going to want to know more about this game called Watch Dogs, currently helmed by the guys at Ubisoft Toronto. So I have scourge some facts about Watch Dogs that I thought you would like to know.

An open-world setting

Ubisoft seems to have a thing for the open-world games since the inception, but it has outgrown immensely in recent times. Apparently, almost all their games they are open world projects. Well, the more open world games we have, the better for us as most of us are getting tired of same constricted narrative based games. So, something new and innovative is like a breath of fresh air. Just like Assassins Creed, The Crew, The Division and a few of their other announced projects, Watch Dos is set up in an open-world in Chicago. Well, we are going to see exactly how open ended it is when we actually get our hands on it.

You can turn the seamless multiplayer off

We already know that this game is seamless – You can easily sift through single player and multiplayer portion. What it means is, you might run into some other gamer playing the same game, but you are not going to recognize them as they would appear just like any other NPC to you. Yes, this is a specialty of this game.

So yeah, it's first game of its own kind. Granted, it might be an intriguing concept for majority of people, but for lone woofer like me, the continual need to connect to internet is a bit of a drag. I like to meander in my own way without having to bother with other players in the world. The very reason I play games is to escape from the real world and its pesky people, and to bump into them again in the game would be disastrous. Moreover, some people just like to play the game alone without being disturbed or put in harm's way by any random people.

Furthermore, those who want to avoid 12 years old people shouting and laughing at them just for beating you at the game, single player might as well be the better option for them. You see, this is why we need the separation of single player and multiplayer so that those who don't want to play with strangers or friends for that matter, can be left alone to play the game as they want in single player mode.

Thankfully, Ubisoft saw the need to spate these two pars and now it will be possible to turn seamless multiplayer off whenever you want to. So, rejoice single-player gamers. It's a good day for you as this news just emerged from their office today. They have reengineered the engine to make it possible. So, Ubisoft listens to their fans after all.

A delayed project

How many times this project has really been delayed? Well, it seems a lot of times. The last we saw the game, it was back in E3 2012 when we saw the first footage from the game. It was the first time we even heard about the game, and it turns out, it was the last time too.

Scheduled to launch in late 2013, it was delayed right at the last moment when it was about to be released for more than 6 months! Can you believe it? Why would someone delay a game at the very last moment? Can you smell something fishy here, because I for one certainly can? Why did they delay it? Most likely, it was not up to the standards and they feared that the game wouldn't do them any good if they release the game in unfinished state.

While it may be delayed, I still do have high hopes for a stunning game from Ubisoft. They have done very little to disappoint us after all. That's why I have my trust instilled upon them.

You can hack anything

You know what I would do if I could hack into anything? I mean, literally anything? Well, that would be really amazing thing to do, but the thing is, it's not possible in real life.

So your guilty pleasure isn't going to be fulfilled, at least not in real life. So, why not try it in game? Well, as it turns out, they have made the game considering the very purpose of our itch to hack. It's possible to hack into anything you want; from sewer controls, apartment lifts and electricity to people's ATMs and mobile phones. It's as easy as pressing a couple of button on your smartphone and you are in!

But while hacking, you need to be wary of people wandering across the road. If they catch you hacking, they are going to call for help. Most likely, police will arrive within a couple of seconds (damn, they are fast!) and you will be turned it for the crime you have committed.

But like always, there is a way around to defy the law. You can hack their system and compel the system to mold into something you want. Be wary though, if you are a bad guy, your reputation among the citizens will dwindle down as well. They will curse you or in the worst case scenario, run away as soon as they see you. In other words, it's not a GTA game where you could commit any crime, blast the away with cannons and still get away with it as if nothing had happened. GTA is a whole different ball game and Watch Dogs is another. You need not compare them. Granted, both Watch Dogs and GTA are open world games, but that's where the similarity ends.

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