Windows 9 rumoured features, release date and news

Are you waiting for Windows 9 and want to know what all features are coming in this new OS? Want to know if it is a dud just like Windows 8 or is a much better experience? Read our article to know about the rumors, expectations, release date and price of Windows 9.

With Windows 8 and 8.1 Microsoft tried albeit unsuccessfully to push in an era of touch screen devices in all spheres be it hard core power hungry gaming rigs, industrial secure and powerful number crunching machines or your normal laptops. To do this Windows 8 and 8.1 were launched on tablets, sleek laptops and touchscreen laptop hybrids.

Most would agree that Windows 8 still has a long way to go before being accepted like Windows XP or 7 have been accepted in personal as well as professional domains.

Though there is a lot of noise on the web-o-sphere regarding the launch of Windows 9 (especially from Chinese portals who claim to have leaked images of the OS), there is still no official word on the same except for some Bing adverts you might have noticed if you use Bing or Hotmail or probably any other Microsoft service showing job advert for Bing Software Development Team to work.

"In areas including Windows 9, IE11 services integration, touch friendly devices including iPad and more."

Here is what we or anybody else has in all right now:

Small talk

What will be Win9- A complete revamp of the OS
When will it be in market- At least not in this year, next year post probably
Cost- No idea but going by the tough competition from Chrome laptops it is facing, price will be low.

Just like Windows 8.1 was given the code name Blue, Windows 9 has been given the code name Threshold. This probably refers to the migration we are experiencing from the traditional desktop computers to touchscreen devices with a tiled homescreen.

When Windows 9 will be released

There is no official time frame given but going by the trend of releases of Windows Server, Windows RT and Windows phone OS we are saying that it will be out by the next of year considering that Windows 8.1 released only a few months back. The launch might be even further delayed if Microsoft devices to bring more versions of Windows 8 which is not unlikely let me tell you!

How will it be available for devices is also not clear. Whether it will be available as an upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 or as a standalone set up remains to be seen. Why we are building our hopes on a released before mid-2015 is because of a few tid-bits from Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott and also from Microsoft communications chief Frank Shaw who said about the cadence thing.

Broad thinking of the community is that Windows 8 has became another failure for Microsoft after Vista and it is better to shelve the product completely (meaning stop releasing any new versions of it, not ending support) and start afresh with Windows 9. Also, if you look at history, Windows has a strange history of being a good and bad product alternatively.

If you might remember, Window Me released on 14th September 2000 was an unpopular product of Microsoft and they soon had to release Windows XP just a year afterwards on 25th October, 2001. Similarly, Windows Vista after XP was a trash and was soon replaced with Windows 7 which again was a hit. Now came Windows 8 which again did not do good in the market so the cadence says that Windows 9 should be an amazing product, isn't it?

Windows 9 features

Start button
Let me get straight to the most demanded feature in Windows 8- the Start button. Well NO, I highly doubt that it is going to return back any time soon in future releases of any of the Windows version. That is just not the thing for a OS designed for touchscreen interface. However, there are reports that Windows 8 apps will be able to pin in the taskbar just like your open softwares appear in the taskbar. Though they will still be launched in the Metro interface.

Unified app experience
Another thing that is good news for the developers is that Microsoft wants to unify the coding experience for developers so to make it easy for the developers to focus on multiple screen sizes easily and develop more apps for Windows 8 market without having to make them twice the effort to write code for smartphones as well as computers. Here is the quote from Microsoft Careers site
Do you wish the code you write for Windows Store apps would just work on the Windows Phone and vice versa? If so, then this is the role for you! We are the team leading the charge to bring much of the WinRT API surface and the .NET Windows Store profile to the Phone.

Power management
With power in terms of processor power on increment almost with each new device launch, the need for power management becomes quite important. Without going too technical let me explain you in short- the power consumption happens when the CPU is awake and does some computation. The way to power saving is to make the CPU "sleep" when not doing anything. There are some limitations to it but normally a computing system say with Windows 7 wakes the CPU around 1 time each millisecond. With Windows 8 this has been brought down to hundred milliseconds. With Windows 9 we can expect it to come down to 1 time in single digit seconds. With the kernel in Windows phones being Windows native only there are even more methods to bring up the battery life. That is vastly increase the battery life expectancy in the systems.

64 bit versions ONLY
Microsoft had said this during Windows 7 and we can expect this to be implemented in this new OS. That means if you have a 32-bit system, you may be out of luck getting this OS to your laptop or PC. For developers, Microsoft has already taken this step where it has not released Windows Phone SDK for 32-bit operating systems and you require a Windows 8 64-bit system to use the Windows Phone 8 SDK.

Read Step by step instructions to install Windows 10

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