5 Reasons To Play Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will go down as one of the best games ever in my book. While we will never see another sequel to the game, we could enjoy the original one. If you haven't played it already, here are five reasons why you should play it.


Developed by 38 Studios and published by EA, Kingdoms Of Amalur launched back in 2012 to a critical acclaim. The hack n slash combat and the sprawling open world was nothing new, but when the pieces were put together in a package, it looked and played really smoothly. Put simply, it fared really well with gamers as well. They seemed to love the combat mechanics and the depth in the world. The more you explore, the deeper it goes and unravels new mysterious. That's what kept so any players, including me, going for more than 100 hours into it. Yes, I invested so any hours into it that I don't even remember now.

Unfortunately, the sequel to Kingdoms of Amalur will never see the light of the day as the company helming the franchise went bankrupt soon after the first game was published. We will never get to play the sequel, but hey, we have one of the best games in our hands. The least we could do is not to think about it too much and enjoy what they have created. So, let's cut to the chase. Here are some of the reasons why I think Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is worth playing:


Graphics have never been the strong point of hack n slash games. They have always been the second nature of games like Dark Souls and The Witcher series where the primary focus has always been on getting things right in terms of combat and gameplay mechanics. So, if the developers do that par right, they almost need not worry about sprucing up the graphics as we don't; play much attention to it when it comes to hack n slash games.

This game begs to differ though. Not only combat mechanics are awesome, but the graphics will dazzle you for sure. That's just one of the speciality about the game. Let's talk about some ore reasons below.


The size of the game is so huge that there are chances that even after 100 hours into it, there will still be a lot for you to see and do. There are some areas of the world that can only be accessed if you can find the secret pathway leading to it. And just to remind you, finding them is no bed of roses. It's a pretty arduous, yet rewarding task. If you manage to find one of them in the starting areas, it will lead you to finding other pathways and thus to other huge worlds waiting for you to be explored.

There are villages and towns no one from outside world knows about. So, you only get to know about them if you are lucky enough to find them. I hope now you can get an idea of the mammoth scope and ambitiousness of the game. That's why I still hope someone actually picks up the property and starts working on a sequel. I know that the chances are almost nulled, but even if there is 1 in a 1000 probability of the happening of sequel, I would bet on it. The premise is too good to not build upon.

Even though, nobody has picked it up yet, I can bet that someone like Sony Online Entertainment is keeping a close eye on the price of the franchise. Once they level it down to a more reasonable level, companies will be more than will to negotiate the deal.

Sense of progression

While there are hundreds of quests to accomplish, you wouldn't be playing for too long if there is no sense of progression and building up. During your gameplay, you'll hulk up and will become the force to be reckoned with by acquiring new spells and learning new combos in your journey. As you'll get tough, your enemies will do the same. So, you'll always have to be up on your toes for a challenge even when you are level 100. In other words, this game doesn't eases up even when you have reached the maximum power that you can attain.

For the first 50 or so hours, you will spend most of your time looking for new spells and power ups. That's the beauty of the game as it always manages to keep you engaged. There is no tutorial to guide you through your progression though. You are left alone to learn everything the hard way. And believe me, when you have done so, there will be a sense of satisfaction like no other.

Leveling up

As I mentioned above, unlike any other game, leveling up is not easy. It's an arduous yet rewarding process. It's intricate, but when you learn to level up the right way, you'll master every their aspect of that with ease. Don't look up for guides and notes online, though, as it will just ruin the fun for you.

Hundreds of quests

In fact, there are most than 100s of quests for you to unravel into and untangle the mysteries surrounding the world. These quests are much more than simple kill and fetch quests involving the use of rationality and prudence. You need to be wary of the direction you are heading into and what you are saying to other NPCs. They night get angry with you if you choose the wrong dialog option and you may not even move further into the quest if you don't soothe them with a magic spell. If you have aggravated them, you need to find a spell to bring them back to a friendly level again. Not to mention, these spells are not infinite and the resources are scarce. So, there you go. There is a possibility that you'll finish up your entire spell and may not head further into the quest, forever.

Moreover, there are more than one ways you can complete your quests. If a NPC is not ready to give up on a secret just because he or she loathes you, you can choose to blunder into his house furtively and find out what he has been hiding. So, even if you have lost all the spells, you will never be stuck up on something. If you will, there is always another way around. That's the beauty of this game. Unlike Skyrim, you have freedom to choose your own path.

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