Effective link building strategies for SEO

Increase the efficiency of your link building with the help of effective outreach, which is the only way out.And this will help in decreasing the possibility of your links getting stripped off. This will be very much helpful in overall SEO strategy.

Search engine rankings can be hurt by great numbers of low quality links, so your first preference must be for quality links rather than quantity. So here we have shared some of the advanced strategies for quality link building, which are really worth practicing for the websites that are hit by Panda and Penguin - the search engine algorithms.

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Advanced Strategies for Link Building & SEO

There are many strategies that you can practice to build a quality link but some of the following are practiced a lot and will help you build natural, quality and authentic links to your niche :-

Niche Directories - It has been assumed by many website owners that the directory listings have come to an end with the rise of search engines. But the fact is, on the web they still hold the value. Niche directory websites actually lists the websites which are relevant and categorized by types of business or specific keywords. Web site owners should see human-edited niche directories as an effective resource which really provides high quality link value.

Blog Commenting - To establish the visibility in search engine, the best way is to comment on the blogs which are relevant to your own niche website that will definitely generate inbound links. But make sure that the content you are posting should be on relevant blogs and must the quality one as well as informative and insightful.

Guest Blogging - This is one of the most effective ways for link building, yet time consuming as you have to write the guest blog articles on the other websites which are relevant to your niche websites or business. This will be helpful in building relationship with the webmaster as well as help you in increasing exposure with other websites. Here also the content must be engaging, relevant and unique just like 'blog commenting'. All you need to do is to choose a quality website to publish your guest article with the websites that are happy to do so. Read this article to learn how guest posting can affect your blog.

Info-graphics - Info-graphics have become very famous these days, which is really a great way to absorb information. It can be called as the art of skim reading that is becoming an essential skill for browsing the web for many people. Info-graphics are all about compressing information into an image that is easy-to-read, sleek and visually attractive content that are a great to keep your visitors busy. It must be entertaining, very well designed and should contain digestive informative that can be understood quickly, as it does have the ability to go viral and can get you click-throughs and page-views.

Broken Link Building - As we all know that 'Quality Content' is the king for every website. But many website owners learned something very surprising that to have broken links can create a negative impact on SEO Services and Company.

To build a good relationship with the webmaster, the great way is to reach them with a friendly heads-up when you discover broken links in your niche. And they might be unnoticed about the link which is pointing from their site is now actually a broken link, then they will surely be grateful to a future link request.

What is Outreach?

Outreach can be defined as "The practice of "reaching out" to webmasters in hopes they will let you guest post. This term refers to the various modes and forms of communication you have with the webmaster and is typically one of the first steps in the link building process.

How to Increase Outreach by Advanced Link Building?

There are mainly two ways :-

You need to be polite

People generally tend to forget to be courteous and polite. You have to behave with the people those who are online, as if you are dealing them face-to-face. And 'you' are the one who is asking them for a favor, so avoid being rude to them to get help from their part. You really need to behave like a human being. And the reason behind this is that, every day, the webmasters usually get a great number of guest blogging requests and most of them are nothing but a spam from 'black-hat link builders' or robots.

Thus, it becomes MUST to add some human element or some personality to your outreach. So that they get realized that, it is coming from an original person and not a spam who is actually on their site for guest blogging. So be careful enough before posting and must proofread your outreach thoroughly.

Be strong and target the right sites

It is an another effective way to outreach, that is to target the right sites. Only outreach to those sites that are relevant to the site you are building links. Which will definitely increase the quality of the links build by you as well as improve the success chances for your outreach as webmasters and permit you post as a guest if you are building a link to the relevant sites. And this will help in decreasing the possibility of your links getting stripped off.

Persistency is one of the most important aspect of effective outreach. As the webmasters receive a great number of guest posts every day, so there is a possibility that they may not find time to respond to your initial message. Then, further what you should do is, follow-up and stay persistent and they are likely to respond to you. The thing is you must not give up and be patient, then only you can build a positive relationship, as then only they will discover that how dedicated you are to publish your guest post on their site.


Thus, for effective link building, outreach is the only important aspect with which you will be able to build effective backlinks that are authentic and the quality ones. This practice will be very much helpful in overall SEO strategy as well.

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