Best educational board map games for children below 10 years

Are you looking for an interesting geography-related board game for your child? This article gives information about two best selling map games for children below the age of ten years. The features and price of the games are mentioned, as also where to buy them online.


How to make a boring theme of countries' names and capitals interesting is the prime goal of many a geography teachers. Let's not forget the parents who need to get their kids interested in studying it at home! The best way to get the children interested is to make the learning experience a fun one and not some tedious, rote type learning. One way to achieve this is through a board map game.

Check out the board games below to know how the boring subject of learning countries, States, capitals, etc can be a fun activity. All the games are available online at the Amazon India site.

Creative Educational Aids 0811 World Safari Board Game

Christopher Columbus and other famous explorers travelled around the world, discovering new places. The World Safari Board game designed by Creative Educational Aids allows kids to be explorers, discovering entire continents as they travel across the board's path.

World Safari Map Board Game

About the Game

The game does not just involve moving around the board from one country to another, but also incorporates general questions. The question-answer cards also include visual cards. The board itself is colourful and resembles an unusual map. Dotting the board are varied symbols which represent a country or a continent, a physical feature such as a monument or an ocean, a country's people or specific places. The nice part of this game is that even though it is designed for 2 players, a child can even play solo and not get bored.

What is included

  • A large multicolour playing board

  • A spinner

  • 6 pawns

  • 84 question - answer cards, the cards being on 4 different topics. In all, there are 672 questions and answers with 35 question and answer cards having visuals on them.

Who can play

The game can be played by children up to 9 years of age. I would advise older kids and parents to join in too, if for nothing else than to increase your knowledge about people and places around the globe!

Price and where to buy

The cost of the game is Rs.285/-, inclusive of all taxes. It can be purchased online at Amazon India (check for delivery charges), where lower priced offers at Rs.270/- is available:

Along with the above mentioned board game, another great game to combine it with when gifting would be the Creative Educational Aids 0720 Know India board game.

Creative Educational Aids 0720 Know India

Similar to the World Safari game, this game too has a colourful board resembling a map, this one being specific to India.

Know India Map Board Game

About the Game

It is designed to be played by one or two players. As the players move around the map-game, they learn about the various States and Union Territories of India. The capital city of each State is also learnt. Water bodies, well known monuments & land masses are distinctly marked. Even the population of each State is mentioned at the back.

A point to be noted here for the creators of the game: you will need to re-design the board to include the new State of Telanagana!

What is included

  • A multicolour board

  • 60 pieces which includes quiz cards

Who can play

Children up to age 6 years can play this game. It is advisable to have parental supervision as there is a warning message of choking hazards due to the small parts included in the game.

Price and where to buy

The cost of the game is Rs.160/-, inclusive of all taxes. It can be purchased online at Amazon India (delivery charges may be extra), where you can check for lower priced offers too if available:


It is worth spending money on the map games mentioned as it will surely get your kids interested. They are more likely to know and learn about places in India and around the world through these games than through staring at text book maps. In fact, it won't be surprising if, after playing these map games, that Atlas which is gathering dust on your book shelf gets dusted off & referred to every now and then!

Note: The author of this article is not endorsing the products mentioned. Readers are advised to check out the product for themselves for safety (check suitability age-wise) & quality and read the terms & conditions for buyers if any

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Guest Author: Maneesh31 Mar 2014

Educational board map games are very good for children in the age group of 8-12 years. They allow the children to enjoy playing the games as well as learn new things related to geography. The author has clearly chosen some of the best board map games available at Amazon india. I would like to request the author to include the prices of the games in the article as it will help the readers in choosing the most suitable one.

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