5 upcoming games in 2014 that are definitely going to disappoint you

Some games end up being a surprise hit of the year while most of the over-hyped games just go down the drain and end up being the worst nightmare. We are taking a look at the latter here. So, just take a look at this article to know more about some of the biggest disappointing upcoming games of 2014.


2014 promises to be the year when next-gen gaming actually embarks. This is the year when it's supposed to happen. All the hype that has been around since the launch of next-gen consoles, is finally going to be realized when we see some of the next gen games being launched this year. But are they going to be any good? Are they going to be worth the time?

Bad news for you if you were waiting for something good to hear mate. So far, 2014 has been the year of disappointment in terms of games. It's yet to deliver a great game. All the games that have been released so far will not be a part of cult hits.
Unfortunately though, it seems that the launch line up of this year is littering with disappointing games. So I thought that I might as well emphasize on a couple that I think are certainly going to be below par. I can already tell that from the trailers and gameplay footage released of these games. So let's delve deep right away:

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs has been in my most anticipated games list for past 2 years now. Ever since it was showcased back in E3 2012, I have been waiting for them to launch this dazzling game. Let's take a look back in the past before I try to resonate with you as to why this game is going to suck. When the gameplay trailer was released back in 2012, it looked like a completely different game. It seemed as if it is going to be the game which is going to blow us away with its next-gen art style and thievery. But as the time passed by and they kept releasing more gameplay footage, we came to realize that they have downgraded the graphics significantly. To soothe us, though, an Ubisoft PR recently stressed the fact that the game has not been downgraded. He also said that not only it would a stupid idea, but it's not possible to do so.

But can we take their word for it? I for one am not going to pre-order it or even buy it when it launches. If they come out clean after the launch and this game is indeed worth a shot, I would have a crack a t it. Otherwise, I am going to skip it and look forward to other impending game releases. There are so many potential hits like Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. For now, though, we shall have to see how the game performs in terms of gameplay and graphics. Thankfully, we won't have to wait long as it's scheduled to launch in May 2013.


Thief reboot was in production for a very long time, but as I mentioned in my review of Thief , it failed to steal my old-school heart that which has been craving for a good stealth based game for so long. I have not played a good stealth game after Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory that released back in 2004.

By the looks of it, the upcoming DLCs are going to disappoint you as well. So much for next-gen gaming! So, if you want to play something stealthy, you'll have to wait for Ground Zeroes to release. Koijama has always nailed it with MGS games and I am pretty sure that he will give MGS: Ground Zeroes the same treatment.

Talking about Thief, though, if you are looking for a proper-stealth game, you should turn away and look somewhere else as Thief doesn't offer what you want. Sad, but it indeed is true.

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadows 2

What happens when the old Dracula is resurrected to end his own vampire species? What will transpire when he comes to contemporary London? Well, it seems that he would absolutely suck as there is no depth in this game. The dearth of content and ability to resonate with gamers is what has battered them the most here.

What were they even thinking when they were developing this game? Well, it seems that Dracula had to go through hell to come to life as we all are aware of how poor the development team was. There was no sense of coordination and those who tried to innovate or speak up in the company, wound up losing their jobs.

So those who were talented and could find other places, went away and left the company as soon as they could while the rest accomplished the development task.

While it's yet to launch in Asian territories, we already know how this game plays. So, no need to bother with it, unless of course, you are compelled by Dracula.

Wolfenstien: The Order

Wolfenstien is going to launch in May 2014, but with the looks of I, I don't think it's going to fare really well. Bad news for those who were actually anticipating for something really worth their time. I don't know how to decipher my instincts for this game, but it seems kinda constricted in scope. Don't get me wrong though. I think it's going to do really well. But in 2014, you need much more than amazing shooting mechanics to stand out from theirs. Leave it to Call of Duty. In all seriousness, I don't think the stellar shooting mechanics are going to do the job for this game. Somewhere down the line, it's lacking the required ingredients that make for a great game.

Call Of Duty

We have already talked at lengths about Call of Duty in my preview , but the fact remains the same no matter how many times I emphasize it. They are never going to heed to our outcries. All they want is to bleed us dry of our money with their overpriced game and then shoving us with their stupid costume DLCs. What's jarring is how nonchalantly people line up in cues to buy that game in the middle of the night. It's really excruciating to watch. Why do this when you can play other game like Witcher 3 for much less.

Well, to each, their own. I am not going to interfere here at all. As long as they like what they are playing, let them do what they want to. But the fact of the matter is this, the next Call of Duty game isn't going to be good at all as they don't get enough time to develop a game. Activision likes churning out one COD game per year to keep their cash flows running. But little do they know that we are also capable of sabotaging their realm if we want. All we will have to do is to raise our voice against these exploiters and stop falling for these games. The minute we stop buying them, they will stop making them.

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