How to make free phone calls using FreeKall cloud-based service?

Did you know you can now make free calls from landlines and mobile phones without using internet or apps? How does Freekall work and who are the founders of FreeKall? FreeKall provides free offline voice calling service from our phone by making use of cloud technology. In this article, I shall discuss the features of Freekall and it's advantages to majority of Indians who like talking on phone.

How did the idea for FreeKall originate?

Telephones proved to be a landmark invention as far as communication was concerned. However, due to the costs involved, the later inventions like mobile phones faced challenges in under-developed and developing countries. However, things have changed drastically now and many developing countries have extended support for usage of mobile phones, especially smartphones with decent calling rates from various telecom service providers. With new technology and innovations, people in developed countries are able to make very cheap phone calls using high-speed internet (3G or 4G) over their smartphones. PC voice calling software like ,a href="/articles/Skype.aspx">Skype and SmartVoip are now available on mobiles as well. Even new mobile applications (like Viber) offer free or cheap voice calling services. The problem with developed countries like India is that majority of our population don't have 3G or 4G connectivity in their phones. So, they still rely on making phone calls without consistent internet access i.e. free internet calls are still not possible for majority of mobile phone users in India.

To tackle this problem, 3 engineering students from Bangalore launched FreeKall which is a cloud telephony start-up. With this system, they have fulfilled the need of millions of Indians for a free voice calling service without internet access and any app installation.

Founders of FreeKall
  • Yashas Shekar
  • Vijayakumar Umaluti
  • Sandesh Eshwarappa

This service provided by FreeKall is already generating plenty of attention as it is free. Nothing in this world comes for free and these guys have managed to devise a wonderful cloud-based solution to make phone calls free to the users. Using this service, a user can call any mobile or landline for free without using internet or installing any applications.

FreeKall Working Model

The company has made use of cloud technology in combination with Voice Over IP technology to devise this free calling solution. This service is almost similar to the functioning of trunk calls of the yesteryears with cloud infrastructure / technology replacing the operator.

Steps to use Freekall for making free calls in India

  • From your landline phone or mobile phone, you dial the FreeKall number 080-67683693 and give a missed call i.e. disconnect the call after just 1 ring.

  • FreeKall system then calls you back on the same number.

  • You simply need to answer the system's call and enter the desired person's number (with whom you wish to talk) as per the automated system message.

  • Once you have given the desired recipient's number, FreeKall will dial the number for you and connect the call.

  • You can then talk over phone without having to worry about phone bills and call charges.

As of today, this system will easily be able to support around 10,000 call requests per second. However, if the number of requests goes above that, the system will not work for the additional requests i.e. such users will not receive a call back.

FreeKall Beta services and registration process
The FreeKall beta version was launched on March 1, 2014 as this service is still in testing phase. During this period, users will be able to use 3 minutes per day (for free) without any registration. Upon successful registration, users can get free usage of 12 minutes per day. To register, you have to visit FreeKall's official website. Alternatively, you can register through SMS.

After the end of this beta phase, all users of this service will be able to talk for free without any time limit.

How does Freekall manage to give free call service?

Eyebrows have raised ever since this company has claimed to provide free call services. In this competitive world, every company needs a solid revenue source model to survive. Similarly, Freekall does have an ad-based revenue source. Users of this service will need to listen to an audio advertisement lasting 10 seconds during every call they make. This ad will inform the users about some latest offers and discount coupons. Thus, such ads will generate the required income for this company to sustain over a larger period of time without charging a penny from the end users. The frequency of such 10-second ads will be every two minutes in between a free call (when both the involved parties will have to pause their conversation for 10 seconds). Also, the user first hears the advertisement instead of any ringtone when a new call is connected. For these advertisements, the company has tied up with a media agency named Streetsmart Media Solutions.

We have heard about companies earning by making people read advertisements or watch advertisements on mobile phones. Now, this start-up will make money by making people hear advertisements on mobile phones or landline phones.

Future Plans
This start-up has already received Rs.10 lakh as seed capital from a telecom professional named Ranjith Cherickel, who has previously worked at Skype as well as Verizon Wireless. Ranjith is also the founding member of 88mph which is an accelerator program platform based in Africa. The company hopes to achieve a target of about 10 million calls per day in India generating estimated revenue of around INR 185 crores ($30 million) by the end of the next fiscal year. For a newly launched company, these are great figures to achieve (if they manage to do) in a year or two. Also, as part of their ambitious plans, the company wants to expand it's business internationally and take it to Africa (which again has several developing nations).

Due to lack of proper 3G connectivity support in India, services like Viber and Skype are not able to develop a large consumer base. FreeKall aims to capture the consumers who don't have access to Skype and Viber. Currently, this service users have to follow a slightly long procedure to make free calls (as already seen above). The company realizes this and has plans to come up with an application very soon (may be by the next quarter). This will help them to grab a hold of the smartphone market and reduce the free call making steps.
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