Review of MoboRobo, a leading Android Smartphone Manager

We recently did a comprehensive review of MoboRobo, an Android smartphone manager, that allows managing your Android devices from your desktop. Read our review and find out what is good in MoboRobo Android manager.

I was looking for a good mobile device manager, which allows me to remotely manage my Android phone and my wife's iPhone from the desktop or through a web interface. Google offers a very basic device manager, which offers 3 very basic features like Ring, Erase and Lock. iTunes too offer some basic features but not the kind of features I needed. I was looking for something more like access my messages, create/send messages efficiently from desktop, check the call log, move files between computer and mobile phone and so on.

While searching for the best device manager software, I came across MoboRobo, which I later found to be a comprehensive, all-in-one suite, packed with a lot of advanced features. MoboRobo works with Android and iOS devices very smoothly.

MoboRobo is not like the common device managers that depend on an app running in the device to control from the computer. Instead, it uses a USB cable or Wi-Fi to connect with the device from the PC and then install all the drivers automatically to take control of the device from the computer.

Get started with MoboRobo

To get started with MoboRobo, you need to activate the USB Debugging option in your phone. In version 4.2 and later, the developer option is hidden by default to avoid consumers messing with it. To enable the USB Debugging option, you must enable the Developer options through this secret method:

1. Go to Settings.
2. Click on "About Phone"
3. Locate the build number at the bottom. Tap on it 7 times.
4. Go back to settings menu and you will see the developer options

If you don't enable the USB Debugging, MoboRobo will still detect your phone but will show a connectivity error. After you enable USB Debugging and connect your phone to your PC, MoboRobo will try to install all required drivers to manage your phone from MoboRobo. Accept all the warnings and proceed with the driver installation.

An alternative approach is to connect via Wi-Fi. For this, you need the MoboRobo Daemon app installed on your device. Open the Daemon in the device and launch the MoboRobo software on the PC. Then scan the QR code displayed in the PC Suite using the app in the device. The device will be paired with your PC suite instantly.

Once the drivers are installed, Motorobo will swing into action. The first process is sync your files between the phone and the computer.

MoboRobo auto sync

MoboRobo Dashboard

The MoboRobo Dashboard is really cool and provides a lot of information in a single place. Some of the information you can find in the dashboard includes:

1. Number of contacts, messages, apps, videos, images and music in your phone

2. Total space and used space details

3. Firmware version

4. Battery life

5. Phone model number

MoboRobo dashboard

You can click on the "Device Info" icon to get a lot more details like IMEI number, Serial number, MAC id, Android and Kernel version, Wi-Fi status and so on. The "Device Info" feature will be very useful for mobile shops and service centers. All they have to do is, plugin the phone and they will see everything about the phone in their computer screen.

File Manager

The File Manager, which is part of the MoboRobo utilities, is a great tool to get direct access to the file system in your phone. You can browse through all folders and files, copy, edit or delete files. If you like to selectively copy some photos from your Android phone to your PC, File Manager is the tool for you. You can drag and drop files between PC and phone's storage. Also, other common file operations like delete, cut, copy, paste etc will work inside the File Manager tool, just like the Windows Explorer.

MoboRobo File Manager

In the Motorola Moto G Android phone, I had to install separate file manager utilities to achieve the same. Now, I don't need to install separate utilities in my phones, instead, I can do them all from the MoboRobo dashboard. The nice part in using this software to manage the phone is, I don't have to install any Android App in the phone to make this work. Everything is handled directly from the MoboRobo desktop app in my computer, through USB cable (or, Wi-Fi).

MoboRobo Backup and Restore

Backup and restore is another handy tool, part of MoboRobo device manager. You can take backup of your contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos and virtually anything saved in your phone.

MoboRobo Backup
Choose the items you want to save in your backup and click the button to proceed. Your data will be saved in your computer.

Restore phone backup
Restoring your data from the backup is just one click away. Click the "Restore" button from the dashboard, select the backup to restore and click the button to proceed.

Phone Cleanup

The phone cleanup is another useful utility, which removed unwanted files and cache files from your phone and improve performance. After you perform this quick scan and tuning, you will improvement to your phone, if it has been messed up a lot with lot of custom app installations. In case of fresh and clean phones, the phone cleanup may not make any difference.

Phone tuning

Contacts Manager

Contacts Manager presents all of your phone contacts in a very convenient editor, along with the thumbnail photos of your contacts. You can easily select one or more contacts and perform bulk operations like delete, export etc. The Edit screen is very convenient to edit all the details of the contacts.

Once in a while, I used to browse through hundreds of my contacts and do a lot of cleanup like correcting spelling mistakes, merging contacts, removing unwanted contacts etc. RoboMobo made me realize how tough is it edit a lot of contacts through the small phone screen.

Message Manager

MoboRobo Message Manager allows you to browse through your existing messages and cleanup the outdated messages. Also, you can type and send new messages to any of your contacts. I hate to use the messaging apps in the phone when I want to cleanup a large number of messages. It is much more handy to use tools like MoboRobo to quickly browse through the existing messages, multi select unwanted messages and delete with a single click. If you need to send a lot of messages, doing it through the phone is a cumbersome process and I really hate typing a lot on the small keypad. With this software, you can send out messages from the computer itself, which is pretty much like sending short emails.

MoboRobo Message Manager

Call Notifier

While I was using MoboRobo and writing this review, I received a call in the phone and I saw a nice little window popped from the system notification tray, with the caller name and an option to answer the call. Also, there was a switch to turn ON/OFF the phone speaker. This notification is more like a fancy feature since you still need to use the phone device to talk. It would have been great if we can answer the call and talk through the PC mic/speaker itself! But I am not sure about the technical feasibility of the same.

MoboRobo Call Notifier

Call Log

The native call log feature in Android phones offer very limited options. The Call Log in MoboRobo is easier to use and provides much more information. You can also search by name or phone number and see the history of all phone calls from that contact.

Managing Apps

MoboRobo app manager

The Apps section in MoboRobo has 2 important aspects:

1. Install or uninstall Apps on the phone
2. Find apps from the MoboRobo's own App store.

The MoboRobo app store is very similar to Google Play Store, but it has a custom filtered list of apps. You can install any apps from MoboRobo app store with one click of a button from the device manager. You can find hundreds of useful apps from the app gallery.

Music and Videos

As the name suggests, these features allow you to manage all your music and videos from your MoboRobo dashboard in the PC. Do you want to play your videos from the computer? No need to locate your file manager and copy the videos. In the Videos section, simply double click the video you want to watch and everything else will be taken care by the tool. You can watch your favorite videos from your device. You want to copy some videos from PC to phone? Just drag and drop them to the Video Library from your computer. They will be copied to the device quickly.

Theme Center

Theme Center is probably the most attractive feature for those who don't like the default Android themes and want to make their phones bit more Live and colorful. MoboRobo theme center offers several cool features to make your phone look more fancy and fun. You can choose from hundreds of available themes and install them on a click of a button.

MoboRobo Theme Center

To apply the selected theme on your phone, you need to first install the MoboLauncher, which can be done from the "Themes" section of the PC Suite.

Overall review of MoboRobo Device Manager for desktop

MoboRobo is the most comprehensive mobile device manager software that I have ever tested or used. In addition to giving full control on your device and access to all data, this tool allows you to make the best use of your phone. MoboRobo supports both Android and iOS devices. With MoboRobo, importing/exporting/transferring data between Android and iOS devices are easier than ever before. The product is very easy to setup. The WiFi connection is just one scan away! To manage your device through WiFi, all you have to do is, open your MoboRobo tool and scan the given QR code using your device. Your device will be instantly connected to the device manager and you can start accessing it.

This software is extremely useful for mobile shops to manage multiple phones from the computer, instead of trying to figure out where are the options in the phones. Manytimes, customers could customize the device and some of the features may not even be accessible in the phone. MoboRobo device manager presents all configuration and settings in a single place - your desktop.

Click here to download MoboRobo PC suite.

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