LP-208 ERD Portable Mobile Charger Review: an excellent 11000 mAh capacity power bank

Are you looking for a high capacity power bank to recharge your mobile phone and tablets on the go? Read this review of LP-208 ERD Power Bank review.

Mobile phones are getting power hungrier than ever before, due to the plethora of features and new sensors being added to them. In the olden days, you can charge your feature phone once and use it for many days. However, with the new devices like LG Optimus G2, you need to recharge your phone almost everyday since the new generation phones are not just phones but are handy devices to help you with navigation, calendar, entertainment, emails, browsing and so on. You can run out of power any time of the day and you may not have quick access to a power outlet to recharge your phone. Or, you may not be comfortable travelling with a 2-meter power chord with your phone!

Power Banks, a.k.a portable mobile chargers are very handy for people who need to recharge their mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc on the go.

Portable Mobile Chargers are small devices that can store power, just like a UPS. Once it is charged, you can connect USB/microUSB cables to charge your small devices. They come with various capacities. The more capacity it has, the more times you can recharge your smartphones or other devices. For example, if you have a portable mobile charger with 5600mAh capacity, you can fully recharge a smartphone 3 times, assuming the battery capacity of the phone is 1800mAh.

Portable Mobile Chargers are not limited to smartphones. Depending on the output types it provides, you can recharge a variety of devices. For example, if the device has a USB output, you can use any device that has a USB charger.

Review of LP-208 ERD Portable Mobile Charger

LP-208 is a high capacity power bank from ERD Infotech Private Limited, which is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. ERD was established in 1997, manufacturing various chargers and other accessories under the brand name "ERD".

LP-208 Power Bank Portable Mobile Charger

ERD offers a range of power bank products, starting from 2100mAh to 11000mAh. The LP-208 is the top end model from their product line, with the highest capacity. In fact, 11000 mAh capacity is not very common in portable mobile rechargers.

LP-208 is a sleek model, but bit heavy for its size, due to the high capacity batteries used in them. The white body is made of high quality plastic, complemented with gray borders on the sides.

The included cables are just 8 inches, which I thought is too short. But on a second thought, I realized this is a travel charger and long cables will be a real pain to handle on travel.

There are 2 USB outputs, one with 1 Amp and another one with 2.1 Amp power. You can connect any chargers that has a USB charger. This device comes with 2 cables - one for iPhone 4/4S/5 series and another 3-in-1 cable with microUSB, Mini USB, Nokia pins.

4 LED indicators double as charging and discharging status indicators. You can charge 2 devices at the same time, but charging of devices is not possible while the LP-208 is being charged. One drawback of this device is, it doesn't come up with a power chord to charge directly from the power sources at your home. You can charge it directly from your computer using the provided cable. However, you may use an external micro USB power cable to charge it from any other power sources.

According to the official website of ERD, there is a Built In LED Torch in the LP-208 model, but I couldn't find any such torch in the unit I have! I called the company asking about the torch feature and they said they will call me back within half an hour.

Price and Warranty

LP-208 mobile recharger comes with 6 months warranty. The warranty card is included in the package. The retail price printed on the package is, Rs 2799.00 but it is available at 20% discount in their online shoppe. You can buy it from ERD website at Rs 2,239.00.

Overal review of LP-208 travel charger

It has been just one day since I received the unit. I have already charged my Google Nexus 4 and Moto G using it. I am very impressed with this portable mobile charger and I would recommend this device for anyone looking for a value-for-money power bank. Few features that make it a cool gadget:

  • Sleek and elegant design

  • High capacity (11000 mAh)

  • Included cables with iPhone 4/5 pin, mini USB, Micro USB and Nokia connectors.

  • LED indicators

  • Two USB outputs

  • Reasonable price and value for money

  • Quick charging

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    Guest Author: deepak singh06 Mar 2014

    When do I know that the device is completely charged? Can you please tell me the estimated time to fully charge this from the laptop?

    Author: Tony John06 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

    When you charge the device, the LEDs will be blinking, until it is fully charged. I tried charging from the laptop for several hours and the LEDs were still blinking. Finally, when I went to sleep, I connected it to direct power using my cell phone's microUSB charger. The lights were steady in the morning, indicating it is fully charged. So, it looks like it requires atleast 12 hours to fully charge it.

    Guest Author: deepak singh06 Mar 2014

    Thank you John

    Guest Author: Megha05 Jan 2015

    A Power Bank of 11000mAh is an amazing device that is getting used to charge the mobile phones anytime anywhere. It is a high capacity portable mobile charger which is very handy and light weight to carry in your pocket, bag and anywhere in a small storage.

    The premium power bank is of high capacity charger that requires a one time charging and then it can be charged to your mobile phone 3-4 times or it highly depends on the user's usage. It has a smart LED indicator that indicates the charging and the discharging status of your device that allows never die off your battery.


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