Different ways to make money with YouTube in 2014

Most of us use YouTube to watch or download our favorite videos. However, there are many people who make their living with the help of this video sharing platform. This post explains in detail about different methods to make money with YouTube in 2014.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites accessed by thousands of users every day. Thousands of videos get uploaded on the website everyday in different categories. Most of us use this website for entertainment purpose but one can also earn money using this platform. This post explains in detail about different methods to make money with YouTube in 2014 .

Creating your Own Authority YouTube Channel

If you believe in creating long term source of income, this method is more useful for you. As the heading suggest, this method requires you to create your own YouTube channel in particular category. For instance, you have interest in visiting new tourist places in holidays. You can create a channel sharing videos of your tours to different tourist places with other people. There are already a lot of people doing this successfully and earning decent amount of money with this method. For instance, there are Indian ladies who own recipe blogs and update recipe videos on YouTube channels. Similarly, there are people sharing reviews of latest gadgets through their channel. However, an important thing to remember here is that just like any other online earning method, this particular method also requires a lot of planning and hard work. Following tips will help you to gain authority with your YouTube channel and earn more money through the YouTube partnership program:

  1. Keep your interest in mind before starting the channel and do not try to copy others. Most common mistake that people do is that they try to copy the popular channels. This approach does not work for the reason that after some time interest is lost and thus the work is abandoned in between. However, if you choose a category as per your interest, you will always remain enthusiastic about the channel.

  2. Next thing is to be creative while creating videos. You have to keep in mind that hundreds of similar videos will be uploaded by other users. At such, you have to do something different so as to attract more visitors. If you have originality and creativity in your video, then only you can expect it to get viral. A single viral video can give thousands of subscribers to your channel. This will boost the views and earnings of other videos in your YouTube channel as well.

  3. Another mistake that people do with YouTube is that they give preference to quantity over quality. In order to succeed with this method for long term, one has to get real subscribers. This is possible only if you share quality content that is really useful to the users. On the other hand, if you try to fill the channel with hundreds of useless videos, it will only annoy the users.

  4. Final tip is to avoid using videos uploaded by other uploaders on your channel. This can result in termination of your channel and thus all the efforts will get wasted.

YouTube and Affiliate Products

Another way to make money with YouTube is by promoting affiliate products through YouTube videos. We all know that in case of affiliate marketing, we get paid for every sale made through our affiliate link. Traditional way to earn through affiliate marketing is by sharing the links on articles present in own websites and then ranking those articles. Similarly, one can also create YouTube videos, rank them for certain keywords and then promote related products through the video. It is easier to rank videos in comparison to articles especially for the reviews. However, there is lot of competition in this field and thus quality matters a lot. There are many affiliate marketers who use YouTube to make decent commissions on platforms like Commission Junction. Here are some tips to make more money with affiliate marketing by using YouTube:

  1. The primary focus should be create authority and gain real subscribers. If you are providing useful content in the video and then promoting your links, you will be on the safer side. On the other hand, if your only intention is to get sale from every viewer and there is filler content in the video, conversions will not be that good.

  2. Make sure that you promote related products on the video. For instance, suppose you made a video on how to keep your hairs shining at 40. You need to promote shampoos or hair related medicated products with such video for more sales.

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