Top 5 biggest Game Worlds of all time

We all love open-world games. I for one really do. So let's check out some of the biggest game worlds ever created by the developers. Some of them might not be as big as the others, but they all are good enough to be compiled in this list.


I love open-world games and I am sure you love them as much as I do. My penchant for these games can be known if you look at the amount of reviews I have done for games like Skyrim, Witcher 3 and more. Most of the games I write about are entirely sandbox open-world experiences. I don't like constricted experiences where we are forced to go from one corridor to another with no explanation as to why we can't unlock a particular door. If a door is shut, you can't even break it, but when it comes to shooting a giant monster down, you are equally up to the task. The wicked logic is just out of my comprehension in narrative based games. That's why I love experiences like Dayz and Witcher games where we are given a world to explore and create and share our own stories.

You are given a handgun, but you are not told when to shoot or hold up. You can do that on your own and game treats you like an adult capable of making your own rational decisions and standing up for yourself. That's why I prefer open-word experiences. The ability to create your own story is something you cannot get in boxed games.

While some open-world games are really tiny like Witcher 1, some are so huge that it would take you months to explore all parts of it. We are going to talk about some of these biggest open world games here in this list:


I have already talked about how great an experience Skyrim is. You need to check out out my review of Skyrim to take a look at how this game plays out. But what that review doesn't mention is how gigantic the whole game world is. To be honest though, I don't think it's bigger than Just Cause 2. But at the same time, there is not much to do in the latter, while the former is filled with quests to complete, and assignments to take on. You see, doing open-world games is not a big deal, but doing it right and then filling it up is huge obstacle one needs to conquer to be a successful game. Fortunately for us, Skyrim conquered that with ease and set a benchmark for other RPGs to come.


Just Cause 2

Granted, there is not much to do in the huge game world this game has to offer, but still it's a great technical achievement to cram so much into the weak and outdated hardware like PS3 and Xbox 360. It is going to take you a lot of time to get from one side to another in his game. Even if you are not travelling on foot, moving from one part of the city to another,it's going to take most of your time. Sometimes you will have to deal with traffic jams like we do in real life. And no, you can't just leave your car and walk on foot instead. It will be foolish to do that if you even try to attempt. You see, the game is so large that walking by foot is not even an option.

World of Warcraft

Back in 2013, people weren't used to open-world games as this concept was still in its incubation period. The very first real open world game we got was none other than the fabled MMO World of Warcraft which is still number one MMO in this world despite all these years. Isn't it amazing that this game has managed to hold on to more than 10 million subscribers even after more than 10 years? Well, that's because of the seductiveness and quality that this game offers to other players. I am sure you'll be hooked the moment you start playing this game. This is the height of addiction and that's why it has been the centerpiece of the attention for last couple of years. However, polarizing people's opinion might be about this game, there is no denying the fact that it's one of the biggest game worlds ever developed by someone, and it keeps expending as Blizzard keeps developing more DLCs and addons. This, for sure it one heck of a game.

The Witcher 3

This game has not been released yet, but we already know that it's going to be huge; even more than 20% bigger than what Skyrim had to offer to us. Now you can imagine what these ambitious developers are trying to create! This action RPG is going to create a buzz as soon as it's going to release. Also, it is their first open world project. So, they are taking their time in polishing up this game to be their level best. They don't want to stain their good relationship with gamers by putting a half-baked game out there. They aren't going to do that for sure. So, it's going to come out when it's ready.


Even Deal Hall, the creator of this mod, wouldn't have imagined that it would be such a huge hit. Who could have predicted that DayZ is going to be a standalone game one day? I bet no one could. But here we are a couple of months fast forward seeing Dayz morphing into one of the best ambitious projects ever with one of the most gigantic size world. They didn't have to work too much on creating the game world, though, as it's based on a completely separate game called Arma 3. Most of the assets were borrowed from the Arma 3 to make this game. But whatever the case might be, it's still a really big achievement and will be counted as one of the best open world games ever!

Final words about biggest open world games of all time

With market's interest and shift towards making more open-world games lately, it seems that publishers are finally seeing the big opportunity to make some quick cash by developing true sandbox experiences. They can't afford to back out now. If they have committed their resources into it, they are going to have to do it. It's a do or die situation for companies like EA and Ubisoft as the pressure is mounting on them. Only time will tell if they are going to be able to relive themselves of the baggage that has been imposed upon them, but for now, things are muddier than ever.

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