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Stop your search right here for tips to play the new PC game Undefeated. We bring you its complete review, pros and cons and gameplay in our fresh article. Read and know all about this game.

Undefeated, a JRPG from Aldoriea Games can be called as one of the trend setter titles, which brought a fresh breeze of air with lots of novel ideas and implementations. Though set on the lines of the tradition and rules of JRPG, Undefeated has many of those desired features that make it the most wanted game in the genre of tile-based movement done by the magic-slinging heroes. If you have it in your collection, you get to save the world once again.
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There will be three heroes controlling the entire game show of the Undefeated, namely, Marcus, Bastien, and Fela, who entered in a world which is threatened by an over-growing Wasteland. It is not the case that there were no sincere efforts to keep the Wasteland safe and secure but in the recent days the plants have taken monstrous shapes and for the sake of survival the animals are coming down from the poisoned lands and encroaching human territories.

Once the three heroes chance meets a mutant wolf, after which they are compelled to chalk out a plan of investigation the reason behind the disaster of the Wasteland. And of course they are all set to fix up the problem as fast as they could.
Undefeated makes you travel all across the world covering the world map where there will be subsequent sub-maps guiding you through the forests and introduce you in front of the dungeons.

Keep visiting the towns while going for the side quests to save the people. Before facing those enemies make sure get a guideline from the sub-maps, where they make the random encounters visible to prepare you in advance. Well sometimes it is more advisable to avoid such situations if you are still not prepared for the worst. But once you meet them, don't forget to steal a chance to fight back taking turns of crushing them down by selecting useful commands listed in the menus. There will be all those options available which you find in RPG genres, choose them at your will and you get the desired effect without much effort.

To analyse the Undefeated, it clubs the traditional rules with the modern in such a way, that sometimes it feels like as if it is mocking the earlier versions. But if you have got the real experience of running your fingers on RPGs, then Undefeated is all traditional.
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You get to know the reason behind each and feature that makes Undefeated a unique experience. There won't be any room for getting confused why on earth you get to see the treasure chests in the forest or how come dead logs can carry the money. The mystery gets you in, and the solution lets you out off it.

Wrap Up

Overall, Undefeated will keep your attention stuck to it, till it is over. Rather I am unsure whether the mere closure of Undefeated can bring you out of its hangover. It is really hard to forget its mesmerizing visuals, the interesting characters and above all those melodious tracks.

A perfect blend of traditional RPGs with a handful of new game mechanisms. Memorable game plan, characters, graphics and soundtracks.

Cannot be termed as perfect because of few bugs.

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