5 reasons why GTA V is boring now

GTA V released last year with critical acclamation for many critiques. But there is something lacking in the game. The replayability that they promised is just not there. Let's discuss it further in detail.

Is GTA a bit boring?

GTA series has always been the greatest series of all time. There are no half measures about it when it comes to saying that. Ever since the very first game came into existence, it has always succeeded in creating a benchmark for other games. Other open world games like Just Cause and Sleeping Dogs doesn't even come close to what this series has to offer to us. Nobody can touch that. Maybe there would be a game that will conquer the niceness of GTA series and will be greater than the GTA experience, but it seems that the time has not yet come.

If anything, the recent delay of Watch Dogs proves that how much pressure is on these companies to deliver an intriguing experience similar to GTA. Months after GTA 5 launched, Ubisoft, the creator of Watch Dogs, decided to back off and retire its product with it as well. What caused them to retrench? Nobody is clear about that, but many speculate that GTA 5 might have played a big role in the decision of Watch Dogs delay.

It worked as an eye opener for them. They must have played GTA V and realized that their own game is not up to the par and it's not something our fans will hit it off well with. This is s testimony to the fact that GTA V is a force to be reckoned with in the market.

While it's as good as it could have been and delivers an epic game in emphatic fashion, it has started to get boring in some way. Rockstar hasn't' been paying attention, though. They need to revamp some of these areas and contemplate upon their strategy.

As wise and proactive as they are, it goes without saying that they are looking into it. Here is hoping that they will read this article too. Well, it's just an outlandish hope, but it might as well turn out to be true. They might get some useful constructive criticism and feedback after all!

Well, without any further ado, let me articulate why this is getting a tad boring and cliché -

Limited interacting with anyone

Limited interacting has always been the deal-breaker for me. The world is filled with so many infallible buildings and other stuffs that they could have made intractable, but it isn't the case hear.

We are left imagining what if everything was intractable; what if we could enter into every building and houses just like in Skyrim. The lack of interacting takes a bit of immersion and frenzies away from the otherwise epic game. It could have been whole a lot better.

Even NPC, that are varying in nature and really well done in comparison to the predecessor, don't have much interaction options. You don't get to converse with them. Either you shoot them or they will shoot you. That's about it. There is no lore or any kind of story behind any other NPCs besides protagonist which is a major disappointment, at least for me.

Lifeless places at times

As big and gigantic as the game is, it can be really lifeless at times. You will spend minutes or sometimes more than that, to be able to come across some form of lime. For example, walking in the Rosemary woods really seem like we are playing a survival simulator with no one lease around. Believe me; sometimes it feels just like that.

While the places like Las Santos, and New Holars are really filled with life and night clubs, other countryside places are just too dull to keep lingering around. Places like mountains and hills are just too lifeless to go for a hike. Shouldn't there be something else to do? You'll feel like you are the only one in town who likes to go out. Others are just too busy.

Random events aren't that engaging

If you have played GTA V for a while, you would have come across many random events by now. While ome events like saving the blonde from a bandit is a great engaging quest and can easily soak up some of your playtime, others feel like a part of MMO. Really, what were they pondering when implementing those cumbersome quests in the game? They could have done a lot better here.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, though, as main quest line seems to be just as engaging and captivating as you'd expect from a Rockstar game. It's packed with action and twisting plots to keep you on your toes for a while. But sadly, other side quests re just not good enough.

Map is unlocked from the start

While having the freedom to explore each and every part of the map since the inception is not a very bad thing, but it takes away the feeling of achieving something great when you unlock a particular part of a map. Remember Far Cry 3 where you unlocked a neighbor island only after 4-5 hours in to the game? The sense of accomplishment you get while doing that is just too good to explain in words. When you finally win over a part, you want to move over to another to concur the other parts too, but GTA V seems to be lacking in that area unfortunately.

It isn't going to be an issue for someone who is just in for a blast and some exploration. They are going to love the freedom, obviously. But for someone likes me, who's more into sorry and lore, I just loathe the fact that I have been given a bit too much freedom from the start and there is no sense of confinement. The statement might seem a bit contradicting to some of you as I said in the begging that love freedom, but this is how it is for me. I was talking about freedom that is akin to Far Cry not GTA stuff.

Final Words

While GTA V has its fair share of problems and can be boring at times, it should not be mistaken for something that is entirely unplayable. It's actually really far from a bad game. Conversely, it's one of the biggest technical achievements of the recent past. To cram so much stuff into the PS3's and 360's small size VRAMs is nothing short of amazing!

If you'd like to know more about this game don't forget to read the GTA V review.

What's your take on this one heck of an open-world game? Share your opinions and thoughts about this game in the comment section below.

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