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Have you heard of the name Kickstarter yet? If you like to play games, I am pretty sure you already have. After all, this is the compounding platform which has understandingly funded thousands of indie games that have some into fruition. Let's see what this platform has to offer to us.

Kickstarter: Paving way for so many indies

Kickstarter has been in existence even before 2009, but ever since Double Fine pitched it's game on Kickstarter, the good words about what it could mean for indie developers like Double Fine and Helix, spread like wildfire. What ensued was dozens of others games landing on Kickstarter needing your money to be funded.

While some of them was really good, like The Broken age, The Banner Saga and even, The Wasteland 2 for that matter, others like Divine and Setro was just outgrown because of seedy and cagey intentions. The details about some of these games were muddling and fuzzy and pledges were not sure as to whether to trust these strangers with their hard earned money or not, but thanks to the security measures of Kickstarter, nobody has managed to fly away to some other country with millions that gamers have plagued over on this site. While some of them genuinely went bankrupt, others who were trying to defraud us, were caught red-handed and were forced to return our money through the same men we pledged. If this is not a Testament to their amazing security measure, then I don't know what is. They have stood still up until now, despite many attempts to throw them out of this business by their rivals like Indiegogo.

Their honest and explicit policy is why they are so successful with their Kickstarter business while companies like Indiegogo are still reeling. They are still struggling to find some real momentum that Kckstarter found and rose to stardom all of a sudden back in 2012.

Some credit should also be given to Double Fine and their team. Kickstarter would still be a small company if it wasn't for them and their huge fanbase that were ready to support and pledge for their game anytime. The could have gone for Indiegogo instead of Kickstarter, but they choose the latter for a reason. The latter was less in use and they went wildly successful with it.

Broken Age

Just for your knowledge, Broken Age Act 1 is out now and it's damn beautiful. So they used our money in making this gem of a game. You should try it out sometime. Tim Sherfer needed Kickstarter to fund this game. He needed Kicksarter as much as Kickstarter needed someone of his caliber. They finally overlapped and the brainchild was much-awaited, Broken Age.

What Kickstarter can do for indie games

There is no doubt that Kickstarter has potential. Look how it has turned the fortunes around for folks at Double Fine and Helix. They are pouring into money from everywhere. I bet they would have never imagined rising to fame all of a sudden. This is a testament to the fact that the hardship-inured Kickstarter has immense potential to help us rid of big publishers like EA and Ubisoft. We won't need them any more if we can provide funds for developing their game.

It's a C2B deal in commercial terms where consumers tell the developers what they are supposed to do and provide them with required funds in advance so they don't have to knock the doors of someone pesky organisation like EA and then bend to their will to force some MP into the game hat was never require in the first place. Why let them turn a good a game into something that is pure drivel when we can save it?

But for that to happen, we need a medium through which we can contact these developers directly or they can contact us. And Kickstarter seems to be that medium. If a developer likes a concept and wants to morph it into a game, they will pitch their ideas to us through Kickstarter and if we like their ideas, we will vote with our wallets by pledging or donating in advance. This seems to be most safe and secure way of doing it. If developers don't make it past the threshold, we get our money back and they get a chance to come back to us a few months later with a new game to sell us over.

It seems like a terribly simple notion, but has so much potential to transform this gaming industry into much more respectable state than it is right now. The stigma that is attached with the gaming industry is that it is only meant for kids. Kickstarter is a medium through which we can prove them wrong. We can prove that there are as much mature players as there are kids playing their CODs somewhere.

Change the way you look at Kickstarter games

With the much awaited launch of next-gen hardware, it's inevitable that the next slew of games to come will be more serious and easy on eyes than of previous generation, what it implies is that it's going to cost even more to develop a game for these consoles and less companies would venture into this risky and unknown territory where one step could lead you to bankruptcy.

So what would they do? Instead of turning to publishers, the developers with innovative ideas might turn to Kickstarter as they are doing right now. Kickstarter is now not only for supporting board games. It's so much more than that. With games like Kingdom Core: Deliverance opening its doors for public funding recently, it's overt that more companies will adopt this way.

That's why we need to change the way we look at these Kickstarter games. It's much more than an indie game after all. Would you say that Kingdom Core is any less than an AA quality game? Heck, its equal of the size for Oblivion. Now you can imagine how huge is it going to be!

But with the outburst of these Kickstarter games, we should be cautious about who are the companies behind these games as it seems inevitable that EA and Ubisoft will find some way to pollute it too.

Change your Kickstarter password now

With the outbreak success they had in recent past, a slew of issues like hacking and passwords stealing also followed Kickstarter. If you like to keep yourself updated with news, you must have heard about recent Kickstarter password stealing where thousands of credit card accounts were stolen. There hasn't been any reports of anything else yet, but it's a warning in advance for people who are complacent in choosing their passwords wisely. If you won't be vigilant enough, it's inevitable that you are going to fall victim of these hacks sooner rather than later.

While the Kickstarter is a great tool and a ray of home in this grimy gaming world where the big snobs like EA dominate, you must be wary of what you are going to pull for.

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