Facebook game: Sudoku Rush review

Read the review of the game Sudoku Rush on Facebook. Know how this Sudoku game is different from the common Sudoku games and whether this game is such that it can interest you. Read the plus and minus points of Sudoku Rush on Facebook.

If you are new to Sudoku then you must know that Sudoku Rush on Google plus is different from the game in which the player has to build territories like CityVille or Happy Kingdom and it is also different from the Penny Arcade games followed it by Monkey Island alum Ron Gilbert's Deathspank. But Sudoku Rush is a classic number puzzle game played on board.
It is difficult to say if an average Sudoku player will like the new concept introduced in the game 'Sudoku Rush'. Sudoku is a methodical game in which player searches for the one and only possible answer for each small square box which makes it slow. But the title Sudoku Rush suggests just the opposite meaning. We play Sudoku by filling the appropriate numbers in the rows, columns and blocks which diminishes the number of unfilled boxes as we proceed further but Sudoku rush removes almost all of that.

The same typical Sudoku board is used in the game Sudoku Rush i.e. nine grids, each containing nine small square boxes in it and some of these boxes are already filled with numbers from 1 to 9. The player has to fill the rest of the unfilled boxes but keeping in mind that the each grid, row and column must be filled only with the numbers from 1 to 9 and the same number cannot be repeated in a grid, in a row and in a column. Following these easy rules, you are left with only one possibility to fill a box. So, your job is to find out which number is most appropriate for a particular box.

In addition to the Sudoku board, game screen also have a water fall on the right side with the numbers falling in it. When a player needs any number he has to pick it from the waterfall. For example if a player needs 3, he has to grab it from waterfall and drag it to the box he wants to put in. The number will be placed in the box if it is correct or goes back if it's not. To make the game more interesting the numbers are provided in different colors and the players get the bonus points if they group the large amount of same colors together.

Some numbers gives the player power ups if they use them. These power ups might contain the hint, what will be the numbers next to the number you just placed. Or these power ups might take the color of that number and spread out to the adjacent numbers helping a player to earn more points. A player can earn game-in money by playing more and more games and can use them to buy power ups and upgrades.

The only problem in the game is the waterfall mechanism. When a player finds the appropriate number to fill in the box, he has to wait for that number to appear in the waterfall to grab it and put in the box. On the other hand, the player can grab a random number from the waterfall and find the box in which that number can fit in but again then this has to be done quickly before the number disappears.

In all the game seems to be in a place right between the Sudoku and the Rush. Because either the player has to wait for the appropriate number to come or he has to rush if he grabs a random number to find a correct box. On the other hand, the power up feature of the game makes it interesting for the player.

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