Tips for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your blog/website

Looking for tricks to deal with new SEO trends? Want to achieve search engine optimization through Google Authorship? If yes, then, please read further to know about some important SEO trends that may rule the internet world in future.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is necessary for any business to succeed in the digital market place. In other words, website owners and blog owners all over the world have been working overtime to get their sites aligned with the latest SEO trends. SEO is an important criterion to earn good amount of money through Google Adsense and related ad services. For e-commerce websites and other online businesses, SEO is probably the most important source of targeted traffic through organic search results or natural search results. Despite the emergence of different traffic sources like social media networks and some other online medium, SEO still remains the primary focus of attention for most online businesses and blogs. It is pretty common for businesses to invest significant amount for adopting SEO tricks as part of their digital marketing strategies. In fact, it has been said that Digital marketing expert or assistant will be a very important job position in most companies seeking a significant online presence in future. And SEO is bound to remain their target area to improve the traffic for websites and consequently increase the customer base for any business. With the rise in competition, new SEO trends are followed every year and digital marketers have to be on their toes to keep an eye on such new SEO trends.

New Changes to Google search algorithms

Google has been pretty smart all these years by coming out with new updates that force numerous websites to go back to the drawing board and revisit their SEO strategies. Some of the past examples of Google updates are the Penguin and Panda updates. For this year, Google's Hummingbird update is expected to change the SEO landscape for most websites. This Google update might pay more attention to conversational search that has the ability and content to provide relevant answers (search results) to the exact online queries and requirements of users. Such Google algorithm updates often blacklist websites/blogs with content spam and spam links or back links. Websites that use Black hat techniques to boost their SEO often fall prey to such Google updates. These changes help to strengthen the focus on top quality content (on websites) that is more relevant to the audience/customers. Thus, more and more websites are forced to focus more on the quality of content, product, and service provided to the end user.

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  • Making websites mobile friendly to target more customers

    The number of people using smartphones and tablets for internet browsing has increased tremendously in the last few years. Some statistics reveal that a significant percentage of smartphone and tablet users read blogs and do online shopping on the go. So, it has become really important for all businesses and blog owners to design sites that provide amazing browsing experience even on a mobile phone or tablet. Hence, there will be more emphasis on SEO for smartphones / tablets in near future. A well-designed website that is mobile-friendly will be able to dynamically adjust its layout based on the screen size and device used. So, websites with responsive design to adjust to all device types are slowly becoming the order of the day.

    Importance of SEO for location-specific search

    How many times have you used your smartphone to search for a nearby restaurant or a nearby theater? How many times have you used your smartphone or tablet to search for an address or get directions? The answer to both questions is indeed going to be "too many times to even remember the count". This is the usual trend all the over world. People are using their smartphones in a better way to make location-specific searches. Gone are the days when only travelers used to seek local information through mobile search. Now, a major percentage of smartphone and tablet users make local searches on a regular basis. Hence, websites will need to pay more attention to SEO for location-based search.

    Significance of Google Authorship

    Google Authorship enables users to successfully associate (or link) all content created by them (on the internet) to their Google+ account. The more involved a user gets with this authorship opportunity, the better are his chances of getting a high rank in Google search results. Thus, Google authorship can significantly help users to gain higher search engine rank through better SEO. So, it is important for all webmasters to develop a strong presence on Google+ by linking high-quality content wherever possible.

    Focus on improving popularity on social networking sites

    Earlier, a simple SEO trick followed by all was to get plenty of genuine inbound links to their websites. Now, almost everyone is able to do this easily and so the focus has shifted towards online presence on social media network. In future, SEO success will probably also be gauged by the popularity of a website or business or blog on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Such sites provide various information about any website/business in the form of a number of likes, the number of followers, the number of comments, the number of shares, etc. Based on this information, the search engine can compare your site or blog with various competitors and also track online visibility. Hence, it will now be very important to have your own Facebook page, Facebook ad, images for Pinterest, regular updates as tweets on Twitter, etc. to attract as many followers as possible.

    I have tried my best to list some useful SEO trends that will be seen in near future. Irrespective of the ever-changing nature of our digital marketplace, it is important to remember that high-quality content, services, and products for appropriate target audience will always succeed in creating a successful business with the help of SEO. So, to keep matters simple, if every website owner and blogger simply pay attention to the above-mentioned trends, it would be easier for him to create an online presence with tremendous SEO success.

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