How to make your visitors stay long on your Blog with stunning visuals

Making visitors stay longer on your blog is as difficult as bringing them to your blog. But visual content can help you acquire that engagement you're looking for. Read on to know more about how to gain visitor engagement to your blog.

Every blogger wants to see an increase in his blog visitors and also their engagement. But with increasing content and competition on web it became a tough task to draw engagement. You need to make your post stand out to attract i.e. impress them. So, if you are not getting what you want, I promise this post or guide can help you a lot. So, how to make your visitors stay longer on your blog? Let's know how.

Have you observed the shift in the way products and services are being marketed? The trend of visual web started long back in 2002 when Flickr was established and it took exactly 12 years for visual content to go viral. People are responding more to visual content and this shift led to the creation of even more photo based services like instagram, pinterest etc. This huge response to such apps/services made Facebook acquire instagram. So, there's no doubt visual content draws attention. But how to chose what images to use?

Data Driven images

Here I'm talking about images that deliver any data that you want to deliver through your post. Instead of expressing it through the text, you can turn it into graphic which looks more attractive. You can create such images or graphs on your own or use tools like Google charts, excel, ichart etc. Those graphs should exactly replace the test and should not be over sized. Such graphics should be just a part of your content, but shouldn't dominate the text. If at all it did, that would be an infographic which is a different kind of approach which I mentioned in my post How to get back links and increase blog traffic using infographics.

So, what makes me feel that data driven images can do better is, they are hard to make and of course they're no nonsense.

Using infographics

Though the usage started centuries ago, the usage of infographics gone viral when they started gaining back links to the publisher. People love facts and something(different)that's presented in a new way. So, when infographics are serving that purpose by consuming only a few minutes of time to read, every publisher started using them.

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The above graph trends shows the interest of infographics from 2004 to present. Beside gaining track backs, these infographics make you an expert in your niche. If you designed an infographic, it reflects the research you made and your knowledge to audience and shows your expertise to them. So, they trust you.

Pinterest for Traffic

If you use Pinterest wisely, you can flood your blog/website with lots of organic visitors. Yes, creating your own impressive pins is the only job in front of you. Yes, similar to the 'content' your pins should stand unique and at the same time attract pin community. A majority of pins (around 60-70 percent) are repins, so how can you draw ones attention with a pin that's repinned a 1000 times? You need to concentrate on what's hot in your niche today and what's going to be trending tomorrow.

If you are a tech geek and often write tutorials on your blog, you can pin the tutorials to peak their interest. Instead of providing the whole tutorial through pins, you can make their eyes wide open and drive them to your blog by creating an itch to click.

Your own Tutorials/Videos

If you can impress with your speaking, why don't you make video tutorials and upload them to YouTube? I think videos are more likely to be watched than images when it comes to tutorials related to fixing issues related to gadgets, Photoshop and the similar ones. Also, you can hire a spokesperson if you can afford and that costs you any where between $5-$250 and $5 is on fiverr. This Video marketing can benefit you in tw ways i.e. makes your visitors stay longer on your web pages and increase in views for your YouTube videos. Some say that views don't count for embedded videos and some oppose it. However, if your videos are really worthy, at least one fourth of your visitors will surely visit and subscribe to your channel. Am I right?

Let me tell you about Derek Halpern who blogs at Social Triggers. He draws your attention though his content and not less than 50 per cent of it is visual i.e. videos. But it's not just videos that made him go viral, it's the content he's got. What ever the method you choose to publish, infograph, video or images, content you deliver should be unaltered.

Final word

Just an eye catching and colorful image somewhere in your article can do nothing. Since its is said that a picture is worth 1000 words, images you use must represent the purpose of your post or at least most of it. You need not shoot ll your images and it's really a tough job unless your are a pic geek. So, make a search in sites like flickr, shutterstock etc. If you are ready to spend some bucks, go for a professiolnal or buy from getty, istock, fotolia etc .

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