Ways to find latest trending topics for bloggers and content writers

Are you looking for new topics to write articles? Want to know latest trending topics for writing blog posts? Please read further to know different ways for determining the latest Facebook trends and Twitter trends which in turn will help you to choose hot topics for writing articles and increase your chances of Search engine optimization.

Need for social media marketing

With more and more people writing blogs / articles on various topics, the competition has increased. To make your website or blog SEO-friendly and to improve traffic to it, you must adopt several social media marketing techniques. One popular social media marketing method is to identify hot topics to write articles or blog posts about. Such popular topics could be related to politics, sports, technology, movies, TV shows, healthcare, automobiles, etc. Upon writing unique articles on such trending topics, you give your website or blog site better chances of attracting new followers and keeping them engaged. Also, your website may appear higher in search engine results helping you fetch better Google AdSense revenue. The key to get repeat audience for your blogs and articles is to share unique content that provides additional value to the reader. Even if your website is focused on certain products only, it is still advisable to write some posts on other hot topics so as to keep your readers updated with latest trends. Also, this makes your readers realize that there is more to your writing than just advertisement of your products.

The key to finding latest trending topics is to stay updated with the latest news and happenings around the world. One can then try to identify what topics are getting searched the most. With so many social networking sites and tools available for us, it has become very easy to get information about most recent trending topics around the world. In this article, I shall share some useful tools and social media that will help discover trending topics for bloggers and content writers.

Ways to find latest trending topics online

  • Google Trends

    As we all know, Google search engine is the most popular search engine in the world. Majority of the internet users search online via this search engine. From that aspect, Google Trends is a wonderful tool that helps to determine the most searched content over internet. Using this tool, you can view some hot topics under the Trending Now heading. Another way provided for finding more specific trending topics (depending upon your target audience) is the Google Trends Top Charts. Google Trends Visualizer is an innovative way of viewing the top trending Google searches being made by people all over the world. You can even customize the view to check out top searches made by people in your country only. As seen below, this part of the Google Trends tool allows you to view up to top 25 Google search topics specific to a country.
    Google Trends Visualizer for trending topics

    You can check out this tool at: Google Trends

  • Twitter

    This social media platform can be used to find recent hot trends across the globe or specific to one country or even specific to certain cities. You can choose which areas you want to search for the latest trends and accordingly Twitter will help you with relevant results pertaining to popular topics. By default, if you click on the Trends option in Twitter under menu option Home and sub-menu option Discover, you will be shown trends specific to your location. You can then customize the search for trends to various cities or country, based on your requirement.

    One can check out Twitter trends by logging into this site at: Twitter login

  • Facebook

    The most famous social networking site in the world also gives you the power to check out most discussed Facebook topics and hashtags in it's Trending section. Once you login, this Trending section appears at the right hand side of your Facebook homepage. Upon clicking a particular topic, you can find out the views of various Facebook users on it. This trending feature of Facebook will enable you to view any pages shared by Facebook users with you or shared as public pertaining to the popular topics.

    You can check out Facebook's Trending section by logging into this site at: Facebook login

  • Buzzfeed

    This is another useful tool to determine hottest trends with regards to entertainment, food, movies, pop music, culture, fashion, etc. It is a straight-forward site that lists all the popular topics being discussed about in several areas.

    You can go through this tool at:Buzzfeed

  • Zite

    You can simply inform Zite about your interests and it takes care of the rest. You need not specifically search for any topics using this application. It provides the best topics out of your favorite blogs, magazines, newspapers, videos, authors, etc. for reading and checking out purely on the basis of your own preferences. This can be used in a better way by combining it with any of the previously discussed trend search tools.

    You can download this app for iOS and Android devices. The corresponding download links are available at this page:Zite app

  • Swayy

    This tool enables you to discover the most engaging and interesting content for sharing with your target audience on social media on the basis of their interests and preferences. It can get connected to your Twitter or Facebook social networking account and present relevant content based on the keywords defined. You will get email with relevant content for sharing with your audience or followers on a daily basis. You will get best videos, articles, hashtags, infographics, etc. shared by this tool.

    You can find further details about Swayy at this link: Swayy

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