Review of WooRank SEO Analysis tool

Here is a review of the SEO analysis tool called WooRank, which I recently used to analyze my blogs for SEO errors and possible optimizations.

Time taken for analysis: Excellent

Unlike many other SEO tools, the WooRank is really fast on analyzing the website and producing the reports. It took less than a minute to process our website with this SEO analysis tool.

Here is a screenshot of the summary of our SEO analysis using WooRank:

WooRank SEO tool review

When you go to the details, this tool doesn't do anything extra ordinary but very nicely reminds you about many optimizations that you have missed. When I looked at the reports on, I was surprised to see that we have a lot of room for improvement in our site. In fact, most of the optimizations suggested by the tool are not new to me, but I just didn't remember to do them. This tool did a very nice job of suggesting several SEO optimizations I can do without much efforts.

Social recommendations

The tool was smart enough to detect that a twitter handle with our brand name was already in use but not linked to us. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to grab the twitter handle that was already reserved by someone else, but this reminder will be helpful for other webmasters who missed to register their brand pages/user names in popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Mobile optimizations

WooRank did a great job in suggesting the mobile optimizations. In fact, I was surprised to find the mobile optimizations missing in my blog, thanks to WooRank. See the screenshot of our mobile optimization analysis:

WooRank mobile optimizations

Mobile redirection and Mobile CSS were not new to me but I wasn't aware of the Apple Icon and Meta Viewport tag until this tool showed me those.

Other optimizations

One of the warnings showed by this tool was, we are using underscores in the urls and it is not considered as word separators by Google. I am glad that the tool showed me this warning because the use of underscores weren't intentional. However, I don't completely agree with the comment that it is not recognized by Google as word separators. In my opinion, Google will smartly detect even underscores as word separators.

Image Optimizations: WooRank reported that out of 28 images used in our home page, 27 of them do not have ALT tags. We as SEO experts always speak about the importance of using ALT tags for images, but we often forget to use them in our own websites!

Nested tables: Agreed, I am bad with the Tables and inline styles. I have too many tables in the site, which are used for aligning page elements. Even though I recently corrected many of them and started using CSS for defining page elements, I still have a lot of Tables and inline style definitions. Thanks to WooRank for reminding me about the work to do.

W3C validation: I have seen it numerous times but I still have those errors. WooRank showed me I have 288 W3C validation errors and at least half of them are correctable. The tool doesn't really show all the individual errors, instead, it directs to the websites where we can validate our website, which is fair enough.

Obsolete and deprecated html tags: WooRank reported many html tags that are in use but are not recommended, which include tags like <font>, <center> etc.

Issues and limitations of WooRank SEO Analyzer tool

I used the free version of the WooRank tool and there is nothing much to complain. It does a pretty decent job of reporting all major problems in your website.

One bug I found with this tool is, if you have internal links to your website with the absolute urls and using a different case (uppercase/lowercase) for the url, then such links are reported as external links instead of internal links.

Also, the free edition of WooRank is limited to one analysis per day from your browser. If you want to analyse multiple websites, you have to register as a member or use various tricks like clearing your cookies or try with different browsers.

Here is video that shows how to use WooRank SEO Analyzer:

Upgrade to premium plans

Even though the free edition is good enough for many small bloggers, if you are really serious about your online business, you may consider one of the upgraded editions of WooRank. Currently, there are 2 paid plans:

1. Premium Plan (US$ 149 per month) - comes with 5 advanced reviews, and unlimited white label PDFs.

2. Pro Plan (US$ 49 per month) - comes with 1 advanced review and 2 free PDFs.

If you need additional reviews or want to add more users, they have many higher plans as well. In case you are looking for an enterprise solution, you can contact the company and ask for a customized plan that suits your exact requirements.

TIP: You don't need to pay a lot of money just because you want advanced reviews for several websites. You can buy the smallest plan (Pro Plan) and work with one website at a time. Once you are done with one site, you can delete it from your account and add another site for review.

Please visit this page to compare the paid plans.

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