Can we place AdSense Ads below titles and headings

Do you want to know the Google policies regarding placing AdSense Ads just below the blog title? Read this article to find out if you are violating any Google policies by placing Ads directly under the headings.

Many bloggers are confused if they can use AdSense ads below the headings. Google AdSense policies are bit confusing in this regard and there is no definite answers from Google regarding this confusion. Since I face this question quite often in the blogger communities, I decided to write this detailed post as part of my blogging tips and AdSense tips series.

First let us look at the relevant AdSense policies regarding the Ad placements.

There are 2 policies that may be applicable in this case.

1. Formatting content to mimic ads

This is what Google says about placing and formatting Ads to make the readers think your Ads are not advertisements but are part of content:

Publishers may not implement Google ads in a manner that disguises the ads in any way. This includes formatting neighboring content to look similar to the ads

2. Placing ads under a misleading heading

This policy guideline states that you should not place AdSense ads under a title that may confuse the reader that the ads below the title are the content described by the title. However, this depends on the text in the title as well as the specific ad displayed. Sometimes, the title and ad will be different enough so that there will be no confusion. But that may not be the case always.

In short, whether you can place Ads below the title or not depends on few parameters:

- the nature/text of the title
- how close they are placed
- how the title and ads are aligned

See the example below, which is a screenshot from a blog I found through a random search:

AdSense Ads below title and Google AdSense policies

In my opinion, this screenshot shows a clear violation of the AdSense policies. Anyone looking at that blog post will conclude the Ad just below the title is part of the text and I am pretty sure most of the non-techies will click on the Ad. Since that ad placement in that particular context implies it is part of the content, it is a violation of Google AdSense policies.

However, the same ad placement with a different title may not violate the policies in some other cases. Here is a screenshot of the same ad placement, but may not be a violation of AdSense policies, just because the text in the title and ads are not really related to each other and thus not confusing:

AdSense Ads under heading

NOTE: In case of a manual policy review of your site, the Google reviewer may interpret it differently. I have a received warning from AdSense for the above placement because Google interpreted some ads appeared below are confusing to the users. So, the bottom line is, ads placed too close to the headings may sometimes lead to policy violations, even if you take extra care to avoid misleading words in it.


If you want to be on the safer side with AdSense program, you should avoid any placement directly under the headings.

Tips of safe ad placement under the heading

If your Ad placement under the title gives you high revenue and you don't want to move your Ads elsewhere, then follow the below steps to reduce chances of policy violations:

  • Avoid the word "download" in titles

  • Avoid words like "see below", "click below" etc in the title

  • Try to insert the date, author name or some other pieces of information between the title and Ad so that the Ad is still in an important place but not directly under the title in a manner that could violate AdSense policies.

  • Here is an example of a really safe ad placement under the headings, which we use in this site itself:

    Safe way of placing AdSense Ads below title

    A few things to note are:

    1. Post date, author information etc are displayed below the title.
    2. A small summary of the article is displayed below the author information.
    3. A label called "Advertisements" is used above the Ad, along with a border around it to clearly distinguish the ad from the content.
    4. Google Ads is placed below the title, author information and the article summary.

    The above combination of the placement will make sure you are not inadvertently violating any AdSense program policies, even if you use some potentially confusing words like "download", "read below" etc in your titles.

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    Guest Author: Gowtham Kare03 Feb 2014

    Tony, but Google itself is tracking the user behavior i.e. what sites he/she visits and is displaying relevant ads. It's similar to what you said above(making visitors click Ads).How can we consider this?

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