Guest Blogging for backlinks- Does it work for SEO or its dead?

Guest Blogging is one of the most used tactic by bloggers to get back links. But now Google is more concerned about such backlinks. Yes, guest blogging for back links is done. Here's why you should not do guest posting just for backlinks.

Is Guest Blogging Dead?Guest Blogging is one of the key tactics used by bloggers either new or established ones, to improve their search rankings. Guest Blogger is the most valuable badge or credit a blogger can get when he contributes to another blog. They use their knowledge and guest post on other popular blogs in their niche. In return they get a back link as a credit and this helps to improve their page rank. This is what makes them appear first i.e. helps them appear on first SERP results.

But over time this has become a black hat technique and some trusted websites are making business out of it. Yes, they are selling links and promoting some new infamous blogs. Look at the following mail Matt Cutts of Google got last month.

Mail to Matt Cutts

This mail made Matt Cutts drop a word against guest blogging. This kind of emails is not new to high profile blogs they may roughly get dozens of such a week from such people asking to promote their brands or blogs. Back in the day, almost 90 per cent of blogs and websites accepted guest posts, but now they are in a dilemma if they can proceed. It is a fact that more than 80 per cent of guest posts are written to get back links. No matter what link it is, a do follow or no follow, it's just a back link for Google. And if you just get huge back links in a short period, I am sure that you're being spied by Google. In this post I'm gonna talk mostly about blogger who do guest blogging, not the blogs that host bloggers. Let us now know what is aye and nah for Guest Blogging.

Benefits of guest blogging

I agree that guest blogging is a great and of course right way to expose your knowledge to the target audience. Now, my question is, what urges you to do guest blogging? Quick traffic, money, authority etc etc. Okay, let me guess your words.

I have an awesome blog with highly valuable content.
I want to give it to even more audience.
I want to show myself by writing guest posts on other blogs.

You have very good reasons to guest bog. So, how to make your hosts accept your guest posts? Its not just the content you write makes your post impressive, a piece of content which raises and solves a problem, which adds value to visitors' cognizance will surely be accepted. Many blogs provide an option for guest posts like 'write for us' or 'tip us' pages. Else, get your post accepted mail your host by providing the outline of the topic you're about to write. Listing out the topics will be more helpful.

Also, it's a good idea to show your previous work i.e. the posts you already published on your blog with links before you're asked to provide. This increases the chances of getting hired as a guest blogger. Generally, unique & lengthy posts, trending topics, and How to tutorials will be accepted by most of the bloggers. So, if you feel you have that talent, you can proceed and get your posts accepted.

Disadvantages of guest blogging

Today many newbies are actively guest posting to get back links and exposure. As said above, its a good idea, but the excess will always be a drawback. You should maintain a meaningful ratio between your posts and guest posts. I feel that 15:1 is a good idea, i.e. one guest post for every 15 posts on your blog. And you shouldn't do guest posts if this is what you feel about Guest Blogging.

Guest Blogging helps me get back links and therefore high Page Rank
I can spend a few bucks for allowing my posts on other Blog
The more I do guest blogging, the more exposure my blog gets.

Yes, you read correct. You can no more get back links for your guest posts unless they are really worthy. Its almost black hat technique to pay someone for accepting your guest posts and also equal to bribery. Never try to write guest posts on blogs that aren't related to your niche and if you do that, you'll surely be penalized.

Surely, its a bad time for multi-author blogs that has more outbound links. They'll surely be considered as spam by Google. I'm not talking about high profile blogs that
top the SERP results, they are different. There are some blogs that completely run on guest posts. I've seen a Blog that teaches bloggers 'How to Blog' and 6+ posts out of 10 are guest posts. Also every post includes back links to the guest author's blog. Think twice before contributing to such blogs and don't get yourself into spam by posting in such blogs.

Guest Blogging isn't dead, it's no longer easy. Your post goes live when your hosts feel that it can add value to his audience and also his blog.

Read how to accept guest posts without affecting your blog.

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