Review of Spuul streaming app for Android and iOS

Want to check the review of Spuul app? Are you a fan of Bollywood movies and video streaming apps? Do you intend to use movie apps to watch TV shows or movies on the move? Is Spuul the best Android streaming app or iOS streaming app? Please read further to know features of Spuul application. The biggest advantage of Spuul is that it provides free to watch movies and even supports offline movie viewing.

Need for video streaming

These days many of us lead a hectic work life that involves plenty of travel. Now, the last thing one would want to remember doing before travelling long hours to office or even on a weekend trip will be to download movies or TV shows on their portable devices like smartphones or tablets. Even if I am relaxing at home on a weekend, I find it tedious to download any movies on my laptop and then transfer them to my tablet or smartphone for comfortable viewing. The best thing I love to do while travelling long distances in a train or bus is to watch movies on my smart devices. And this is where I have found Spuul entertainment app to be mighty useful.

Video streaming apps have been quite popular and Spuul is definitely one of them, especially amongst Indians living in any part of the world. Many Indians are big Bollywood movie fans and they have been targeted wisely by Spuul app that is compatible with Android, iOS, etc. This is a free app for watching Bollywood movies and TV shows on the go. It is developed by Spuul company, which is a Singapore-based video service company that aims to be like Netflix. In this article, I shall try to review the features provided by Spuul app and various reasons as to why Spuul is one of the best movie apps for watching movies or TV shows on the go.

Spuul App

Useful features of Spuul app

  1. The app interface is very smooth and user-friendly. On the home screen of the app, user can easily toggle between latest Bollywood movies and top Bollywood movies. There are various sub-categories seen on the main screen that can be browsed through horizontal scrolling. Each movie listing is accompanied with relevant details that can be seen when you click on the thumbnail image appearing besides a movie name on the home screen. The relevant details are opened in a separate page showcasing the movie image, description about the movie, length of movie, number of views for that movie, movie review rating, option to play the movie or play trailer of the movie, option to share the movie on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, option to sync the movie for offline viewing, etc.

  2. The quality of video streaming offered by this app is wonderful. Not many movie apps can boast of good quality streaming with variety of connection speeds like 3G, 4G, 2 Mbps or 8 Mbps speeds over WiFi network, etc. Generally, many smart devices won't have good internet speeds on the go and so streaming quality is an important area that can determine the fate of the streaming app. Spuul scores pretty well in this area. Irrespective of the brightness levels on screen, the movie display quality is good across the vast database of movies that this app possesses. However, one should avoid forwarding a movie at real-time with low internet speeds like 3G for non-stop smooth streaming.

  3. This app has a big collection of Bollywood movies and even some recent ones are available. The movie library is well maintained and even contains old Hindi films as well as regional language movies (Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Punjabi movies, Marathi movies, Bengali movies, etc.). One can use the language filter to watch the corresponding list of movies. Some movies also contain English subtitles. As far as TV shows are concerned, this app does contain only a limited number of TV shows and avoids several old / outdated TV shows.

  4. The thing I really loved about this app was that it even offered plenty of free movies for the app users. Now, these features help first-time app users to judge the quality of movie-viewing and take an informed decision about subscribing for the premium movie packages. There are 2 different types of premium subscription packages: Premium Lite and Premium. Under the Premium Lite subscription package (Rs.120 per month), users can view free movies and premium movies with advertisements, whereas, the Premium subscription package (Rs.300 per month) users can view those movies without advertisements. There are certain price discounts if you opt for annual subscription packages. By subscribing to any package, a new user gets 7-day free trial of this app. In addition, there are some Spuul specials that are not covered under premium subscription and users can rent these specials through in app purchase. These special movies are available for 72 hours of viewing once they are started. The rates for Spuul specials are vary within the range of Rs.60 per movie to Rs.180 per movie. These special movies will be shown to the users with advertisements.

  5. Using this app, users can resume watching movies from wherever they left off on their devices. Also, premium subscribers of this app get the rare facility to sync movies for offline viewing. Using this facility, paid subscribers of Spuul can watch movies later without internet connection once they have downloaded it to their device. Based on the internet speed and bandwidth, users can choose the video size to be downloaded.

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After going through the various features of Spuul app, it is clear that this app delivers quality streaming and is focused more on movie streaming rather than TV shows. With amazing features like good user interface, vast library of quality movies, offline viewing feature, subtitles availability for some movies, ad-free viewing, etc., this app is surely a must-have for movie buffs using Android or iOS devices. I have been using this app efficiently since last 3 weeks and have loved watching movies on the go like never before. Please feel free to share your experiences of using this app.

Visit the official website of Spuul to learn more about this app.

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