Simon Answers app review: A Telepathy app for Android devices

Do you love using prank apps on your friends? Want to know about a free Android app that uses Telepathy trick? Read further to know the Simon Answers app review. Simon Answers (Peter answers) application is a crazy telepathy app that is available for free download on Google Play store.

I am a big fan of prank apps in smartphones. I often install new prank apps and try them on my family and friends. The Android developers or iOS developers must be given credit for designing some "out-of-the-box" mobile apps. In this article, I shall be reviewing an app called "Simon Answers" which is available for free download on Google Play store.

The "Simon Answers (Peter Answers)" application is available under "Casual" category on Google Play store. It is an Android app provided by Local Network Media. This app requires an Android OS version of 2.2 or above. This app has great language support as it has been localized in Hindi, French, Spanish, Dutch, Indonesian language etc. It is one of the top Telepathy app for Android devices.

My review of Simon Answers app

What if I tell you that I have an app that can answer all basic questions about your surroundings? Simon Answers is one such magical Android app. It can provide real-life answers to questions that you won't expect a smartphone to know. Most people are left stunned with the correct answers that Simon Answers app is able to give for their questions. My friend introduced this app to me. I used her phone that contained this app and asked questions like "what is the name of the person sitting next to me?" and "what colored pant is my friend wearing?"

I was amazed to hear absolutely correct answers given by Simon Answers app. I got curious to know how it really worked? Does artificial intelligence usage allows the app to give correct answers? There was only one way to get answers to all my queries. I went to Google Play store and downloaded this free app. With an app size of just 2.77 MB, I managed to download Simon Answers pretty quickly on my smartphone. Also, I liked the fact that this app asked for access permissions only to system tools, network communication and my location.

Google Play store contained complete description about this app and I came to know about the real Telepathy trick used by this app. However, it was more fun implementing this trick on the Simon Answers app that I had just downloaded. Once I opened the installed Simon Answers app, it opened a screen with two input-enabled fields as seen below:

Home screen of Simon Answers app

I asked my wife for a question she would like me to ask Simon. As per her wish, I typed the question as "Which drink is my wife having now?" in the Question field.
Now, as mentioned on the home screen of this app, I had to write the text "Simon, please answer" in the Petition field. As per the Telepathy trick of this app, I typed a dot '.' first followed by a long answer like "she is drinking black coffee" and finished with another dot. I was pleased to see that on my smartphone screen the text that appeared was "Simon, please answer" in the Petition field instead of the actual text that I had typed.

Asking question through Simon Answers app

In my case, even though the answer contained more characters than present in the default text line "Simon, please answer", the screen displayed only the default text. The actual trick is to have the secret answer between the 2 dots. In my case, I got the correct answer "She is drinking black coffee" displayed once I pressed "Ok" on screen.

Getting answers from Simon Answers app

This left my wife surprised and she took the phone in her hands and typed another query herself. She then typed the default text required for the Petition field and pressed OK. This time Simon didn't give a correct answer. I convinced her that this magic trick works only when I ask questions to Simon.

Thus, after the above experience of using "Simon Answers" app as a prank on my wife, I shortlisted the following tips of using this app that is based on Telepathy trick:

  • To use Simon Answers app successfully, you should tell your friend or family member that it works only if you ask questions to Simon.

  • Always type the question first in the question field on screen as you would know the answer before typing anything in the Petition field. The question should be a choice of your friend or family member on whom you are playing the prank.

  • After you input the question, you can then type in the "Petition" field. Always start typing with a dot, followed by your answer, end with another dot and then remaining part of the default phrase "Simon, please answer".
    Placing the start and end dots are of prime importance for this trick to work. If you type the correct answer between the dots and complete the default phrase (if it isn't completed already), the only text that will appear on screen is "Simon, please answer".

  • If you use this app once, it is important to clear both fields before typing another question. If you don't clear the fields and simply overwrite in them using backspace, then, you will get an answer that will be the combined version of previous answer and current answer.

  • If someone else uses the app to question Simon, they will get negative answers as they won't be knowing the point trick (two dots trick).

Verdict about Simon Answers app

I simply loved this app as I never knew doing a prank on someone was so easy. It hides the secret answer pretty well behind the default text "Simon, please answer" in the Petition field. It is extremely difficult for any one to identify the trick used behind this app and that is why this Android-based prank application serves it's purpose. It is extremely easy to use for first-time pranksters as well. One simply needs to download it on his/her smartphone and start playing the prank. The rules of the Telepathy trick behind Simon Answers app are pretty simple as well. For me, this app is definitely a crazy Telepathy app that weaves it's magic with text display on screen. The fact that this app is free to download adds to it's positives.

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