Apple iPhone 5C: Review, Features and Specifications

Are you looking for a review of new Apple iPhone 5C? Here, you can read the detailed review about the latest iPhone 5C, which comes with all major features of its predecessor with the additional bonus of i0S 7. Lets find out its new features, pros and cons.


Lately, Apple introduced two new iPhones simultaneously. Alongside revamping the earlier flagship model with the iPhone 5S, the company also unveiled the Apple iPhone 5C. The new iPhone 5c is made from steel-reinforced, machined polycarbonate and color coated with glossy finish. The company's previous plastic phone was the iPhone 3GS, but it only came in white and black colors. In this case, the 5c is now available in white, yellow, pink, blue and green, plus a matching set of cases.
iPhone 5C

Apple's colorful new budget smartphone comes with pre-loaded iOS 7. However, 5C sports a brand-new look, it comes with similar specs found on iPhone5. Here, in order to manage the cost of 5C down, Apple ditched the glass and aluminum body we have seen on every iPhones since the iPhone 4. While many were expecting 5C to be a budget iPhone, though it is less expensive than the iPhone 5S, it's still quite pricey compared to competing budget devices. Is 5C an improvement over the flagship model -5S? Should you consider iPhone 5S instead? Let's find out.

Build / Design

The iPhone 5c's plastic body features a steel reinforced frame within that provides it a rigidity not usually included with plastic bodies. The steel frame act as the device's antenna, meaning there is no chance of signal dropping. The polycarbonate exterior is available in various colorful options - yellow, green, pink, blue and white. Moving to the design, iPhone 5c is a little bit denser, larger and broader than iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, measuring in at 124.4 x 59.2 x 8.97mm. Also, at 132g, it weighs a little more as well than iPhone 5 which weighs 112g.Even though, it is little thicker and heavier than the flagship model, it doesn't feel hefty at all. It's fair to mention that this minor weight variation isn't going to make any difference to someone. As you will notice, the general layout and shape of the controls, ports and sensors are all similar too, but the edges have been rounded off, allowing the 5c notably comfy to hold. In front, 5c is all glass with an enhanced 1.2MP front-facing camera, sensors and earpiece above the display and the home button just below. It comes with excellent 4-inch Retina display with resolution of 1136 x 640-pixel by providing 326-ppi pixel densities that is used on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5C build

Flip the device over and you can see familiar iPhone layout, with the same 8MP camera (BSI sensor, f/2.4 AF lens) rear camera sensor, secondary mic and a powerful LED flash grouped in the top-left corner. Taking a look at the side of device, there's a lock/power button on top, volume rockers on the left and a Nano-SIM tray on the right as well as the silence switch. Towards the bottom of device, standard 3.5mm headphone jack, primary mic, speaker, two screws and lightning connector. Unlike the flagship devices, which cover mic and the speaker behind two rows of small holes, but the 5c features just a single hole housing the mic and four over the speaker.


Apple iPhone 5c features a similar 4.0-inch display featured in the iPhone 5 and the 5s. Having a resolution of 1136x640 and pixel density of 326ppi, this Retina display still appears to be very sharp and fantastic. Thanks to IPS panel, even though its display fall short on specs compared to full-HD handsets, it can still deliver excellent contrast, rich and vibrant colors and brilliant viewing angles. As always, it's bright and vivid with accurate colors and wide viewing angles. It might have smaller screen size than its main opponents- HTC One Mini and Samsung galaxy S4 Mini - but what it falls short in size, it compensates in resolution.The outcome is a sharp OS and bright and vibrant web pages, games and videos.

iPhone 5C display

The company claims 4-inches is the ideal display size for a smartphone as it's perfect for watching video but it also makes it possible for one-handed use. But bear in mind, plenty of Android devices manages to offer 4.3-inch or 4.7-inch displays without giving the sensation of huge display in the hand. This is where most of users, who prefer a bigger display, will get tuned out. I think, Apple has to think about an iPhone with a bigger display to compete with Android devices on the spec sheet.


The iPhone 5c has practically come up with the similar camera that was introduced in the iPhone 5, which features 8MP BSI sensor, five-element f/2.4 AF lens along with a powerful single LED flash. The front facing shooter has been got a bit upgrade though, having a 1.2MP BSI sensor with 1.9µm pixels, featured in iPhone 5s. Its font-facing Facetime HD camera is also capable of HD (720p) recording. Talking about its rear shooter, it is capable of 1080p video recording at 30fps with mono audio and the choice of 3X zoom as well as the capability to capture images while recording. Compared to the company's flagship device, the iPhone 5c falls short of auto image stabilization, 720p slow-motion video captures, auto-exposure during panoramas, 10 fps burst mode with real-time analysis, and the True Tone flash.

iPhone 5C camera

The specs are same as the iPhone 5, but the quality of the captured videos and images appear to have improved, as has image processing, which is much quicker. The low-light performance of shooter is only decent up to a level, beyond which images have problems with excessive noise. On the bright side, though, the front shooter performs better in low light conditions, which means self-shot is not a issue in any light conditions. Video quality is excellent, however there's no continuous autofocus available, so you'll need to tap the screen to refocus. Most importantly, its camera can produce images with lot of details, accurate exposure, proper white balance and vibrant colors.

The iOS 7 introduces a brand new user interface for the Camera app that enables you to scroll through video, photo, panorama and square capture. The latest iOS7 camera app comes with a simple and much cleaner layout. The top of the app features options for HDR/ recording length counter, control Flash, and for swapping between back and front cameras. The pinch-to-zoom, touch-to-focus and the AE / AF lock functionality remain the same, but pressing down the shutter key now captures multiple shots in a row.


The iPhone 5C comes with pre-loaded iOS7, which also comes pre-loaded with the company's flagship device - iPhone 5S. The new iOS 7 looks amazing, and the parallax effect enables you to feel like you are flying while you open folders and apps. Of course it gives you a stunning visual experience, particularly on the colorful iPhone 5c, and it looks like software and hardware are designed as one. iOS 7 also enables using this handset very enjoyable. It is classy, feels fresh, and it adds latest features like new Control and Notification Center, which easily places important features front and center with simply a swipe from the lower part of the display. There you have the access to usual connectivity options of the iPhone, which beats access Settings only to enable thing like Wi-Fi or Airplane mode. On top of that, you can adjust the brightness of the screen, have accessibility to the music player, and access to the flashlight feature. And then there is the brand new Notification Center, which displays all your notifications.

iPhone 5C

Furthermore, in iOS7, the keyboard is been upgraded with a new appearance and Spotlight's much easier to access by just pushing down on any home screen. Folders now hold much more apps and support multiple panels. Intelligent personal assistant, Siri's not any more in beta and features an additional voice (male). The music app, at the same time, gains latest functionality with iTunes Radio. It enables you to pause playback, skip tracks and rate songs. Most importantly, AirDrop feature now enables you to easy file sharing over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Currently, it only runs between iOS 7 powered devices and supports photos, URLs, videos and more.

Performance/Battery life

Talking about iPhone 5C Specs, it uses exact same A6 processor and same amount of RAM (1GB of DDR2) found on iPhone 5. Internally, then new iPhone 5C is a copy of the iPhone 5. The only change is the inclusion of Qualcomm's WTR1605L transceiver, which enables for "global" LTE support. Now, with no microSD card support, the iPhone 5C is available in 16GB and 32GB models.

Apple is expert in optimizing its software and hardware to make sure near-flawless performance across the board, it means users doesn't get any hint of lag while multitasking multi-tasking, browsing the web, playing games, or watching HD videos. The iPhone 5C just like its predecessor doesn't let you down in this regard. So it arrives as no wonder that Apple's brand new colorful smartphone seems just as fast as its predecessor. Simply speaking, everything is responsive and smooth in 5C. Of course, if you are upgrading from any previous models such as iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and below, everything - from browsing web, multitasking, and more - will appear significantly faster. The only minor difference would possibly notice, iPhone 5c heats up slightly when it stressed a bit, something its predecessor does not, under the similar load. Call quality and signal reception in this device is outstanding. Calls are clear and crisp, just like its predecessor. Apart from that, its performance is amazing on several levels, as its earpiece produce strong volume output as well as sends out natural toned voices that are very clear.

The new iPhone 5C comes with 1507mAh Li-Po battery, while iPhone 5 has 1440mAh battery. Though the iPhone 5c has only a barely bigger battery than its predecessor (iPhone 5), I found the 5c lasting significantly more time. Actually, a fully charged battery allows you to use the device for a single day of normal usage or around 10-12 hours with heavy usage.Undoubtedly, if you turning brightness up to full and then start some graphic-intensive games you'll notice that battery drain pretty fast, however the 5C still performs better here than its predecessor.


While hoped to see the budget iPhone from Apple, it's very nice to see the new iPhone 5C not comprising on its specifications and it almost matches the specification of previous flagship iPhone 5 with the additional bonus of iOS 7. It's well built, feels robust, has a great display and a ultra fast processor. In terms of Performance and battery life, 5C is much better than its predecessor. However 5C is comparatively much expensive, even when compared to flagship - iPhone 5S. If you are still using older iPhone modes including iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, you can't go wrong upgrading to 5C. In case, you already owned iPhone 5, you can safely ignore the 5C due to the fact that small improvements in this device are not good enough to justify wasting any more money. I recommend you to buy the iPhone 5S, which offers a lot better value, plus you get a faster processor, a metal case and the latest M7 motion coprocessor - rather than considering 5C as an option.


• Lots of iPhone 5 Features
• Better Battery Life
• Good performance
• iOS 7 powered
• Available in all colors


• Expensive
• Limited Storage
• No Touch ID

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