Use of Android in variety of electronic devices

Have you been using Android devices like smartphones and tablets? Want to know about other Android-powered devices like camera, TV, smartwatches, etc.? Searching for Android-powered in-car systems or in-built Android TV launched by Philips at CES 2014? Kindly read further to know how Google's Android can impact a variety of electronic devices.

Whenever we read about Android OS, we think of it's usability in our Android smartphone or Android tablet. Several Android apps in Google Play store are said to be available for Android devices. Now, we generally limit Android devices to just being Smartphones and tablets. However, in reality, there are many other devices that get powered by Android. Some latest Android powered electronic gadgets are cameras, Television sets and smartwatches. Now, what if I tell you there are more devices that can are running on Android? Confused? In this article, I shall try to discuss a list of Android-powered devices other than the usual smartphones and tablets.

Impact of Android on variety of electronic devices

  • Camera

  • Use of cameras has increased tremendously in this age of technology advancement. Due to the availability of various digital cameras, most of us prefer sharing photos online using social networking sites like Google+ and Facebook as well as using photo-sharing tools like Picasa and Flickr. There are very few people who still believe in getting the camera photographs printed. The fact that Android can be used in cameras is proved by Samsung Galaxy camera which is an Android-powered camera. This camera enables users to click photos and share them almost instantly from the camera as if it were a phone. In other words, one can say this Android-enabled Galaxy camera provides excellent picture taking capabilities along with instant photo-sharing abilities of a smartphone. In addition to photo-sharing abilities of a smartphone, the Android camera is even capable of supporting communication through emails and instant messengers, accessing internet, playing games, apps download, etc. with help of connectivity options like 3G and WiFi. The Galaxy camera even has expandable storage option like in smartphones. Thus, Google's Android makes the Samsung Galaxy camera an extremely powerful device by combining many qualities of a camera with smartphone.

  • Smartwatches

  • Android-powered smartwatches are quite a hit with the masses now. Some good examples of Android smartwatches are Sony's Smartwatch 2, Samsung's Galaxy Gear, etc. Android allows seamless integration of your smartwatch with your smartphone and thereby provides access to numerous smartphone features from your smartwatch. Pebble smartwatches that were launched through crowd-funding are also quite popular and have now been made available for world-wide shipping.

  • Smart glasses or eye wear

  • Who could have imagined that Android could power an interactive display making use of Android-powered eye gear? Google Glass is a great example of a popular Android eye wear device. One can make use of Google glass eye wear to check notifications, watch videos, etc. Epson Moverio BT-100 was already popular in the smart glasses segment and at CES 2014 Epson has now announced Moverio BT-200 glasses that are slimmer and lighter than before. Epson Moverio BT-200 will even have an in-built camera and it will also support motion tracking.

  • Home Automation systems

  • Several home automation systems already work with some Android apps, but, we are yet to get a full Android-powered automation system for connecting our homes. A fully Android-powered home automation system will be much easier to use as it's interface will be almost similar to your Android smartphone interface or Android tablet interface. Also, such an automation system running on Android platform will give you the power to create own customized Android apps (or get them created from Android developers) to control different tasks in your home. The buzz is that Google is already working on a completely Android-powered automation system that is called Android@Home platform for connecting our homes.

  • Televison

  • Smart TV functionality is available in many TVs these days, but, they require users to connect a USB dongle or some media box for accessing the various smart features.

    However, Philips has launched a new in-built Android TV at CES 2014. This TV provides the Android platform in addition to normal smart TV features and users will not be required to connect a dongle or media box. Also, the users of this Philips TV with built-in Android will be able to download certain compatible Android apps that do not require any touchscreen features.

  • Projectors and monitors

  • Projectors are used by people to create a theatre like atmosphere at home for watching movies or sports. Generally, a projector will require some video source to output image on the projector screen. Now, with Android powering so many devices, Philips as well as ZTE have also announced projectors with in-built Android. Such built-in Android projectors will be made available to public soon and using the WiFi connectivity option in them, we will be able to browse on the web, access online documents and stream videos as well. Hopefully, these two projectors will lead to a whole new set of Android-powered projectors in the market in future.

    A good example of Android-enabled monitor is ViewSonic VSD220 which has a 22-inch screen with full HD display. It has Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich OS. It provides dual-point optical touch with PC-less computing experience. ViewSonic VSD220 is a winner of PC Magazine 2012 Technical Excellence Award.

  • Home Appliances like Ovens and Refrigerators

  • Samsung T9000 refrigerator consists of a 10-inch display running on customized version of Android. It has several in-built apps like weather, news, Google Calendar, Evernote, Epicurios (for food recipes), etc. It also possesses a read-only Twitter interface for checking out tweets. The Android-powered display on this Samsung fridge can be used to view photos in slideshows, read recipes, manage shopping lists, keep track of expiry dates of various packaged foodstuffs, etc.

    Dacor Discover IQ dual fuel oven contains a Android-based touchscreen that is 7 inches long. For all aspiring cooks, this Android touchscreen is pretty useful as it allows them to check out videos of food recipes, download online food recipes, etc.
    A great feature of this oven is that it can notify you via text message when the food kept inside it is ready. Thus, you need not stay in the kitchen when some food is being prepared in the oven. With the help of WiFi connectivity, one can handle this oven remotely from the house, change it's settings and get necessary notifications.
    There is an in-built safety feature that doesn't allow the oven to heat above a set temperature, especially when you are controlling it remotely.

  • Car

  • There are many cars that make use of touch-enabled Android car stereos which are available in plenty in the market. To extend this Android experience further, Google announced at CES 2014 about it's plans to launch in-car systems powered by Android in the market before end of 2014. Google also mentioned that it has tied up with Audi, Hyundai, GM, Honda and NVIDIA to create an Open Automotive Alliance that will aim to make the Android experience much better in cars. This Open Automotive Alliance will provide some enhanced features like better connectivity (possibility of listening to internet radio through streaming), useful vehicle diagnostics, access to car-related applications, etc.

  • Media players

  • Android powered media players help users to enjoy watching videos and music on the large screen. In addition, users can have access to several Android apps on the screen, play Android compatible games, do video chats, etc. Even if your TV is not a smart TV, such an Android-enabled media player will provide several smart TV features to you. Some examples of Android media players in Indian market are Portronics Limebox, Amkette EvoTV XL, etc.

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