Latest land registration charges and stamp duty for land registration in Kerala

Are you looking for information about the latest stamp duty and property registration charges in Kerala? Read the post budget changes in the registration charges.

Finance Minister of Kerala, Mr. K. M. Mani, presented the 2014-2015 budget on January 24, 2014 and introduced few changes in the land registration charges and stamp duty for registration of property sales. Here are the major changes in the stamp duty and registration charges, proposed in the new budget.

Latest stamp duty for property sales in Kerala (2014 budget proposals)

The proposed stamp duty for all land registrations in panchayats, municipalities and corporations are 6% of the sale value.

The stamp duty for selling land as per the existing rules are as follows (pre-budget 2014):

Panchayats: 5%
Municipalities: 6%
Corporations: 7%

(Before 2011, the stamp duties were 7, 8, 9% respectively. Govt announced a 2% deduction in 2011 for the respective sectors, which made it 5%, 6% and 7% for panchayats, municipalities and corporations respectively.)

As per the new budget proposals, government will unify the stamp duty to 6% for all sectors. This means a 1% increase for all land/property sales in the panchayats and 1% reduction in the corporation areas.

The stamp duty is calculated based on the actual sale value of the property. However, it is required that the sale value cannot be lower than the "fair value" of land, as determined by the government. The existing fair value of land in Kerala was fixed in 2010, which will be revised as per the current budget proposals. Government will introduce necessary amendments to the Govt Stamp Act to enable these changes.

For family property partitions, the stamp duty is fixed to Rs 1,000, irrespective of the value of the land. There are no changes proposed for family property partition and gifting of land for immediate family members. For this purpose, the immediate family is defined as wife, husband, children, brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren.

Registration charges for land/property sales

In addition to the 6% stamp duty, there will be an additional 2% registration charges for all kinds of property registrations in Kerala. The registration charges are not changed as per the current budget proposals.

Download sample sale deed (Aadharam format)

You can download sample sale deed from the government website. The copy available at the government website is in Malayalam.

Important official websites regarding land registration

Here are some of the official websites to find more information about land registration in Kerala:

Land registration official website:

Expenses involved in property purchase

The following are the mandatory fees for land registration in Kerala:

Stamp duty: 6% of sale value(proposed value in 2014 budget)
Registration Fees: 2% of sale value
Documentation fees: This is the fees you pay to the document writers and the charges depends on the writers. You may want to negotiate the price before you start the documentation process.

Depending on your case, you may have the following additional expenses:

1. Fees for your realtors/brokers: The fees charged by brokers vary from 1% to 3% of the market value. In many parts of Kerala, the buyer has to pay 1% and seller has to pay 2% of the sale value. In certain areas like Ernakulam, Kakkanad, Kalamassery etc, the buy is not obligated to pay any broker fees. Instead, the seller is responsible for the entire fees (up to 3%). In many cases, the buyer/seller will negotiate a smaller fees, especially in case of sales for large amounts, above 50 lakhs. Some sellers/buyers would even negotiate for a fixed realtor fees, irrespective of the value of the property.

2. Fees for obtaining documents like encumbrance certificate.

3. Payment of all pending taxes and fees for the property.

4. Pending fees for residents' associations to which the property belongs.

5. Buyer may have to pay a membership fee for the residents' association

Read How I know the fair value of my property in Kerala?

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Guest Author: Melvin04 Jun 2014


When you said "Buyer/seller will negotiate a smaller fee", could you please also explain how its done normally!

Author: Tony John04 Jun 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4


What I meant is, buyer and seller can negotiate for a small realtor fee than the normal rates, especially in case of large deals involving 50 lakhs or above. When you engage with a realestate agent, make it clear in the first meeting itself about the amount you plan to pay as commission. I am sure they have no choice but to agree to your numbers. If you ask for discount in the commission amount after you initiate a sale/purchase, it may be difficult to convince him for a smaller commission.

Guest Author: ck Reddy11 Jun 2014

Hi, I m from Tirupati living in Dubai and interested to buy land in Perambra, Calicut. I have got one deal and it is situated 200 metres away from main road (Perambra - Kuttiady) near Koothali. Please advise about the prices in this area.

Guest Author: Aji09 Sep 2014

Hi Tony, I am planning to Buy a property in a panchayat area. Is the rate is fixed as 6+2% incl registration fees. what all are the things I should check before the deal for preparing a check list. this is a property with house

Guest Author: Rajan02 Oct 2014

Hi, I am planning to buy a flat in Malappuram,Kerala. Kindly inform me whether the stampduty is to be paid for the value of the flat or the undivided land occupied by the flat.

Guest Author: Anitha Kumari07 Oct 2014

Above(Website page under the heading
Latest stamp duty for property sales in Kerala (2014 budget proposals) says the family property partition fee is Rs.1000/-only. I want to give 3 cents of land to my daughter connected to partition and transfer the share due to her. How much stamp duty should I pay (according to the recent changes in stamp duty between family members deeds)

Guest Author: Goutham08 Oct 2014

Thanks for the article. Very helpful.

What is the procedure for the payment of the duty and registration fees and how many days before should we do this?

Guest Author: Kuruvilla Thampi12 Oct 2014

Would you please let me know the following:

1. Latest stamp duty for settlement deed (ishtadanam)
2. What is the latest registration fee for same?

Guest Author: Mathew17 Oct 2014

Can anybody give information on Stamp duty and Registration charges involved for registering an APARTMENT in Multistory Apartments in Kakkanad, Kochi?

Guest Author: Justin Sujith Nambia17 Oct 2014

Dear Tony,
Its very helpful to me to know about the fees and duty of the registration of the land, but let me know if there is house, how would be the value calculated? as someone told me for old / renovated houses we will not get any value but only for the land! is that correct? whenever you will get time pls. sent me a reply.
Thanks God Bless

Guest Author: Basheer09 Nov 2014

Family land registration stamp rate transition from the father to daughter how much the stamp rate and registration charges

Guest Author: Property Registratio18 Nov 2014

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Guest Author: Dileep Kumar19 Nov 2014

Latest stamp duty for property sales in Kerala (2014 budget proposals) says the family property partition fee is Rs.1000/-only. I want to give 3 cents of land (in Panchayat) to my son connected to partition and transfer the share due to her. How much stamp duty should I pay (according to the recent changes in stamp duty between family members deeds)

Guest Author: mathew21 Nov 2014

Dear, This is quite informative, it will be better if the Guest Author's worries are answered, also these suggestions available for viewers like me to read, since many like me might have the same issues.

Guest Author: abraham05 Dec 2014

The stamp duty and registration for partition among brothers was Rs1000/- for stamp paper and 1% (maximum Rs25000/-)registration fee. Is there any recent amendments to this rule. If not from where I will be able to get the Govt order

Guest Author: Vijay07 Dec 2014

Hi I own a property in a panchayat area and would like to transfer the ownership to my parents.
Would like to know the fees involved in doing so.

Guest Author: nafy10 Dec 2014

I am going to buy a used flat in Calicut. What about tax and other charges? Please help as I want to verify whether it is within my budget to pay.

Guest Author: P K Subrahmanian13 Dec 2014

Let me know the fee and stamp duty for transferring of 8 cent land in the name of one family member.

Guest Author: naf03 Jan 2015

How will be the fair value of 2 BHK flat calculated?
It is 1450 sq ft near Calicut passport office.Can you tell me how much it will come?

Guest Author: Ajithmumar06 Jan 2015


My mother has 30 cent land which is valued by Govt. Rs.400000/- per cent. How much amount I have to pay for the registration (Ishtadanam or gift deed)? I read some where else that only Rs.1000/- is required for such family partition. I am the only son of my mother.


Guest Author: Anish08 Jan 2015

Hi Tony,

Kindly note my builder is pursuing my apartment registration. The details are as follow:

Structure Value= 1930 sft x Rs.800 cost = Rs.1544000
Land Value= 1.33cents x Rs.320000 cost = Rs.425600

Registration amount 7% of the total above=Rs.137872
Additional Incidental Expense = Rs. 13000
Total Registration Amount = Rs.150872

Please advise if the calculation is correct. The property is an apartment in Trivandrum, Sasthamangalam area (It comes under Corporation Area).


Author: Suresh25 Jan 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Excellent information and I would like to add one more details about family partition. The stamp duty of Rs. 1000 is also available for legal heirs of deceased children.

Guest Author: Sajith11 Feb 2015

Hello Tony,

Stamp duty and registration fee is required if i am buying some land from my parents or immediate relatives (sisters)?

Guest Author: saju13 Feb 2015

Registration fees among family members are 1% and to a maximum of Rs.25000/- is correct or not?

Author: saju14 Feb 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Is the stamp duty and registration charge on land registration among family members are returned to Rs.1000/- (stamp duty) and maximum of Rs. 25000/- (Registration charges).

Guest Author: ashwin24 Feb 2015

Is the stamp duty and registration charge on land registration among family members are returned to Rs.1000/- (stamp duty) and maximum of Rs. 25000/- (Registration charges).

Guest Author: najim24 Mar 2015

Hi Tony

My wife`s father is planning to give his property to my wife. So what all will be the costs involved in this case? The fair value is 300000 per cent. Approx. 20 cents of land. Property comes in the limits of panchayat. And one more thing in the adaram will the photograph of my wife need to be pasted?

Guest Author: Afrah31 Mar 2015

In family partition deed done in 2004 there was two missing members in partition deed. Thereafter some transaction between family members taken place. Subsequently one of the missing members died and his 2 children and wife are available. All the above mentioned people willing to give in writing that there are no dues to them, since they got their same share with other property when parents were alive. Can anybody tell me what is the cost involved in registration and stamp duty?

Guest Author: Devadas Menon09 Apr 2015

Hi Tony,

I am Devadas Menon from Mumbai.

Could you please let me know the registration fees and stamp duty charges for 'Ishtadhanam'?

Guest Author: Devadas Menon09 Apr 2015

Hi Tony,

I am Devadas from Mumbai. Could you please let me know the latest stamp duty charges and registration fees for ISHTADANAM properties?

Guest Author: Mariamma Josh28 Apr 2015

Is there any way to know the details of the registration of the property online? I would like to know about the type of our property (land or Agriculture) on land records. How is it possible to find this out?

Guest Author: jinesh02 May 2015

I am planing to buy a flat at Kochi of approx. 1350sq.ft. What will be tax levy on this flat?

Guest Author: Sreerag22 May 2015

I am from Palakkad dist. I want to buy a property 20 cent from my uncle which valued 1 lakh per cent in panchayath area. How much will cost for the registration?

Guest Author: Kochumon27 Jun 2015

I want to sell a property in Kochi 10 cents Corporation area at Rs.10 lakhs /cent. How much it would cost for registering?

Guest Author: Ganesh.K06 Aug 2015

Stampaper of Rs 100/-is usually bought for executing agreements in our firm as On 31-03-2015 in Kerala budget it is initially enhanced to Rs500/- land. Subsequently, it is learnt, it is reduced to Rs200/- could you please explain.

Guest Author: Aneesh Chacko28 Sep 2015

Hi, I am from Kannur living in Saudi and interested to buy land in Kelakam, Kannur. I have got one deal and it is situated near the main road (Kottiyoor - Peravoor Hillway) near 200 m away from Kelakam City. Please advise about the prices in this area.

Guest Author: Mathew07 Oct 2015

Sir, My father who is no more had made a Will of land property registered in favour of major sons and daughters. I want to know:
(1) Before doing Pokuvaravu whether one can transfer his share with each other. If so, how much it will cost. (2) Whether only one encumbrance certificate is required or separately for each beneficiary for doing Pokuvaravu.

Guest Author: Linith08 Dec 2015

I would like to purchase a land at Nayanar Road, Thalassery. Please let me know the market price there.

Guest Author: R N Pillai11 Dec 2015

What is the fee and stamp duty for recoveyance from President of India to individual for loan (house building advance) taken from Dept of telecommunication during 1999 and repayment in instalment and the recovery of principal and interest already paid?

R N Pillai from BSNL

Guest Author: Sofiya Sajan Andrews06 Jan 2016

My parents have a property in Kerala (44cents). They are willing to transfer it under my name. I have no idea about the fee and taxes involved. Can you please let me know: will there be any charges involved in this? If yes, how much will it be approximately?

Appreciate your help.

Guest Author: Danny10 Feb 2016

Hi Tony John,
I am interested in buying small land to build a house for resale. What are the documents that I need to check in order to carry out this task. I am a first time buyer.

Guest Author: Jamal13 Jun 2016

I want to transfer my property to my son's name , how much tax I have to pay..?

Guest Author: Anna03 Oct 2016

Hi Tony,
Very informative . Thanks a lot.
I've a question-
I'm living abroad and bought a property of my sister ( approx 60 cents ), unfortunately made a mistake of registering in my name. It was almost 15 yrs back. Now they are making trouble . Took the power of attorney this year- but I've realized the power of attorney can be cancelled at any time by my sister! Can you please suggest me a proper way to come out of this problem. Is ' ishtadhanam ' some deal that we can trust on? Can you please help me? Rgds

Author: Tony John03 Oct 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2


I am confused about your query. If you bought a property from your sister and if it is registered in your name, then what is the issue? Or, are you saying you didn't register but took only a "power of attorney"?

Guest Author: shilpa31 Mar 2017

i am going to buy a land worth INR 10,00,000 in cochin . How much will be the registration fees

Guest Author: Rahul23 Oct 2017

I am interested to buy a land and house at Kerala in panchayat area. Its 1000sqft house and 8 cents for 16 lakhs. How much amount I have to pay registration fees and taxes?? Pls help me

Guest Author: SYAM SANKAR06 Dec 2017

I am planning to buy a house 2000sqft 50 lakhs 5 cents. How much amount I have to pay registration fees and taxes?? Pls help me

Guest Author: Abhishek13 Jun 2018


I want register 30cent property of my partents(late).. They were own property separately(two adhaarm for each), but the main adhaaram is in fathers name. I have done all the procedure like ROR and Kudshiga certificate for both. How this latest registration helps me??

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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