Review of RecImg Manager: A powerful Windows 8 OS Backup manager

Are you searching for a powerful backup utility available for Windows 8 Operating System? Then, here you can read full features and detailed review about RecImg Manager, which can backup and restore entire OS plus installed program without altering your personal data. Lets find out its new features, pros and cons.

As we all know, Microsoft Windows Operating System is still vulnerable to harmful viruses and malwares. Until Windows 7, if anything goes wrong such as a virus outbreak or registry errors, a user would need to format the hard drive and reinstall the Operating System, but with Windows 8's Reset and Refresh options, things got simple and easy. In Windows 8, Reset feature simply reinstalls Windows to its original settings without making the user to proceed through the process manually. On the other hand, the Refresh keeps some of your personal data, files, apps for instance. This program not only do backup and restore the OS, but also the installed applications - including Desktop and Metro apps. Then, here come the questions. Whether this program can bring back deleted files or settings or restore the Operating System to the way it was? Unfortunately, it can't. This problem can get over by using RecImg Backup Manager.

RecImg Manager is a Backup utility for Windows 8 from Slimware Utilities. It is an awesome application that operates much like Refresh feature, that is developed to backup and restore whole Operating System and installed applications without altering your personal data, in Windows 8. There are several backup and recovery utilities available for Windows Operating System and they all operate by backing up whole hard disk and restoring all of that, but this procedure is not exactly efficient. Usually these backup files are huge, and because of this, the recovery process may take many hours due to the sheer amount of data being handled. According to the Slimware Utilities, the backup and recovery process is done by making a backup snapshot of Windows 8 Operating System plus installed applications in it, including Desktop and Metro apps. This enables the recovery process a lot more fast, as this backup utility is only reinstalling your installed applications and not your entire personal files. Also, the backup snapshot is significantly smaller. Don't worry, though, because your whole music, pictures, videos, and other files stay on your system unchanged during the recovery process.

RecImg Backup Manager also adds up user details to the recovery as you install applications and update files, so you know that your data is secure always. After setting up the update schedule, you can be sure that the system will be backed up often and you are not gonna lose any important information. But, the major downside of the backup process using RecImg is that it only backup a snapshot of Operating System, and if you install any applications or if you change any personal files, anytime you restore that backup, all the stuff gathered in between the period of the backup and the period of the restore is fully gone.

Review of RecImg Backup Manager

Installing RecImg Backup Manager in your system is quite easy. First of all you need to make sure that system is connected to the internet, because in order to complete the installation the program need to download some files directly from the server during the installation process. After the installation, you need to launch the program from the start screen. The interface of the program is touch optimized and simple. Actually, it is really good for the reason that users of all experience level can make use of this software without having bigger problems. All it requires is to simply click just a few buttons in the software to make a fresh backup or to restore a recently made one.

recimg manager screen

The program itself came up with a very neat and classy look, and of course it will fully work with touch devices. Its home screen features two big restore and backup buttons, along with a Settings button, which enables you to choose the number of snapshots to be taken and set up the scheduler to automate the backup process, in the right upper corner. Making a backup using this program is simple. By selecting the Backup button on the home screen will lead you to 'Create Backup' window, where you can choose Destination Drive and Backup location along with snapshot details. Once everything is ready, you only need to click Start Backup button to begin the process. However, the backup process may take up to few minutes, so you need to sit back for a while until the process complete. On the other hand, Restore feature also works amazingly. To restore the snapshot Image, simply clicking the Restore button available on the home screen will display all available Snapshot images that ever made, including the name, description and size along with date you created the snapshot. You simply need to choose the image you want to restore, and hit the Restore button. But, be careful before you do so, as Operating System will be revert back to original settings, which will clean out all application you installed in time between the time of backup and restore. Fortunately, this program comes with a scheduler, which can automate the backup process.


If you are searching for a simple backup and restore application for Windows 8, then RecImg Manager may be what you are searching for. This software was made for Windows 8 and it can create a snapshot image of entire drive, with all installed application along with user information automatically. All you need to do is choose Destination Drive and Backup location, and you are all done. Unfortunately, in this program you can't select a ftp, remote storage or network drive, for the backup. However, this is not really a major problem for Windows 8 users who are dealing with tablet computers, but it may prevent many desktop users from using the application on their PC.

RecImg is a great tool to make and restore Windows 8 OS backup but it doesn't allow you to customize the backup. It means, it doesn't offer the option to choose some specific apps to include in backup image in order to create the backup image file smaller. Furthermore, while restoring there aren't any advanced options available to select only specific programs from the backup image.

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