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Read this review of the Facebook game City of Wonders developed by Playdom. Know the pros and cons of this game along with the rating. Know the special features of City of Wonder game, read how to play and progress in this game with some tips for playing City of Wonder on Facebook

City of Wonders is all human civilization from the start till present day. The game starts with a primitive village which is to be developed into a great civilization by expanding the area by gaining more building and researching more technologies to proceed towards modernity. Player level is increased by maintaining your buildings, doing research for modern technology and increasing the population.
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By way of researching technologies you can open your access to related buildings, like researching on science will open up a laboratory for you and researching on agriculture you can open up a farm.

Increasing the technology and population will increase you evolution accordingly. If you research on Arms then you get a Military building which means better chances of defense and offense, more markets means you will earn more and similarly more number of cultural buildings means the your community lives more happily.

You earn currency in form of Gold. This Gold can be earned either through real world money, by increasing your friends or by increasing your level. The Gold is used to expand your kingdom by purchasing more buildings which needs a lot of land. You can also decorate your buildings with different themes which continue to be updated by the developers.

This is more of the non-social part. Now coming to the social part of City of Wonders you can build embassies on your friend's land and vice versa. You can go to visit your friend's land. Visiting each other embassies and helping in small tasks like corralling stampeding sheep helps you earn cash. To increase population in City of Wonders you need to attack another civilization, to increase your experience you need to do cultural exchanges and to earn money you need to do economic exchanges. Increasing your population or constructing buildings takes time but you can decrease this time by taking help of "legends". Legends in City of Wonders are leaders, experts and scientists you decrease the construction time, increase the output of population and even temporarily increase your defenses and aid in offenses. Legends can be either gifted by friends or can be bought by Gold.

Those who have played Civilization might find a lot of similarities in both because City of Wonders has in fact been designed on the same concept but it does not required the same amount of management skills like in Civilization. Though there is a lot going on in City of Wonders too but the whole experience has been streamlines and has been made cohesive. All aspects of the game flow smoothly and do not cause confusion.

There are some issues with this facebook game like the market yields very less cash and players tend to get confused where their buildings go after some days. The answer is that unused buildings are shifted to an inventory of unused buildings.

Rating: 9 out of 10 stars
Pros: Constant addition of new buildings keeps the interest, progression to more civilized society an interesting to experience.
Cons: Higher priced goods take a lot of time to complete. Market is very less revenue giving.

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