How to link Aadhaar number online with HDFC Bank

Read this article to learn the step by step instructions to link your Aadhaar number with your HDFC bank and get the government subsidies directly into your bank account.

Government of India introduced the Aadhaar number system to prevent abuse of government subsidies and also to unify tracking of government benefits to the citizens through a single channel. Government has declared that in future all subsidies will be given only through Aadhaar linked bank accounts, even though a lot of people are against it. It is confirmed that within a few months, the subsidy for residential LPG cylinders will be given only through the Aadhaar linked bank accounts.

Leave aside the controversies. Let us see how to link your Aadhaar number with your HDFC Bank account. Each bank may have slightly different procedure and if you are banking with other banks, check for the specific procedure in that bank.

All major banks in India has their own application forms, in which you can provide the basic details of your Aadhaar card. You may submit the filled application form, along with a copy of your card or e-Aadhaar. However, I did the same several weeks ago and nothing happened in my case. But it wasn't linked to my account even after several days.

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Link Aadhaar number online at HDFC Bank

Today when I logged into my HDFC account, I noticed the new feature that allows us to connect our Aadhaar number online with the bank. It was a simple, 2-step process, once you login to your netbanking account.

Here are the steps to connect the Aadhaar number with HDFC bank:

1. Login to HDFC netbanking.

2. Look for a banner as shown below and click on it:

Link Aadhaar number to HDFC Bank

3. In the next page, enter the Aadhaar number.

Enter the Aadhaar number

4. Press the "Submit" button. You will get the confirmation screen as shown below:

Aadhaar linking confirmation

How can you know if your Aadhaar number is correctly linked?

As of now, HDFC bank doesn't provide any options to check if your number is correctly linked. Your best option is to visit the branch 2-3 days after you submit the details only and check with them if the linking is complete.

Also, if you are availing the subsidized LPG cylinders, visit the LPG distributor office and submit a copy of the Aadhaar card there. Only if this step is also completed, the Aadhaar linking will be complete for the purpose of availing the subsidy for LPG.

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Guest Author: aravinda ck28 Jan 2014

Thanks for the sharing information. But here it shows as current account no instead of savings account no. Is it ok?

Guest Author: kishore ssk11 Apr 2014

Hello, I could not find any banner. Can you please help me how to navigate to the link?

Guest Author: kunal18 Apr 2014

Stupid fellow, doesn't know, there is no assurance of banner will come or not. And bank have not provided any option. looks like HDFC tried this and now the closed it. HDFC bank is worst bank, every time you need to visit bank even though they have mobile banking and internet banking. Please don't open any saving and salary account, you will be visiting branch frequently. Save petrol save money.

Guest Author: Ansh30 Nov 2014

Thanks Dude.

And one thing is, sometimes the option of Aadhaar linking shows in the "offers" option and HDFC bank is not an evergreen bank.

Guest Author: Vaidyanathan05 Dec 2014

That was a real help.. Never thought of looking under Offers..Kind of funny where HDFC thought of putting it..

Guest Author: satheeskumar09 Dec 2014

Hi All,

Try to reload the main page or click any other option and come back to "accounts" option , definitely you will get that banner.

Cheers !!!

Guest Author: amit verma11 Dec 2014

Sir, If the banner is not shown than what can i do? Please give me a suggestion.

Guest Author: Prasath12 Dec 2014

Check Aadhaar linking status with bank by dialling *99*99# from your Mobile handset .


Guest Author: asyed13 Dec 2014

Thanks Ansh, I could able to add aadhar here.

Guest Author: maheswari15 Dec 2014

Thanks for the info

Guest Author: Bidts16 Dec 2014

After login click on offers tab, you will find the option to link your Aadhar number.

Guest Author: Vaidhi16 Dec 2014

It comes under the Offers link. I tried and it worked for me.

- Vaidhi (16/12/2014)

Guest Author: Ravishankar16 Dec 2014

Hey Tony John,

Thank you for the information & I could update my Aadhaar number easily.

Guest Author: Renjith Raj18 Dec 2014

If you can't find the banner, go to the offers tab and there you can see all the banners. The banner in the accounts page is dynamic, it keeps changing.

Guest Author: bijish19 Dec 2014

Thanks Tony,
It worked fine for me. As Renjith said, the banner keeps changing. It is very easy to locate the same from the offers tab.

Guest Author: Mayur21 Dec 2014


I want to update my Aadhar card details but I can't find option for update Aadhar card details.

Please share the link for updating Aadhar card.


Guest Author: VENKATESAN M22 Dec 2014

Hello, I could not find any banner. Can you please help me how to navigate to the link?

Guest Author: keval22 Dec 2014

As per the above procedure I linked my Aadhar card via net banking. Now will you tell me how do I know that my Aadhar card is successfully linked or not. Is there any link for this? I have bharat gas connection. Suggest me any link for this, if any.

Guest Author: vaibhav22 Dec 2014

Go to offer tab you can see banner over there.

Guest Author: Vidya23 Dec 2014

I did see the banner in home page once when I logged in, but I could not update the Aadhar number as I did not have it handy then. So, when I tried again logging in net banking, I never got the banner again and could not find the same in offers page as well. Anybody knows how this happens?

Guest Author: vishal23 Dec 2014

Nope..not getting the option to update the Aadhaar now.

Tried in offers , reloaded account options couple of times, clicked on any other option and come back to "accounts" option but did not see the banner to link the Aadhaar card.

Not sure if they have removed the option now. It would be great if anyone have that link handy.

Thanks in advance.

Guest Author: Swapnil Dhawde26 Dec 2014

Hello, I could not find any banner. Can you please help me how to navigate to the link???

Guest Author: Manjunath28 Dec 2014

Thanks Tony for valuable information. I just applied following your suggestions. Hope the same will work. It can be confirmed after 3 days by visiting the branch.

Meanwhile when I called the HDFC customer care, they conveyed they don't provide online systems to link Aadhar number. Not sure I spoke to right guys from HDFC who are aware about the same.

Author: Tony John29 Dec 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3


It is always better to go to the branch and make sure it is done. In the past 1 year, I filled the forms and submitted the Aadhar details to LPG office 3 times. But it was never linked properly. I have done it again just a few days ago and yet to confirm if this will work this time. That's on the LPG office side. On the bank's side, HDFC is pretty systematic and should work fine. The customer care may not be aware of all the features available online.

Guest Author: sivaprasad30 Dec 2014

HDFC is showing aadhar banner by testing client patience, go on refreshing by selecting different options if you are lucky you will get aadhar banner. I got it after 10 times tried.

Guest Author: arin30 Dec 2014

Guys the banner is there under offers tab

Guest Author: Vishal31 Dec 2014

I went to the branch and they told me to update Aadhaar online and when I told them I don't see the banner, they were surprised. I logged into the net banking there and showed them and even after their try, they were not able to see the banner.

I think there is some bug there which they are also not aware of it. The banner comes for few of the users and not coming for some other users. It's all your luck if you can see.

Guest Author: Dharmesh Shah01 Jan 2015

It's not working as of 02-Jan-2015. I tried refreshing Accounts and Offers tab over 15 times and it's not showing me the banner.


Author: Tony John02 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0


If you can't get this online, you can visit the local branch and ask for the application form to link the Aadhar number with your HDFC account.

Guest Author: Ashish13 Jan 2015

Colleagues..It is still possible. Keep on clicking on other tabs like fund transfer or other available tabs and then again go back to account tab. Everytime you do that the advertisement page will change. After following for a while the advertisement for Aadhar will come up. This will work .

Guest Author: Milind Kulkarni14 Jan 2015

Thanks Tony. It helped me save a personal visit tothe bank.

Guest Author: Kalpesh Thakor15 Jan 2015

Just click on Offers tab.

There you will see lots of offers.

You will surely find link to update Aadhar number with HDFC.


Guest Author: Al29 Jan 2015

I updated my Aadhaar details to the Bharat gas records through their IVR booking option. Just call the IVR gas booking number and press option 3 and enter your Aadhaar number when prompted. My gas distributor confirmed having it in his records.

Guest Author: Jatin08 Feb 2015

Guys here is the link to update your Aadhaar number in HDFC Bank, but it's a little tricky.

Instead of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, put your encrypted Customer ID.

How to get your encrpted CustId?
1)Login to HDFC Net Banking using Chrome, click on 'Offers'.
2)Now press F12 Key, a new window will open up
3)Press Ctrl+F, search for 'CustId='
4)Copy the 22 places long string after 'CustId=' & replace the 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' with this copied string.
5)Use the newly formed URL, the form for Aadhaar Card Linking for your account will appear.

Guest Author: vivian13 Feb 2015

Thank you Jatin. The "little tricky'" method worked :-)

Guest Author: Manish13 Feb 2015

Thanks for sharing this very useful information.

Guest Author: BALA16 Feb 2015

Hello Jatin,

Method is not working as I am not unable to locate the same.

Guest Author: Sakthi19 Feb 2015

1.Please goto the offer link & click.
2.List of offers will be display in the screen.
3.Verify the Aadhaar baner, if its exist do the further process.

Author: Timmappa Kamat20 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

That is really a great deal of information. During the initial days of Aadhaar linking, we had face a lot of hardships. The banks have now introduced online tools to easily enable Aadhaar linking. Praise worthy initiative from the concerned financial institutions. And equally praiseworthy share by the article.

Guest Author: Banuprakash23 Feb 2015

Hi, you will see that banner options will be changing. Keep trying for 5 minutes, you will get Aadhaar banner. I did it and updated its very easy.

Guest Author: Praveen24 Feb 2015

Thanks Tony. This article is very helpful.... :)

Guest Author: Nagesh25 Feb 2015

This is really good information. Thank you for sharing this article.

Guest Author: Jatin25 Feb 2015

Guys.. this method that I mentioned, would work even if the Aadhaar banner is not visible. All we need to do is extract that encrypted custId. And then use it in the link for Aadhaar Card (which is the link shared).


Author: Ramchandra25 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Please do not try this link shared by Jatin. I have called the HDFC bank on phone banking and confirmed that the bank have not provided any option on internet to update the UID Aadhaar Number. It is not possible. The bank has advised me to visit the nearest branch of HDFC Bank, fill the form to update the Aadhaar number with bank account. Be aware of doing this type of methods online as you are giving you customer id in the encrypted link and it may go to the hands of wrong people. As this is not a avoidable thing as we are taking about banking system which is very important and confidential thing. So do not type your customer id anywhere. It may create problem for your bank account. Please take care.

However, the information shared by Mr. Tony John in the article is very true.You can log on the HDFC net banking. Then check the Aaadhaar number update banner is available in 'Offers' tab as showing in the screenshots of this article. But other than this process, it is not advised for doing any other online process to update the Aadhaar Number .

Guest Author: pawan04 Mar 2015

Click on the 'Offers' in the (netbanking) Account Home Page and you will see the Aadhar banner. Save your details and check after 5 days.

Guest Author: Jatin05 Mar 2015

@Ramachandran, the link i shared, is the actual link which gets accessed when you click on the 'Aadhar Card' banner on HDFC bank site. (try to notice it, if happen to click on the banner, if banner is still available)
Now, the 'Aadhar Card' banner is sometimes visible and sometimes not on the HDFC bank site. (Donno how can HDFC bank be so inconsistent in showing their banners).
Because I had once accessed the 'Aadhar Card' form on HDFC bank site, but did not fill my Aadhar details, I was looking for the banner on HDFC site, but it was no more. So, I extracted the link from the web browser history & the encrypted the custId, which is generated by HDFC bank only (i could do this because of my technical background in IT).

I donno, why they have stopped showing the banner.
Technically, it is perfectly safe to use the link I have mentioned above (the link is of HDFC bank only).
But, ne ways, it's everyone's individual call to use it or not.


Guest Author: Anilkumar16 Mar 2015

You can update aadhar no. through HDFC netbanking POP up for update aadhar no. link with Bank a/c and it's working but issue is that if you will find your details through or Pahal you can not find bank details in it. it will show bank a/c has linked but no bank details in it. means againg you have to go directly to your LPG connection office to give cancelletion check to update bank details. ......

Guest Author: Deepak Khandelwal13 May 2015

Great information. The tips helped. Thank you Jatin.

Guest Author: Syed14 Jul 2015

Hello All,
No need for the fuss to add the Adhaar number to your A/c. You dont need banners or flash window pop ups to update it. Login to your netbanking > Click on Update Contact Details > Update Aadhaar Number - Thats it! Within 2-3 days it will be updated (provided you entered a valid number)

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