How to promote your blog posts and get traffic, without any risky SEO

Read my blogging tips to get traffic to your blog. A lot of bloggers are now confused how to promote a blog and what kind of optimizations now work, without getting penalized by search engines.

I have been sharing blogging tips for last few months. Thanks to the response from my fellow bloggers and thank you all for sharing your feedback on the same. Today, one of my Facebook friend, who is also a blogger, requested me to share my views on the latest SEO strategies that will work in 2014.

Here are the latest search engine optimization strategies that will work to get organic traffic without attracting any search engine penalties.

I have grouped the tips to 2 categories:

1. optimizations and strategies for your whole blog
2. optimizations for individual blog posts.

General SEO tips for your Blog

When you start a new blog, you need to take care of the following strategies to ensure proper search engine ranking and visibility for your blogs.

  1. Add your blog to Google Webmaster Tools. Make sure your account is verified in GWT.

  2. Submit your blog to Bing Webmaster Tools and verify your site.

  3. Submit your sitemap to Google and Bing Webmaster tools

  4. Periodically review the webmaster tools accounts and take care of all warnings and errors reported there.

  5. Create an email address "abuse@yourdomainname". This is where search engines will send you notifications regarding problems in your website.

  6. If you are switching the domain name or switching from a free Blogger subdomain to a domain, follow the domain name change checklist.

  7. Create a Facebook page for your blog. Invite your friends to LIKE your page. Share (only) important and useful articles in your FB Page. Do not make your followers think you are a spammer.

  8. Create a Google+ Page and make sure you have linked your website to the Google+ Page. Use rel="publisher" attribute from your home page to connect your website with Google+.

  9. Make sure your blog has the following pages:
    - About Us page
    - Contact Us page
    - Privacy Policy page
    - Terms of Use page

  10. Your "About Us" page should have information about the owner/webmaster of the blog. Search engines and your readers will not trust a website, if the owners hide without disclosing their identity.

  11. There should be a way to contact the owner of the blog. Make sure you publish the contact details in your "Contact Us" page. Some bloggers do not like to publish their phone number and email address. In such cases, you may may provide a form where people can fill the details to send an email through the site, without disclosing the contact details publicly.

  12. Make sure your have an email address using your domain name. Your clients and readers may not trust you, if you send an email using your free email account like Hotmail or Gmail. It is important to use an official domain email address when you do business communications.

  13. If you are using AdSense, make sure the mandatory information about using Cookies is included in your Privacy Policy.

  14. If you are using images in your blog, make sure they are well optimized. Read our SEO for Images.

SEO tips for individual blog posts

  1. As you have read it hundreds of times, content is still the king. Write articles on unique topics. Sadly, many bloggers do not really understand what is meant by unique topics. Many people think unique topics simply means articles that are not copy pasted from other sources. That is not the case. Unique topics actually mean subjects that are not covered in other websites or articles that add more value to existing topics. Simply re writing articles by referring to another source will not make your article a unique article. Search engines will probably ignore articles on very common topics, unless you article has something more valuable than existing articles.

  2. Make sure you include your most important keyword in your title, url and meta tags.

  3. Pay attention to internal links. Make sure you link to other relevant articles in the blog. Spend some time looking for other related articles within your blog and make sure you link them all together using proper keywords as anchor text.

  4. When you publish a new article, not only link from that article to other articles, but link from other relevant articles to the new article as well.

  5. Do a spelling and grammar check. Search engines may ignore such errors for a short time, but there are many secondary ranking processes that will analyze your blog for the overall quality of language used in your articles. When it finds that spelling and grammar errors are common in your articles, your blog will be ranked low.

  6. After compose your article, read it many times and make sure all the information provided is accurate and all errors are corrected.

  7. Share your important articles in your Facebook Page and Google+ page.

  8. Share your articles in some important social bookmarking sites. However, do not share every single article in too many social bookmarking sites. I recommend you share only the important posts and limit it to 1 share per week.

  9. Do not bother to do link building strategies like forum commenting, guest posting, forum footer etc. Such strategies no longer works, unless done extremely careful and in a limited manner.

  10. Avoid depending on tools and widgets for creating internal links, highlighting keywords etc. Do everything manually, even if it takes 10 times more efforts. No tools on earth can correctly identify the most relevant article to link. You as the author know which are the articles matching the keywords in your blog post. Manually create links to other articles.

  11. Do not highlight every keyword in your article. Make it natural. Typically, I would make only 1 or 2 keywords/phrases as bold.

  12. Avoid inserting images in every blog post, unless you can create your own images using some graphics tools or using your own camera. Even though it is not a copyright violation to take images of gadgets from original manufacturer websites, by using images from internet, you are giving a hint to search engines that you are not capable of producing original work. I strongly suggest you not to use images from other sources, even if you have permission to use them. If you cannot create your own images/pictures, I suggest you stick to text-only content.

  13. Avoid using too many widgets in every page. It will slow down blog and may negatively affect your search engine ranking. A simple blog post with only the content (and no widgets) is the best in terms of SEO.

  14. Are you using too many social sharing buttons in every blog post? Think how useful they are. Have anybody ever shared your blog posts using those widgets? Unless you are a popular, high authority blogger, nobody is going to share your posts in their social media profiles. If they aren't useful, it is better to remove them and keep your pages simple. Once you build authority and you start getting popular, you may re introduce such social widgets.

And finally, read how to make your blog rank top in Google search results.

If you are new to SEO, read the SEO tutorials for beginners.

Don't forget to read the most comprehensive SEO guide from Google.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Author: Alanta Lary23 Jan 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

SEO is the best technique to increase the traffic for our website. But at the same time it is very important to use this powerful tool carefully. Your tips will definitely help everyone to understand how to properly use it.

Author: Muhammed Aneez23 Jan 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

It's really a helpful topic for newbies. Many of the newbie bloggers are trying to share all their posts in social networking sites and lacks in creating related posts links. This will be very helpful for us. Thank you very much Tony sir.

Author: Korra27 Dec 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

I think we should also create separate Twitter and Pinterest profile for our blog. We can also create a StumbleUpon page similar to a Facebook fan page and Google plus page.

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