How to block advertisements on websites and apps?

Looking for ways to block ads on websites and apps? Want to enjoy ad-free browsing experience using Adblock Plus browser extension?

Is it useful to allow some ads to be displayed on websites? Please read further to get answers for all your website ad block queries. I have discussed about various tips to block ads on websites and Android apps. I have even mentioned about the usefulness of Google ads.

Need to block ads on websites and mobile apps

With the ever-increasing number of people using internet medium for reading news, communicating via emails and social networking sites, sharing pictures and videos, shopping online, reading reviews of new smartphones, tablets and laptops, making online travel bookings, etc., internet has become a great advertising platform for new businesses as well as existing e-commerce merchants. Additionally, the potential of earning good money through PPC and ad clicks makes many websites display tonnes of ads on their web pages. However, a website visitor will never prefer viewing many ads and spending time on them. These ads slow down our internet browsing experience and sometimes make us lose patience. Many websites unnecessarily clutter their web pages with too many ads without taking readers or visitors comfort into consideration.

How many times have you clicked on a YouTube video to view it and then waited for 30 seconds or more for the video to start due to some advertisement? How many times a big pop-up ad loads on your screen instead of the website page that you clicked to view? These are common ad experiences that an internet-savvy person must have experienced while visiting different websites. Apart from wasting time, some of these web advertisements even use up lots of bandwidth. In this article, we shall discuss some useful ways to skip online ads or block ads while visiting any websites through internet browsers. In some cases, it is important that we understand ads as an important revenue source for many websites and may opt for allowing only few acceptable ads and blocking irritating ads.

Useful tips for blocking ads on websites and Android applications

  1. One can opt to block all ads on websites viewed from a particular system (laptop or PC) and not depend on browser-specific ad block techniques. Adfender is a good ad-blocking program that enables blocking of ads on any websites viewed using any browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. Adfender gets installed as a Windows program and can also block ads for IM platforms. It is completely browser-independent. To use Adfender effectively, one simply needs to install it on his / her system and run it to enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. This is one of the best ways of implementing system-wide ad-blocking methods.

  2. Ads on websites are not always a deterrent. They even help one to get best online deals while shopping online for particular products. Also, some ads enable us to know about useful games and apps that we can use. So, it will be better if we do not block all ads and instead choose an option that allows non-intrusive online advertisements. AdBlock Plus (ABP) is an effective way of blocking irritating ads and even allowing some favorable ads for better internet browsing experience. By downloading Adblock Plus for Android, one can stop unwanted ads in apps and games on Android devices, while allowing some non-intrusive ads. Also, there are many Android apps that be downloaded as ad-free version apps.

  3. Adblock Plus is also available for download as a browser extension / add-on to block ads only while browsing a website within that particular internet browser. You can download Adblock Plus browser extension from website and install it for several known browsers. With this Adblock Plus extension, you can block unwanted banner ads, pop-up ads, YouTube video ads (that appear at the start of a video), Facebook ads, etc. It also allows you to restrict ads only for some websites and allow ads for some depending on your preference. One simply needs to click the Adblock plus icon in our browser's URL address bar. Thus, you can opt to display useful Google ads as well as e-commerce ads for better online shopping experience.

As discussed above, there are various useful ways to get rid of unwanted ads while browsing through websites. However, it is advisable to use
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