DataWind announces name change for UbiSlate 7 and adds to the confusion

Aakash tablet, the cheapest tablet PC on earth was in news for last few months. DataWind, the manufacturer of Aakash tablet PC played various tactics to take advantage of the huge publicity received by Aakash tablet. Read more about Aakash tablet, UbiSlate 7 and UbiSlate 7+

NOTE: This article was originally published at on 03-Jan-2012

Few months ago, Government of India announced the release of Aakash, the world's cheapest tablet PC. This prestigious product was manufactured by a company called "DataWind". In addition to the cheap Aakash tablet PC, DataWind offered an upgraded version called "UbiSlate 7" at a slightly higher price.

There is nothing wrong in releasing an upgraded version for a higher price, but what is confusing is, DataWind is interchangeably using the names Aakash and UbiSlate in various posts. Also, in many websites operated by them, they are labeling "buy Aakash2 tablet" which links to the page to buy their commercial version UbiSlate 7. They were claiming their UbiSlate 7 is same as the Aakash 2 tablet. I recently wrote an article how DataWind is misleading people to sell UbiSlate in the name of Aakash 2.

To add to the confusion, DataWind redesigned their website recently and started offering "UbiSlate 7+", which was originally called "UbiSlate" (which they claimed as Aakash2).

Take a look at the screenshot below:

DataWind misleading consumers

They have shown 2 versions of the tablet:

1. UbiSlate 7 (Aakash)

2. UbiSlate 7+ (Upgraded Aakash)

In my opinion, this is meant to mislead customers and take advantage of the publicity received for the Aakash tablet.

Aakash tablet is a product of government of India, even though it is manufactured by DataWind. The company has no rights to use the brand name "Aakash" to sell it's retail version of the tablet.

By looking at the screen, everyone would conclude that UbiSlate 7 is same as Aakash tablet. As far as I know from various reports in the media and as per the details published by DataWind itself in various websites operated by them, this is completely wrong.

Until recently, DataWind was calling the commercial version of the tablet as UbiSlate, but all of a sudden they decided to rename their UbiSlate 7 to UbiSlate 7+ and started claiming "UbiSlate 7" is same as "Aakash".

I strongly recommend readers to be aware of the difference between Aakash, Aakash 2, UbiSlate 7 and UbiSlate 7+

Difference between Aakash, Aakash 2, UbiSlate 7 and UbiSlate 7+

Aakash is a tablet PC released by Government of India. DataWind is the company who manufacture this product for the government. The market price of Aakash tablet PC is Rs 2,499. Students can get it cheaper after government subsidy.

Aakash 2 is a tablet PC announced by Government of India, which will be an upgraded version of Aakash tablet. At this time, this is in design stage and is not manufactured yet. So far, DataWind is not associated with Aakash-2, even though they claimed so in many of their websites. I confirmed this after talking to responsible authorities in IIT Rajastan.

UbiSlate 7 is an enhanced version of Aakash tablet PC. Government of India has no role in UbiSlate 7. DataWind is the company that manufacture both UbiSlate and Aakash tablet, but UbiSlate is sold by DataWind with no association with the government. The market price of UbiSlate 7 is Rs 2,999. (Now DataWind started claiming Aakash is same as UbiSlate, which is misleading and confusing)

UbiSlate 7+ is a new name introduced by DataWind to better market their original UbiSlate 7.

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