How to get backlinks and increase blog traffic using infographics

Want to increase organic traffic to your blog? Read on to know what are infographics and how can you increase traffic using them.

Every blogger's intention is to attract more visitors and thereby generate a decent revenue. There are lot many legal and illegal ways to rise traffic to your blog where opting for illegal ways just get you short term benefits. So, try to learn the foolproof ways to reach your goals.

Infographics can help you get quality backlinks and thereby traffic to your blog. Yes, you can increase readership by attracting your visitors with infographics.

Okay lets know about infographics before jump into the topic "How to increase visitors using infographics?"

What are infographics?

Infographics are just the graphical representations of information to make it easier for reader to understand. Infographics aren't new to us, their usage began long back in 17th century but gone viral in 21st century through Adobe's products. These infographics turns huge information or data into pictorial format and saves reading time. They give readers what exactly they need and as said by Edward Tufte, these infographics also help readers compare the data. Also, blog posts with infographics are more likely to be read than those just with just content. So,

How can infographics bring traffic to your blog?

Humans can easily absorb visual content as most of the content brain wishes to intakes is visual. That might be the reason behind Pinterest's winning over a short period. Fact is that no visitor reads an entire blog post unless they find it extremely useful. He/she just quickly scrolls through your posts and clicks links if present.

It's just because they don't want to waste time reading posts that doesn't benefit them. I by no way means that your posts are of no use, it's the visitor who judges your post. You are responsible for how they behave because you failed to make them know that your post is what they are looking for. So, how to change their mind and engage them? Infographics can do that job better.

Since an infographic saves the time a visitor should spend reading it, there is more probability for it being read. Also, they look more attractive than images in blog posts. A well informative and attractive infographic is more likely to be shared on social media. This in turn draws new visitors to your blog with no extra cost involved.

How to get backlinks using infographics?

If you feel that your infographic is well designed, allow it to be embedded on other blogs. Provide a code at the bottom of every infographic for your visitors to show it on their blogs if they have one. This makes your graphic appear on other blogs and increase your fame and also you'll surely get a credit in the form of a backlink from the user.

Neil Patel publishes infograhics very often and he advises not to load an infographic with too much information. To be a good infographic, you don't have to provide the A-Z of what you are talking about. Just talk about what really surprises, attracts and what's really important for your readers. Kick off the useless stuff from your graphic. Also, such infographics attract other bloggers of your niche. Don't forget to ask them a credit link at the end.

What if your infographic is being used by no one? There are three ways to explain the cause;
1. Your infographic is of no value to them and it's yet another one to the list
2. Your blog isn't that popular to showcase your ideas.
3. Yours is a copied graphic.

I know that the third one doesn't happen except in worst cases. So, let's talk about how to make the best infographic and make it viral. Great infographics don't need invention of new content, you can use your knowledge and the stats with permission (or with credit) and make simple graphics like Neil Patel of quicksprout.

While choosing a topic, make sure that it solves a problem or at least surprises your target audience. Never make your design complex and don't use dark colors on it. Also, categorize your topics so that it looks simple to understand. Do check Pinterest and to know what's being pinned and shared most.

Final Word

There are many online tools to help you make infographics with less effort. Unfortunately, most of them are not free, you need to be a paid member to use graphics you made using those tools. Some may prefer Photoshop and illustrator to make them, but I don't think it works unless you've any experience with them. So, it's better to use online tools like piktochart,, etc.

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Guest Author: kunal gupta31 Jan 2014

Very good article. Great way to get traffic and back links via Info-graphics.

Guest Author: rahul sharma25 Feb 2014

I am looking for some good ways to create backlinks these days, after reading this article I am gonna try this for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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