What is demand for goods and how to create demand for goods

In this article, you will know how to create demand for goods, what is demand for goods. Methods of creating demand through personal selling the products, advertising the product, trade fairs for selected products. Also, various offers for customers, price cut to increase sale, various coupon offers, combination offer and free deals etc. Most of the business organization in the USA, UK, Europe, Gulf region and Asian region follow the same pattern for their Business to grow and success.

Methods of creating product or goods demands. In business, the more demand of the product the more chances of growing business with desired profit. Then how to create product demands for the consumer? Read this article to know detail about it.

How to create demand for goods:

In marketing, selling is very essential to get profit and flow of business. Without selling there is nothing in marketing. Therefore for selling a particular goods demand must be there. If there is no demand then we can't access our sales properly. Let us know about demand now.

What is demand?

Demand means it is a desire for a product or service that results in a purchase.

What is goods demand creation?

It refers to activities designed to stimulate an already existing desire for satisfaction of want from a given product.
Methods of creating demand:
1. Personal selling
2. Advertising
3. Other methods.

  1. Personal selling:

  2. Personal selling or personal salesmanship is oldest method of creating demand for the goods. From personal selling we can find a buyer or customers and can sell our product. It is very effective method because salesman can give correct and full information regards their product to the buyers. If buyers having any doubt regard that product then directly they can ask with that salesman and they can clear their doubts by getting answer from that seller. As this is a face to face communication so it is very effective. By giving correct market information they can make actual sales. This is one of the method followed by the USA, UK, Europe, Gulf region and Asian region business companies to get their customers for successful sales.

  3. Advertising:

  4. Advertising is the next method of creating demand for the goods. Advertising is activity involved in presenting to a group of persons a non-personal, oral or visual message regarding a product. The message called advertisement is conveyed through some media and is paid for by the sponsor. So it is a non-personal and paid form for the promotion of goods, services or ideas. There are different kinds of advertisements are there i.e. TV advertising, Radio advertising etc.

  5. Other methods:

Apart from these personal salesmanship and advertising there are many methods are there to create demand for goods. They are as follows:

  1. Display of goods:

  2. Display of goods in the stores influences efficient and effective sales. Mainly sales is depend on the attraction of the customers. Window display and counter display is the method of these display goods. Mass display of the product automatically attracts the customers and helps to create demand for the goods.

  3. Exhibitions, trade fairs and showrooms:

  4. Manufacturers or producers of the product must display their product in the trade fairs or in exhibitions. They can establish showrooms in attractive surroundings. Here buyer will come and examine the product. If buyers feel product is good then they will start to buy that product. So from exhibitions we can create demand for goods.

  5. Premiums, trading stamps, etc.:

  6. Premium means providing some gifts or prizes given with the purchase of goods. Some people will be very eager to receive some gifts or prizes. Because of this they will make some purchases. Through this we can create a demand for goods.

  7. Price cut:

  8. Attractive prices are one of the important methods of increasing sales. Low prices, or price cut can be kept to attract customers.

  9. Samples and coupons:

  10. Samples and coupons are another method of creation of demand. Free samples may be distributed through retailers. Coupons are distributed through manufacturer to the house holders. These coupons are worth certain amount of money but only when a specified product is purchased at any retail store.

  11. Services:

  12. There are many types of services are there. Home delivery facility is one of the services. After sales services like giving some warranty for 1 yr. or 5yrs etc. from these company can achieve maximum sales.

  13. Combination offers:

  14. This is nothing but giving some product as free if they purchase something. Example: with the purchase of tooth brush a small tube of toothpaste may be given free. Of with the Horlicks powder some water bottle or tiffin box given free.

  15. Free deals:

  16. It is related to quantity of goods purchased. If we purchase any ten cases of goods then retailer will give the offer like 1 case of goods as free.

  17. Satisfaction:

  18. Satisfaction is very important to create demand. Once buyer get satisfied through particular goods or product then automatically he will start to buy that particular product and even he starts to recommend same product to his relatives and friends.

These are the methods of creating demand for the goods. These are the methods followed by India, China, USA, Australia, UK, Singapore or Far East countries, Europe, Gulf region or Middle East countries and other Asian regions.

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