Cut the Rope 2 – walkthrough, review & tips to play

Cut the Rope 2 is another strategy based game which is full of physics based levels. Check the review to get the walkthrough, review and few tips of the game.

cut the rope 2

Introduction of Cut the Rope 2:

Cut the rope is a game developed by ZeptoLab. The game has physics based themes to complete the levels. It's an interesting and strategy based game. Till now all the series of cut the rope have been standing in the top 5 games in all the play stores. It's a fun filled game. Gamer can feel thrilled to complete the levels. Youngsters and children would love the game for sure.

The basic theme of the game is to help the hungry Om Nom to feed with candies. The player needs to cut all the ropes and make Om Nom grab the candy. In this version Om Nom will be helped by other monsters named Nommies to grab his candy into his mouth.
Pros:Physics based game, Excellent animations, Exciting levels, Thrilling stages added.
Cons:Few levels are hard to pass on. No other con is visible for me.
Rating:4.8 Stars for 5.

Walkthrough of Cut the Rope 2:

Cut the Rope 2 is available from the apple app store to download. In the game, spiders steal Om Nom's candy and the player should help Om Nom to grab his candy back which is hanging over. The player can use Nommies to reach the candy. Om Nom should pass through many levels to grab over his candies which were stolen by the spiders. There are several environments and those contain minimum 20 levels each. The player needs to gain certain number of stars to open the bonus levels.

In every level, the candy will be hanging through a rope which the player should cut and allow the candy to drop into Om Nom's mouth. Every level doesn't seem easy; there are few levels in which the candy rope will be related few other systems like gears, traps, iron chains etc. The player should be careful to save the candy from all the obstacles and feed Om Nom. The player should feed Om Nom and collect the stars as well to finish up the level. The more stars collected can help in opening the bonus levels easily. The player can play the same level any number of times and gain the stars. Use nommies whenever they are available to play.

Nommies & Obstacles :

There are 5 types of Nommies available for the player to help him.
  • Lick:
  • It is a Chameleon, helps in forming bridges and logs.
  • Boo:
  • It scares Om Nom and helps to jump monsters upwards.
  • Toss:
  • It can help in tossing the objects upwards, even the candy.
  • Roto:
  • It is a Dragon fly helps in carrying Om Nom, candy and logs.
  • Blue:
  • It is a nommie to create a clone of another nommie. When the player clicks on it, a clone is created and they help in lifting objects.

    There are 5 types of obstacles which player will be facing in the game in different levels. In fact these obstacles help the player to solve the puzzle. The Logswill be hanging with ropes and will be swinging. When their ropes are cut, they would push away all the objects in their paths. The player should be careful as they can knock Om Nom as well. Bellowshelps in bursting air pressure. It pushes away all the objects and Om Nom too. Magnetshelps in attracting candy. Balloons,when Om Nom drops on to the balloons it can grab them and can use to lose altitude by popping it. Plankscan create bridges and logs. Blue can help in pushing them.

    Tips to play Cut the Rope 2:

  • Power-ups can be purchased with few dollars. The player can purchase Balloons to make Om Nom float, A Candy Rain to make the candy to cascade from sky and a Firefly which helps in demonstrating how to get all the 3 stars of the level. I suggest purchasing balloons or the firefly.

  • Few levels have a Four-leaf clovers in between. Collect them to unlock the secret levels which are shown under each level. It's a bit hard to collect clovers though. Try to get at least 2 stars from each level to unlock further levels. You can play the level any number of times so play easy levels again and score all the 3 stars in them. Leave the hard levels. Don't try hard to gain the stars in hard levels, just concentrate to grab the candy.

  • On the screen you can find a Medal shaped icon, which is denoted for Missions. Tap on it and try to finish them. They are fun to play. In these missions you will not be allowed to have help of nommies. For fun you can try, purchasing hats for Om Nom, Change the screen background and even change the candy into a fruit etc.

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