Top 5 Security Software for Personal Computers

Having a personal computer and ensuring it's secured are two different things. Find the 6 best security software for personal computers so you can stay secure with all your precious files and data.

Windows has long been infamous for being the primary target for malicious hackers, virus developers and spywares. It is needless to say that we also find the most number of security software in the market for Windows for the same reason. Security software ranges from simple antivirus tools which scan for worms and viruses to sophisticated security suites which take care of scanning attachment files in email clients like thunderbird and outlook to chat software like skype and facebook messenger.

There are other OSes except Windows like Apple MAC OS X and BSD and Linux as well but since they do not have any practical number of threats, there are hardly any security software built for them.

Coming back to Windows, there are many type of software packages available for securing the personal computer. The most basic one is an antivirus tool. So we will start from there.

Avast Antivirus

Avast is one of the most popular antivirus software available in the market. Its popularity is credited to the 'free' tag it carries and the features it offers for that price. You can download it from the internet and all you need to do for using this software is to register on their site. One you register, the software will keep running for an year. After that, all you need to do is to re-register on their site and the software will keep working. Yes, you do not need to pay anything for it. The free version of Avast Antivirus includes a web-scanner which scans all the transmission done via web – in chats done via browsers, the files uploaded and downloaded. It also includes an advanced 'boot-time' scan tool. Using this tool, one can schedule a boot-time scan which runs before Windows boots up completely. This is a great measure to remove the most stringent of viruses in Windows which take control of the OS and other program right from the time Windows boots up. There is also a built-in memory scanner which scans for all running programs and all data in the RAM – a very useful tool. It scans for viruses in all removable media – USB drives, DVD ROMs and even for the communication done over local network. You can scan any drive or folder with a right click too! Avast updates itself over the internet while the computer is connected. The program updates are free as well. So it is a very interesting and powerful tool.

Avast Premier Suite

Avast Premier was developer to meet the high-end needs of the tech savvy PC user who loves to be in control of his PC. This suite comes with the Avast antivirus tool and a lot more. The additional package includes a data shredder of very high grade reliability. So much so that it can be used at government agencies like CIA (or so does the company tell us). There is a software updater included which checks for the versions of software installed on the PC. If you are running one of the old versions of any software, it will list that for you and give you an install button, clicking which takes you to the download site of that very software from where you can download the latest version. So, if you have Flash Player version 11.0 running on the system and Flash Player 11.1 has been released, Avast Premier Suite will give you the install button which will take you to the page from where you can download the new version.

It also come with other goodies like anti-phishing protection – to protect you from friendly looking websites designed to steal passwords. It also comes with an advanced firewall which you can use to block the programs from accessing the internet. Coming it at about $20, it is win-win deal!

Norton Internet Security

Coming from the world's largest security research and development company, Norton Internet Security suite is probably the most sophisticated and advanced security tool in the market. It features all the nitty-gritty's you can find in any other security software along with a defragmenter to keep the PC's performance in check, a behaviorial pattern analyzer which, even when there is no connection to the internet, tries to find out the behaviour of a program to determine if it is dangerous or not. A safe-web scanner to look for scams on social media and other sites, network mapping and local network threat protection, bootable recovery and scanner and a very intelligent file-copier which knows about the files already scanned and skips scanning them so that the file copy operation remains fast.

There is probably no comparison to this suite when it comes to two fronts – 1) slowing the computer down with enormous amounts of scans and
2) Ensuring the highest levels of security and privacy for the user.

Trend Micro Titanium

Trend Micro is one of the leading companies in the security arena. It offers the user parental controls to ensure that the kids in the family are safe from malicious websites. It also includes a social web scanners and ensures that you are not a victim of a hoax on facebook. Most other features are quite similar to Norton Internet Security and sports detailed reports on the scans done on the system, systes tuner which deletes useless files, cleans the registry, and defragments the data on the disk to improve performance.

The one great feature in this suite (in the 'Cloud' edition) is that it gives you 5 GB of space free on the internet where you can store your most precious and sensitive files. The files can be synced to disk and are encrypted upon upload.

McAfee Total Protection

Famous for two reasons – as one of the leading security suites for the PC and as a company whose founder has allegations on him for a real-world crime – McAfee Total Protection is one of the best security tools you can afford. It is quite close to what other players have to offer. That said, it has a firewall, data shredder, social network protection and PC tuner. The one features which makes McAfee Total Protection stand out is the file and folder encryption. This feature can be used to password protect (and encrypt) your most sensitive data on the disk.

By all means, these software tools are able to cover you from almost every threat you can come across while using a PC. From securing your facebook experience to ensuring privacy and security for online transactions, if there is something one of these tools cannot do, then there is little chance that anything else can.

Now, there may be many more out there, certainly and it doesn't give us much pain to review them all. But these are the ones we've experienced. With the rising competition in the software industry, they say you get about four new software every day added up in the already piled up market. It does seem kind of fascinating to experience them all but then, you can't take risks, can you, when it comes to security? Which one will you choose?

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