Hands on Review of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard 5.5 - Manage Your Partitions Just Fine!

Have you ever felt a need to manage your partitions? Have you ever wondered you could create/delete/format/resize/copy and do all sorts of operations on your partitions to fulfill your needs? Try AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard 5.5 - it's the product. Scroll down for a hands on review.

Having a personal computer and being able to manage it well are two different things. A few years down the line we had to defragment our disk, clean it up and do a bunch of tweaks to keep our system performance up. Today, most operating systems are so advanced they don't really require you to do such stuff, at least not too often. It is said the Linux operating systems do not require you to do any of those, are intelligent they can manage things well on their own. However, things are not always the same in all cases. Even today, if you don't know to keep your system well managed, tuned, cleaned up, your experience with your computer can be very disturbing.

In this review, we bring to you utility software which can take care of the partitions on your computer very intelligently. It so happens that a lot of times we don't know how to handle them best. Situations arise when all you know is how to switch off your computer after getting annoyed because you don't know how to do it and what to do. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is one such utility, which will manage your partitions on your behalf. And well, there are other features to amaze you as well.


AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard comes with a set of features to amaze you enough to buy its Pro (paid) version. Following are the features –

Resize/Move Partition - Sometimes, improper disk partitioning can cause enough problems to slow you down to a great level. Low disk space and poor utilization of disk space can lead your system to a great state of havoc. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard lets you increase or decrease the size of your original partition so that you don't have to worry about low disk space. While doing this, this intelligent utility software takes good care of the existing files in the partition, without inflicting any damage on to them.

AOMEI Partition ManagerMerge Partitions - Kids, the game freaks who are fond of playing many games at a time end up installing a bunch of games on the system. Due to this fact, the free space in the system partition decreases and you don't have any space left to do other operations, install important utility software etc. This was merely an example. There can be many other situations which can lead you to this low space problem. In such a situation you may want to merge two adjacent partitions to make it one big partition. You don't usually install games etc. on partitions other than the system partition. Not only you bring those partitions (unused ones) to good use, you also solve the problem of low disk space on the systems partition. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard lets you merge two adjacent partitions and also add unallocated space on the required disk. You are assured of no data loss during any operation as the software offers you a copy wizard which lets you backup all data in a safe place.

Split Partitions - It often so happens that when we buy a new laptop or harddisk, we are provided with just one partition to work with. All we need to do is split that one big piece of partition into smaller chunks so that we can use them according to our needs. Place important data in one partition while keep all your favourite music and movie files in another.

Align partitions - AOMEI tell you that a regular HDD starts the first partition only after 63 empty blocks while a Solid State Device requires 64. Migration of data in an SSD can lead to misaligned partitions. Using AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard you can align partitions on your HDD or SSD with just one click.

Create, Delete and Format partitions - Apart from resizing, splitting, merging and aligning partitions, AOMEI Partition Assistant lets you do further important jobs as well. In case a partition is not working, you can use this utility and delete the partition straightaway. If you have unallocated disk space on your HDD, use AOMEI Partition Assistant to create a new partition. If you want to change file system of your partition, it can be successfully done by formatting them. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard lets you to all the operations so easily you don't feel like 'not' buying it and then recommending others.

Copy Disk/Partition - Often does it happen that we buy a new HDD as we suspect the old has been malfunctioning and data loss can occur anytime. In a situation like this we feel like moving the contents of the corrupt partition or even the entire disk to the newly bought disk. To make this happen, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard offers you a smart copy option using which you can transfer the content of the entire HDD to a place of your choice. Now, why do we call it smart? Well, there are two options – quick copy, which lets you copy the whole content file by file and complete copy which copies things with one sector at a time. While the quick copy feature is really quick, the complete copy feature ensures you of having copied all the files, including the lost/deleted/damaged files in the same state.

Windows to Go Creator - If you don't know already, Windows to Go creator is a feature of Windows 8 and 8.1 Enterprise edition which lets you make a bootable USB drive. What if you don't have a Windows 8 or 8.1 enterprise edition on your system and need to create a windows 8 or 8.1 bootable USB drive? Well, use AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard which offers you a smart Windows to Go creator which lets you do the job just fine. All you need is a ISO image or disk of the OS and the utility helps you through it.

Review - Recently, we have been reviewing quite a lot of data recovery system as we were coming across of them. But this software is one of that utility stuff which you usually don't think about, though silently knowing the fact that disk partition management is one hell of a job. Use this product, it doesn't disappoint you. You can buy the AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro which comes packed with even more features than the Standard edition to let you manage your partitions just the way they are meant to be managed.

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