How to send an email in future and schedule follow-ups automatically?

How to send an email at a later date or time? Looking for ways to schedule an email for future? Want to read an email later by receiving a reminder? Want to send birthday/anniversary wishes via email without fail? If yes, then, please read further for useful tips related to sending emails at a later time, scheduling follow-up reminders and even receiving emails marked as unread at a later date/time.

Most people using Internet know how to handle emails and send them when required. Emails (or electronic mails) are a very useful means of communication irrespective of the geographical distance between communicating parties. The normal process to send an email involves writing a new email, entering the recipient email address and clicking on 'Send' button to send the email immediately. The email goes to the outbox of the sender first and once it is sent to the recipient, the email appears in the sender's 'Sent items' folder. This process is commonly followed to send any type of emails across the world using internet. But, with the changing needs of business and corporate world, sometimes it is required to send an email later and not immediately. The only way most people handle such a requirement is by saving the email as a draft and then waiting for the exact time when the email is sent. When the time arrives, the sender again logs in to his email account and then sends the saved email to the recipient. This process is cumbersome if one has to send emails at night or one is out on a vacation or partying somewhere. In this article, we shall try to find an efficient way of sending email in future i.e. triggering email at a later time for Gmail users.

Boomerang for Gmail

Gmail's Boomerang is a wonderful plugin available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari users. Boomerang tool allows Gmail users to have more control over when they want to send the email and not just sending email immediately (by default). It even allows Gmail users to remind them to read a particular email at a later date or time.

How to enable Boomerang feature for Gmail?
- One can open the website URL "" in Firefox or Chrome or Safari browser.

- The Boomerang website contains the free installation link and user can simply click on the "Install Boomerang" button.

- Instructions will appear one after another and user simply needs to follow them and complete the installation process.

- After completion of the Boomerang installation process, Gmail user has to sign out and sign in to Gmail again to enable the Boomerang feature.

How to use Boomerang feature of Gmail to send email automatically at a later time?
- Once the Boomerang plugin is enabled, user can login to Gmail and compose/write an email as he/she would normally do.

- After the email is composed, user will have the option to click on "Send" button (to send email immediately) or the "Send Later" button (to schedule email to be sent automatically later).

- The additional button labelled "Send Later" appears only if the user has activated Boomerang feature for Gmail. This button allows user to Boomerang the email and send it to the desired recipient at a fixed date and time in future.

- The Boomerang feature allows user to choose from a range of different date and time options that helps to send email after few hours or few days or few weeks. One can even decide the exact time in future when recipient should receive the email.

- Another useful option available with Boomerang is to schedule an email as a recurring message to be sent to the recipient after fixed intervals of time. User gets this option labelled "Schedule Recurring Message", once he/she clicks on the "Send Later" button.

How to receive email at a later date or time using Boomerang tool for Gmail?
- When a Gmail user opens an email, a button labelled "Boomerang" appears at the top of the email.

- If user doesn't need this email now, but wants to read it at a later date or time, he/she can click the Boomerang button.

- Once an incoming email is Boomeranged by clicking the "Boomerang" button, the user can schedule a particular date or time at which the email will appear at the top of list of emails in his / her inbox. The email can even be marked as unread.

- This Boomerang feature can also be used to send the email to the top of the list of emails in user inbox (marked as unread) only if no other recipients of the email have replied to it.

Advantages of Boomerang tool

- To send emails late in the night without having to stay awake.

- To send emails on the go (during vacations or lunch / dinner parties) at a later date/time.

- Schedule personalized birthday/anniversary wishes via emails to family/friends to ensure they don't forget wishing them.

- Schedule utility bill payment or credit card bill payment reminders to avoid late payment penalties.

- Easily communicate with people or clients living in different time zones.

- It is available free of cost for Gmail users and works efficiently with Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Disadvantages of Boomerang

- If someone wants to use Boomerang for work emails via Microsoft Outlook, one has to pay for it.

- Boomerang currently doesn't work with Internet Explorer browser.

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Guest Author: Jan16 Feb 2015

I cannot find any email scheduler for mobile browser.

Author: Timmappa Kamat20 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Thanks for the in detail information on hitherto unknown feature. Or I should say plug in. Your lucid description is really helpful in scheduling emails, just the way we do with SMS.
The other great point with the article is the fact that it brings up drawbacks of the service along with the benefits it offers. Thus way the article does not indulge in just praising a plug in under the guise of review, but brings forth both positives and negatives of the same. Really a great effort.

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