Panda Pop : Walkthrough, Review and Tips to play

Panda pop is the same bubble popping game as introduced before. The game is very easy to play. Kids will love the game for its cute graphics. Here check out the article for walkthrough and playing procedure.

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So many game developers have been introducing a large number of animal games to attract the players. Many games have the same theme with different characters or animals. The game objective of Panda pop is also a bubble popping up game where the mother panda has to save her kids which are trapped in the colored bubbles. When 3 similar colored bubbles are popped up then a baby panda will be released. Interesting point in the game are, the mother panda uses a Chinese aesthetic and the game pieces have four elemental powers representing as red bubbles as fire, green ones as wood, blue ones as water and yellow as sun. The game has simple graphics and can be best for kids under 10 years to play.

Pros: Good music, simple graphics, easy to play
Cons: Same bubble popping theme game.
Rating: 4 stars for 5.


Panda pop is a free game available to download on the App store for iphone/ipad users. Once the game is opened, a free demo on how to play and about power-ups and lanterns are shown. The mama panda will be throwing the colored bubbles onto 3 or more similar colored bubbles and they pop up and release another one giving few points.

Lives & Level completion: The panda has 5 lives per level. The panda will be allotted few bubbles and she should free all the cubs using those allotted bubbles only. If the panda fails to complete then one life will be gone. Within 5 lives she should complete the level. The player can even buy lives using few dollars. A map can be used to select the level and check how many stars you have gained in each level.

The mama panda can hold the bubble and target to shoot it onto the right colored bubble. When she hits the bubbles they get disappeared and if any cub present in them then it will be released. If mama panda frees all the cubs then she will get bonus points as well.

Lanterns: There are 4 lanterns given to the panda to help her in tough situations. When the panda hits the colored bubbles then the corresponding lantern will be filled up with few points. When the jar is full then the panda can use them. The red lanterns help in burn bubbles in a section, blue lanterns clear a column, green lanterns can grow roots and yellow lanterns let to throw 3 bubbles at a time. If you combine all the 4 lanterns then a dragon will be appeared and it clears a large section of bubbles.

Power ups: Rainbow bubbles can blast any colored bubbles. Expandable power ups help in a problematic situation. It helps in clearing the level. Trajectory predictor helps in predicting where the bubble moves.

Tips: You can swap the bubble which is in mama's hand and the bubble in the basket by tapping on mama panda. Make use of lanterns wisely. They can clear your level easily. So don't use them in beginning levels.

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Guest Author: Andrew14 Feb 2015

Nice information shared through this article. What is the latest version of Panda Pop game.

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