Review of Outlast: 6 reasons why Outlast is the scariest game ever

How does Outlast stacks up against the likes of Amnesia: The Dark Decent and Slender? Is this asylum really a scary one or just a passing thereat? Let's analog it with other games and find out why it's really a bone-chilling experince.

Outlast is a game developed by Red Barrels Studio which launched back in early half of 2013. This year has been nothing short of amazing horror games, but it manages to register a special place in our hearts despite it being from a cliche genre.

You are a brave and stupid journalist and reporter who wants to find out what is going on inside a secluded asylums over the mountain. So, you head on to your quest in the midnight for no apparent reason. And your journey begins from here.

Once you reach asylum, you notice that there is no guard on the door. Everything is there as it should be, but there are no people around. Everything is so quiet as if there is something really bad is going to happen here.

All the spoiling aside, what I found really impressive was that this game managed to do something even Amnesia couldn't do I literally jumped out of my chair a couple of times during my 5 hour descent in the asylum. Here is why I think this could be the scariest game ever -


What impresses me most about this game is its amazing and dizzying graphics. It's really well done by the team at Red Barrels Studio which makes the game much more vivid ad immersive experience than it would if it was built on some generic engine.

It makes for a much more amazing experience in this insane asylum. You actually feel as if you are actually there. I only wish that if it were supported by Oculous Rift, it would have been much more amazing and might as well have been a fatal experience. They might as well decide to support it in future. We will have to keep a close eye on it for sure.

outlast image


If you are perusing this article, I would presume that you have played a title named Amnesia already. If you haven't played it, I would wholeheartedly recommend you to play it. It's an experience you wouldn't want to miss. And I bet that if you finish the game from the beginning to end, there is no other game that will be able to scare you.

Amnesia was a really amazing experience where you were placed in an sprawling and dizzying castle not knowing whether it's for real or a mere figment. He best part was that you didn't have anything to defend yourself. It's only you without anything. So, if you see anything unpleasant, you have to run for your life.

Amazingly, they have implemented the same concept in Outlast as well. Similar to Amnesia, you are vulnerable to every enemy. You are a weak peasant, a normal person who doesn't knows how to execute a ninja-like move or slit throats like butchers innately. This concept is what makes for a much more intriguing and captivating experience. We are really tired of the same stop-the-zombie shit.

They are actually really scary

Most of the game you'll play will hurl thousands of zombies on you who feel more superfluous and irksome than terrifying. This is where Outlast really shines and excels. Not only it's visually captivating, it grabs our attention with its amazing texture quality and ambiance too.

Your foes actually have a greater chance of finding and devouring you, whereas you can only run in the best case. And if you get caught, you can't do anything else than just despairingly watch yourself getting eaten by them. You brain splatters or if they are merciful, they will push you down from the rooftop. It's really terrifying!

Outlast is not for faint hearts

Make no mistake about it; as beautiful as Outlast is, it's freighting and trembling stuff! If you are easily offended by anything or suddenly jump out by watching a scary movie, you might not want to play this game. It can prove to be a fatal experience for anyone.

Even if you are a staunch fan, if you are suffering any heart related issues, you should avoid this game. Don't mistake is spookiness and creepiness for a bad game. No, it's the other way around to be honest. All the jump scares and usual horror stuff are so well placed and timed that it will make you scream or jump out of your chair for sure.

Even when you brace yourself for someone pouncing on you all of sudden, you are going to have your heart in your mouth when a jumpscare actually occurs. Simply put, it's perfect and triggers at places where you'd least expect it and have your guard down. This game makes sure that it will catch you off guard and amaze you every time you play it.

Never before I felt in peril and crawl on my knees, even if it was for just a second before I realized that it's only a game. It's sick and wicked experience for the fans!

outlast horror

It never holds your hands

Most of the games you'll pay will hold your hands for forest couple of minutes at the inception. But this game is quite the opposite of it. Analogy with other horror games will be really unfair here as it's a beast of game in itself –an unprecedented and captivating experience.

It will never let you get cordial and let yourself lose. You'll have to stay on your toes if you want to survive the impending moment, or the death is inevitable. The ghouls are lurking around everywhere in the asylum and you never know when you might bump into one of them. So, you need to brace yourself for uncanny yet amazing encounters.

Just don't expect any help from the game itself. It will make you die repeatedly and it's not a bad thing.

Overall review of Outlast: Quite constraining

I am not in favor of constraining experiences, but this game turns the tides around in favor of them. Although it's a narrative drive experience with no freedom at all, it's an amazing experience!

Moreover, you don't want freedom in these kinds of games. You want the game to be tightly-packed and narrative-driven instead of open-world. Thankfully, they have managed to nail it here.

It's quite inspiring to see a new indie studio built from the ashes of Ubisoft, is doing much better than some other AAA games with massive budgets. It's really amazing start for them. The only thing they have to ensure is to maintain the motto and not get too carried away by the success.

All in all, it's an amazing experience which is well worth your money. You can get it on Steam if you like the look of it.

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