7 Reasons why Witcher 3 will be a game worth waiting for

We have been waiting for the next installment of the Witcher series for quite a long time now. But is it going ton be any good like the last two intriguing experiences? Let's find out.


Who would have thought that an independent company would go on to do something like creating an amazing trilogy of The Witcher series which will be remembered for years to come.

CD Project Red, the Polish studio, mastermind behind this game, would have never thought of something like this as well. Who can forget the first game in the Witcher series that set the benchmark for other choice based RPGs. It was a game of a whole another level – different from everything we had seen up until then.

The original game developed and launched back in 2007 pioneered the RPG genre for next couple of years to come. The studio was no longer a studio with stained budget. Apparently, they had made quite a lot of money with their first ever game.

It was a cult hit. While it didn't go on to sell as well as Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series sells, it still packed a solid punch, especially considering that it was their debut.

Everyone loved the original one and then back in 2011, they launched another one of the epic games from the Witcher series. It was bigger, better and smoother. They built upon the amazing foundation from the first game and delivered another amazing game.

Fast forward 2013, now they are planning to deliver another hit which will bring an end to the Witcher's story – an amazing one that is. As prolific as they have been in the past, the open wold setting is really new to them. They are taking on games like TES Skyrim and Fallout for the first time around. So, there will be quite a few figures that will be pointed towards this studio.

But considering their history with the games, it's a given that this game will be another ace. Here is why I think it will be amazing -

Alchemy is streamlined

Those who played the first two games know how clumsy and cumbersome alchemy was. While it was really deep and amazing, it still needed to be sorted out which they ignored in Witcher 2 as well. Thankfully though, they seem to have listened to their staunch fanbase and will be refining the alchemy mechanics altogether. It will be more streamlined and affable for newbies to the series. So, those who were turned off by the obnoxious alchemy UI, need not fret this time around.

Decisions will have repercussions

You will have to make decisions, and that tough and hypothetical ones. Differentiating between the dark and the white wouldn't be easy this time around. It turns out, there is such a thing called the grey area.

Sometimes, what you see in front of your eye is not always true. So, you will have to be really wary of the choices you make. Otherwise, you should brace yourself for the catastrophic outcomes. This is where the real fun is. You feel like being in supremacy and control.

The game never forces anything upon you. They will never tell you to do anything. The closest game I can ponder of right now is 'The Walking Dead' series where you will have to make heart-wrenching and muddle decisions. Once you make a blissful decision, it will have some repercussions for sure.

There is no such notion as good or bad in the Witchery world where those with swords and bows in their hands are perceived as right. It might as well happen that when you help a person who is being beset upon by bandits, you will likely to be in the trouble for doing that.

Side quests are much more than aimless kill-fetch quests

We all have been there. We have already played the likes of WoW, Star Wars MMO and countess other kill-fetch games. They are all about sucking your time and money.

Once you accomplish a task to kill 10 wolves just because some random lumbering guy in the street wants you to, you will be handed over another bunch of these types of quests. Thankfully, it has never been an issue with the Witcher series. They have always striven to develop a premium quality game with the most focus on crafting an amazing story which will intrigue the players.

Variety in monsters

If you bar certain games like Max Payne 3, you will notice that most games require you to kill the same type of guy repeatedly. The lack in variety and dynamism is what puts me off the game after a while. I never stay hooked up to a particular game for the very same reason. It almost feels like that you are doing the same thing over and over again.

But with more than 80 types of monsters, this game is surely a breath in fresh air. It's really amazing to see a small team putting some much effort into a game.

They have been preparing for it since Witcher 1

As unbelievable as it sounds, they have been thinking about doing an open-world game since the very inception of the situation. The only issues back then was lack of funds which prevent them from doing anything. Otherwise we would have seen an open world Witcher game from the very beginning.

The moot point now is how good the open—world setting will be. And from what we have seen so far, it seems that there is no need for use to worry about that. They are experienced and savvy enough to take care of that. It will be really engrossing to see what they have been up to since last couple of years.

Cd-Project Red is behind it

When CD-Project Red is behind something, you know it's going to be good. No, I am really pertinent and serious here. If you flip the history page and have a glance at their history, you will see that they are yet to put a foot wrong. They have only gone on to improve since the very inception.

The PC gamers are sick and tired of being treated like thieves. Companies like EA and Ubisoft doesn't even care about it though. All they want is some money in their pocket. But the Polish Game Studio has stood up for us by not assimilating obnoxious DRM policies in their games.

36 different endings

There are more than 30 possible endings on the game and it's been confirmed by them officially. This will ensure the much required replayablity which has been the trademark of Wither series. This is something you don't see often in today's gamin industry.

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