How to join Snapdeal affiliate program and make money: Affiliate program review

Snapdeal, one of the leading deals website in India has announced an affiliate program. Read this review to learn more about the snapdeal affiliate programs for online publishers.

Snapdeal recently announced their affiliate program for bloggers and website owners in India, giving more choices for Indian publishers to make money online. Even though they have been offering some sort of commission based referral programs in the past, their full fledged affiliate program is quite new and is probably bit late in the market. However, better late than never. Their program is well placed to compete with their rivals like Amazon affiliate program and Flipkart affiliate program.

Snapdeal affiliate program

How to join

To join Snapdeal affiliate, visit this link:

You have to provide some basic information about you and your business. Once you submit the details, your affiliate account, you will get immediate access to the affiliate dashboard.

Snapdeal affiliate program

The dashboard is pretty standard, giving you access to important reporting information.

Few glitches:

I found a couple of small issues with their affiliate program:

1. There was no email confirmation required to join the affiliate program. This means, anybody can abuse someone else's email id and register for this program using other email ids.

2. They emailed me my password in plain text. This means my password is not really secure with them. Any of their employees who have access to their database can read my passwords. A secure system will store the passwords properly hashed so that people working with the data and backend will not be able to see confidential information like passwords.

3. It was hard to figure out how to generate affiliate links. There is no online help or tips on how to use the dashboard to generate affiliate links. I emailed them asking how to generate affiliate links and they responded with clear instructions, after about 2 weeks.

My Offers at Snapdeal

Commission structure of snapdeal affiliate program

Currently, is offering a flat commission of 10% for all products. There is a max limit of Rs 400 per product.

10% commission is pretty standard in the affiliate marketing world. For most categories, both Amazon and Flipkart offers the same commission. However, the main limitation of Snapdeal is, they have an upper limit of Rs 400 per product. This means, even if you sell a Rs 50,000 product, you will get only Rs 400 instead of the expected Rs 5,000 commission.

For any items above Rs 4,000, you will get only Rs 400 commission at Snapdeal. But since most other affiliate programs offer 4-5% commission, Snapdeal will be still better for products up to Rs 10,000. Your best option is to calculate the commission from other programs and if it is more than Rs 400, then you may want to use the other programs.

IMPORTANT: The Rs 400 limit is not per product, but it is per transaction. If your referred customer purchases several items, the maximum commission you can from that transaction is Rs 400. Here is the statement from their terms and conditions:

In the event a customer places orders for multiple products in a single session then the 10% of the total value of the orders placed shall be taken as Fee subject to maximum of Rs 400/- (Rupees Four Hundred Only).

Remember an important factor in making money from affiliate programs is not the amount of commission per product, but, it is the conversion rate. You could make much more money by promoting products with good deals for the customers. Your customers are going to compare the prices in various websites and will buy the one with the best price for them. So, wisely choose the products to promote, so that you will get good conversions and make money.

Review of Snapdeal affiliate program

Considering it is a popular deals website in India, there are higher chances of conversion, thus giving higher revenue potential for publishers. However, since they have a max limit of Rs 400 per transaction, you may be able to make more money by promoting products from other affiliate programs like Amazon and Flipkart.

I am not much impressed by their whole affiliate management and the process. The customer support for affiliates are also pretty poor. I sent several emails to them asking for clarifications on their programs and it took a lot of time to get any response.

Very short cookie tracking period

The Snapdeal dashboard looks simple but provides little help on how to use it. I had to mail them several times to get help on even basic tasks like generating affiliate links.

The cookie period of Snapdeal affiliate program is probably one of the lowest in the industry. Flipkart & Amazon give 24 hours cookie period and Amazon offers 89 days for actual purchase, if the product is added to the shopping cart by the customer.

If you are looking for more options, read this comparison of Amazon and Flipkart affiliate programs.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Guest Author: Rocky04 Apr 2014

Hey Tony,

By any chance would you have information on what Snapdeal's affiliate marketing strucutre was before they adopted flat 10% capped at Rs. 400.

I have been trying to get this information for a personal project, but to no avail. Any information will be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

Guest Author: obed20 Apr 2014

Snapdeal Affiliate Program is fake.This Guys are non trust-able after working for them 3-4 Months they will stop your CONVERSIONS. they are cheating with affiliates and not paying the earning which you earn with your Hard work. I have have sold there products more than 2 Lakhs and then they stop my CONVERSIONS. They cheated Never work Snapdeal.

They will never pay you. My account was approved. Also when you will follow up them regarding the same they will never reply you. As they know they need to pay you. I sent them 10+ Email on and but they never replied.

My affiliate id is 3880

Better to work with Amazon and Flipkart

Guest Author: cooltechie17 May 2014

Where can I find my Snapdeal affiliate id ?

Guest Author: Tharun20 May 2014

I applied for snapdeal affiliate program. Waited more than 10 days. Still not approved. No email from them. Is there any number to contact them.

I saw many sites uses them. Did snapdeal stop new sign ups? Will you please clarify?

Author: Raghav Kapoor08 Jun 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

I applied for the program, but I liked Flipkart more. I even made a sale of Apple Iphone 4S with my affiliate ID, but its been a month I am still waiting for their payment.

Guest Author: Saravanan Baskaran29 Jun 2014

I had snapdeal affiliate activated account for and since 3 months and i got very good conversion for the last three months but thre days back they sent out an email stating that "Account is blocked" without any reason. Not sure is this only to me or many others also.


Author: Shravan08 Oct 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

I am an affiliate of all major ecommerce stores in India including and However, I never knew that Snapdeal had its own affiliate program. I have applied for their affiliate program using one of my blogs where I post daily deals and offers. Hope I am accepted in their network and start making money from them. Thanks a lot for providing the information.

Guest Author: Veer15 Oct 2014

Can you please tell what is the exact way of generating the affiliate link? Because you haven't mentioned anywhere about it in the post.

Guest Author: couponsgiver02 Nov 2014

Thank you for letting me to know about Snapdeal affiliate program. I have just started a new coupons site, for that i am looking affiliate links and found your link about Snapdeal.

Guest Author: Tarun Singh20 Nov 2014

Snapdeal affiliate program is good until your earnings are low.Once your earnings cross Rs 5000 per month,they will simply block your account if you are a small publisher or blogger.

Guest Author: Tanvi06 Mar 2015

If you are already affiliate of,,,, etc, then post your unlimited affiliate links free on network! is an unique marketplace for affiliates who do not have their own website.

Guest Author: sagar sakre06 Apr 2015

Well this point is true: 3. It was hard to figure out how to generate affiliate links. There is no online help or tips on how to use the dashboard to generate affiliate links. I emailed them asking how to generate affiliate links and they responded with clear instructions, after about 2 weeks.

Even I have encountered this page searching for the same. It would be great if you put what they replied in simple steps so the visitors would be aware of what is to be done.

Guest Author: Nitin Ravale20 Apr 2015

Snap Deal Affiliate Dashboard we can see in Offers _ Browse Search : - "ID 17 as Snapdeal Shopping Affiliate Campaign 2.50 CPS" while "ID 21 as Snapdeal Exclusive Launches Affiliate Campaign as 1% CPS. 1 month back I have seen 10% CPS at ID 16 at Snap Deal Affiliate which I can't see now. So I meed to know whether I will be paid at 2.50% or 10%?

Guest Author: shakir09 Aug 2015

You can Get Affiliate ID from!/account (Account details)

Author: Naresh27 Aug 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Hello, I need help to start an affiliate program and would need guidance.

Guest Author: Shiv20 Jul 2016

This is a fraud affiliate program. They don't track any visits and resulting in no commission.

Guest Author: srilekha15 Aug 2016

Snapdeal won't pay at all.. After working with 6 months earned nearly 3000+ but they never paid. My affiliate id: 81165 . Waiting for payment nearly 3 months and mailed them so many times, they never care to reply. They are cheating webmasters. Flipcart is good. They always pays on time because they validates purchases quickly. Amazon never tried yet.

Guest Author: Deepa21 Nov 2018

I need to fetch products from Snapdeal. Is that possible via Snapdeal affiliate program

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