How to recover Adsense revenue from slowing down

In this article, you will know how to get back to normal from Adsense revenue dropping down issue. Some of the bloggers are facing Adsense revenue slowing down and hard to get its charm like earlier, how to improve blog content to increase Adsense revenue. Read this article for more detail on Adsense revenue problem, tips and solution for Adsense issue. Ten tips to improve your blog content and ads revenue.

Nowadays, many bloggers are suffering from Adsense revenue dropping down gradually and no improvement on Adsense revenue though bloggers have taken enough measures to come back to their blog / website performance. Some bloggers have taken extra steps to make sure that they haven't violated any Google Adsense policy, some bloggers take it lightly. However, many bloggers are just depending on sole blogging business and generating income via Adsense revenue sharing program.

How to recover Adsense revenue from dropping down?

Now, the question is how to recover Adsense revenue from slowing down which concerns many professional bloggers. How to get back to its older charm, what are the necessary steps to be taken for getting back to normal position of the blog. It is not an easy task to do so unless individual blogger looks into his/her own blog and researches on each and every article posted earlier and recent one posted together. This is just because of latest search engine updates from Google and its algorithm can expect differently.

There were many updates from Google for search engine algorithm like Google Panda, Google Penguin and recent one is Google Hummingbird etc. We expect similar updates would have taken place from other famous search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc. without our knowledge. It means our blog content shall match all search engines algorithm to get success.

What are the main reasons that affected our Adsense revenue? The following points are to be considered and they could be the main reason for not getting enough traffic ,thus revenue. Find here Ten tips to improve your blog content and ads revenue.

  1. No New things in blog

  2. Not socializing the blog and content in a right way

  3. Not following up to ensure that our content is copied by others

  4. No proper steps been taken after copied content by other bloggers

  5. No quality article with enough keywords, tags, meta tags

  6. No lengthy articles with valid information in it

  7. No regular contribution in our blog

  8. No satisfaction by visitors on our blog content

  9. Visitors ignoring Ad clicks

  10. Not adhering search engine policy

No New things in blog

What is the use of just getting some information from other sources like Newspaper, Event news, Online sources then drafting article with some changes and updating in your blog and expecting some traffic/revenue for already existing topic online. Make sure that you try to publish something new and latest information in your blog which could help visitors via search engine that could benefit all.

If you go through well known bloggers' blog then you can observe few things that each of them used to select and write a topic differently like creative, you won't find any similarity among them. Quality draft, well presentation and their content speaks to visitor directly.

Adsense revenue improvement
Image courtesy: Google

Not Socializing the blog and content in a right way

There is no issue if we reasonably use Social Networking sites in a right way to promote our blog content, the more socialize our blog the more chances of getting benefit by many visitors thus possible for getting success.

You should remember to use Social Networking site reasonably and shall not post many article links per day as SPAM, Social Networking site can use as an additional source to get ample traffic to your blog and at the same time you shall not forget to get organic traffic to your blog. There are well known social networking sites are available like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Digg and so on, use them effectively.

Not following up to ensure that our content is being copied by others

Though our blog and each post is of new content compared to other, it can claim of seniority and high quality, we sometime ignore to check that our content is being copied by others and posted somewhere in their blog which affects our traffic thus revenue. As you may be aware that 'Content is King' thus no excuse for the one who stole your original authorship and content.

I suggest you to check your blog content periodically to ensure that no one has copied your valuable work and posted in their blog simple and getting benefit out of it which affects your work and blog finally. Daily ten to twenty minutes is more than enough to cross check this task and be precaution and safer.

No proper steps been taken after copied content by other bloggers

We fail to file DMCA against those who copied our blog content thus it affects our blog itself on getting traffic thus revenue. Make sure you often check your blog content to keep it live with unique for visitor and search engine.

There are different types of DMCA filing, for example, different types of domain and different types of DMCA filing - have different format to file DMCA than and You need to make sure that how to file DMCA per your domain, you can google for that.

No quality article with enough keywords, tags, meta tags

We post many good articles but there won't be quality in it, there won't be enough keyword to grab the attention of the search engine or over keywords usage which is ignored by search engine, no proper html tag in it which eventually fail to grab the attention of the search engine thus failing the visitors and traffic too.

You can try to use some h2 or h3 title tags, image tags, presentation and video tag if necessary to enrich your blog. Make sure you don't do any spelling mistakes which can disturb your blog and traffic upon keyword search. Try to check some of the expert blogger's post and their way of presentation the content to get some idea.

No lengthy articles with valid information in it

There are different scenarios in this. No lengthy article with valid information or article drafted with lengthy but no valid points in it or no visitor's required information in it. Sometime short article will have enough information but search engines ignore it, very rare short articles are indexed in search engines with reasonable info in it but visitor ignores it on a glance.

I suggest you to prepare a draft for any topic (except some cases, like exam and result) with 600 to 750 words at least. But make sure that it has all the features in it as stated above, also we need to understand that how to draft article and how to present them well? Make sure that you have drafted the article in the way that visitors used to key-in in search engine. Except very few case, do not draft the article for more than 2000 words as there will be no time for each visitor's to go through them.

No regular contribution in our blog

Except professional bloggers, other budding bloggers do mistake by not posting articles regularly which search engine ignore entire blog itself after its last crawl attempt. Make sure that blogger try to post content regularly with required info and updates to keep healthy blog.

It is simple logic that, the more active and regular new content the more chances of winning the show. Thus, try to allot time for it, one to two hours per day for professional blogger is more than enough to get things done. I can recommend you to go through some well known blogger's blog and get some idea from their contribution and presentation which helps them so that you can follow similar way.

No satisfaction by visitors on our blog content

As said earlier, you might have drafted article with less words or around 200 words and posted in your blog but there is no enough information for the visitors thus falling traffic overall. Sometime though you get reasonable traffic but users don't like to visit again to your blog or they won't promote your blog to other friends or they won't stay in your blog for a long duration and so on.

Make sure your blog have sufficient content which could help visitors thus traffic/revenue. Our main purpose of blogging is to satisfy online visitors' requirement, stay for a long duration on it to get their required information and promote or re-visit it again. To do this, your blog should have quality content with enough information to attract the search engines so that it can help us to get the visitors or net users.

Visitor ignoring Ad clicks

It is not necessary that every visitor of your blog shall click on Ads, generally more visitors so more chances of clicks. Sometime less visitors but getting one or two good clicks which can't even compare to 5-10 clicks ratio. Sometime good traffic but very less ad clicks which can give you less revenue generation. You should have some fortune on this process as well to get reasonable traffic, clicks and revenue.

However, it is standard that blogger shall not expect any clicks from any visitors unless it is valid and required from visitor's end. Though we run our blog as commercial one but our aim is to provide enough content and info to the visitors via search engine, it is real organic traffic.

Not adhering search engine policy

Search engines totally ignore your blog to crawl if your blog does not abide by the search engine policy, so do not violate any search engine policy. It plays very important role to crawl your blog content, save blog content in their tools, index it upon visitor's search and get the better result as traffic and page ranking.

Search engine algorithms may change from time to time per their business requirement but blogger shall not always think about SEO rather blogger can give lot of quality and valid information to visitors which automatically brings traffic and revenue. Make sure your blog and its content adhering search engine policy to become successful and professional Blogger.

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