7-Data Recovery - A Data Recovery Application That Actually Works

Have you ever deleted an important file by mistake? Did you ever happen to have lost your precious files and collections because your hard drive went haywire? And all you wished you could get them back? Well, do go through our review of 7-Data Recovery, a data recovery software that actually works.

Okay, so it's Saturday today and you've decided to finish typing the best resume ever, one which you'd left abandoned almost as soon as you'd started the last time! You want to surprise you girlfriend with a ring in the wine glass as you plan to tell her about the one handsomely-paying job you plan to get your hands on. So you place your laptop on the desk and start typing out. After three hours of brainstorming, you've only reached the midway and wait, what? What's happening?

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Something goes haywire, your PC crashes and the next time you duck in to your lappy you're surprised to see your resume file has totally vanished. But where? Well, you don't know. The one thing you want the most in the world is your resume file along with a few other files that you lost.

Has something like that happened to you ever? Have you ever happened to delete an important file on your computer or phone in course of deleting some useless ones? Have you experienced a crash and seen your more-important-than-the-world files become extinct to nowhere?

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Who hasn't faced something like this? We all have. And though we know there are ways to recover those files, the one thing we know as well is – it's going to devour on our pockets. Nobody said there aren't ways to recover your files. Sure there are data recovery software out there but most of them are so costly, we barely dare to invest. After all, there's no guarantee you'll succeed recovering them anyway. Talk about free data recovery systems and all you find is trash. Almost none work and the ones that are known to work still cannot be your aid in most cases.

After having had our hands on a number of data recovery software by far, we come to know about 7-Data Recovery. 7-Data Recovery is a free data recovery software and fret not – It's not just another application after downloading which you only wonder why on earth you wasted your bandwidth on it. It works. Yes it does!!


7-Data Recovery

Recovery of 'Shift+Delete' deleted files - Most people know what Shift+Delete means. In case you don't try selecting your most favourite picture album and Shift+Delete it and refresh it. We assure you'll end up suing Techulator for this suggestion. Well, don't try. Let us enlighten you – Shift+Delete is a shortcut used for permanently deleting a file. But 7-Data Recovery, the trial version of which comes for free, is one such software which actually works on files deleted by Shift+Delete. To test this, we copied a couple hundred MBs of file into our testing partition, Shift+Delete 'd them, and pressed F5. And it was just a matter of few clicks before we could actually retrieve the deleted files back. We're posting screenshots of the whole procedure as well. Marvellous!

Recover from deleted partition - We were not too astonished to know that an efficient data recovery software like 7-Data Recovery, could also retrieve files from deleted partitions. Not just that, it can also recover files from corrupt hard drives and corrupt MBRs. Did your hard drive crash? Well, this recovery module of 7-Data Recovery comes at your rescue and helps you win back the battle you almost thought you'd lost – one with your HDD.

Retrieve Multimedia Files - 7-Data Recovery came bit surprising as it proved its mettle in recovering a few songs, clips and images. Well, it worked out as good as good as ever. So now you know where to go looking for when you just lost your favourite precious song collection. Where else?

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Recover lost confectionaries from your smartphone and memory cards - Now this was surely something we'd never seen before. Many data recoveries do claim they can do this but most fail when it comes for an actual test. We were astounded when 7-Data Recovery actually recovered a few call recordings from a smartphone owned by one of us. Beyond that, it actually even worked on a few cards we tested. We tested on microSDs, memory sticks and SDs and glad to tell you, it brought back deleted files on each one of them.

Recover from your external harddrive - Well, recovery from your local harddrives doesn't sound new but doing that successfully with external HDDs definitely does. We used an 250GB WesternDigital harddrive. It was old and to tell you, we were really not sure if it could work this thing out. For the matter of the fact, it did bring back some files but couldn't retrieve the whole lot of them. Yet considering it's age, we don't think this is bad performance.

Large format support - Check out 7-Data Recovery's official website - http://7datarecovery.com/ and you'll see the list of format this software can operate on. Literally, it's more than a hundred and the number seems to be quite impressive.

Overall Review of 7-Data Recovery

Data recovery is not a myth and it's not new. Sometimes, all you really wish could be yours was that one particular word file that contained the poem you'd written for your ex-girlfriend and wish you could give it to your next one. But alas, it's gone and you miss it more than your ex herself. Jokes apart, the biggest risk in investing into a data recovery software is you can never be sure if those bucks will actually be able to bring back your precious. But as far as 7-Data Recovery is concerned, it did work in almost all situations, over all kinds of devices and retrieved 'almost' all kinds of files we tried to test it upon. "I actually felt so bad to see this software, because few years ago when I'd lost the manuscript I'd been working upon for more than a month, I didn't have this stuff", one of our mates had to say after he saw this happening.

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Seriously, we're too happy to have had our hands on an application which deliver what it promises. After all, we have almost nothing to criticize. It looks beautiful, is lightweight to download, is easy to install. It looks beautiful, works wonderful and comes handy at a starting price of $29.95 (around Rs. 1600). But before you buy, you can put your hands on its trial version that definitely comes for free and lets you recover a GB of files.

Visit the official website to learn more about 7-Data Recovery: http://7datarecovery.com/

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Guest Author: chaitu05 Jan 2014

It is a good tool for data recovery without backup settings.

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