How to choose the best topics for blog posts to get maximum traffic

In this article, I am sharing some tips on how to choose the best topics for your next blog post, which will get you the maximum traffic. Read my tips below that may help you identify topics for blogging.

I have been writing my blogging tips series for a while and it is time to share another top. What subject I should write blogs on is a common question in most blogger communities. If I open Facebook, I will be asked this question at least a few times everyday.

Typically, when someone ask me this question, my first response would be, "you should write articles on the topics that you know very well". However, that does not convince most people. They think they can write on anything under the sun. The most common answer I get from such people are, "I can read about any subject and write an article myself".

Let me make it very clear - anybody can write on anything but will your readers consider that article as valuable piece of information? If your article contain only information that are extracted from other articles, why would the readers come to your article? They can better go to the original sources which are written by subject matter experts so that they will get more first hand information. Also, if they read it from the original sources, they will have a lot more reference material there and probably they can get all the doubts clarified from the original author who has the subject expertise.

What topics I should choose for blogging

To get the best results and long term readers, you should write articles on the subjects in which you have knowledge and expertise.

This means, if you are a doctor, you can write articles on medical topics, if you are a teacher, you can write on academic information and education niche, if you are a blogger, you can share blogging tips and if you are an architect, you can write on building tips, construction tips etc.

Consider this case. You are a teacher who teach Chemistry. You have no idea how construction and building architecture works. If you choose to write articles on construction niche, the best you can do is, read a lot of articles and write your own articles from what you read.

If you are smart enough, you may be able to quickly learn and come up with some nice articles. But that depends on how smart you are. Typically, if you are writing articles on subjects that you are not an expert on, the information you can put into your article is limited to what you read from other sources.

For most blogs, traffic comes from search engines. Modern search engines are smarter than the bloggers and they are usually very good in identifying the original source of information, written by subject experts. If you read various articles and write yourself, eventually search engines may identify your strategy and your articles may rank very poor.

Can I write on topics that I am not an expert on?

You can get the best results if you write on topics that you are very familiar with. However, this does not mean you need a professional degree on a subject to write articles on that subject. You may write on any subject in which you have good knowledge.

Consider this. You are a tourist guide. You visit a lot of places as part of your profession. There are lot of related fields you can blogs. You may have a single blog on "Travel tips" and you may write travel tips for each place you have visited. In addition, since you are familiar with travelling to several places, you may write general travel tips for any places. Moreover, you know how the travel industry generally works, so you may write articles on booking flight tickets, getting the best deals for hotels and resorts etc. You can contact travel agents, hotels and resorts in various places that you haven't even visited and enquire about unknown places to learn about them and then write articles on.

I was a software engineer for several years. There are lot of new software platforms evolve always. Most part of my career, I worked on Microsoft technologies. So, when a new Microsoft product comes up, I used to study about it and then write blogs on it. Since I am already familiar with Microsoft technologies, it is easy for me to learn about their new technologies and then come up with effective and useful articles. However, if I write articles on Java, Oracle or other technologies that are not familiar to me, no matter how much time I spend on, I can't write effective articles.


It is always better to choose topics in which you have expertise. Articles written on topics familiar to you will help you write very effective articles and have higher chances of traffic due to the depth of information you can provide.

If you are not an expert in any subject, better you start focusing on some subjects for the purpose of blogging, just like a researcher. Spend several weeks studying the subject and read a lot. Keep learning as if you are trying to get a Phd in that subject. Once you get the confidence that you have become an expert in that field, then start writing on that. Don't write articles casually on any subject that you think will have traffic potential.

NOTE: There are several bloggers who cheat their system. They will extract bits and pieces of information from everywhere and publish as their own articles. It works for sometime and possibly they make money too. Once search engines realize that the blogger has no subject knowledge and the articles have only smartly reproduced content, those blogs will not get any more traffic.

If your long term goal is to become a professional bloggers, you should focus on subjects in which you have interest and acquire in-depth knowledge in it. Also, if the industry sees you as a subject expert, you can get a lot of paid reviews, sponsored posts and direct advertisements for your blog. Read more on how to get paid reviews for your blog.

Before I conclude, let me add this. I write a lot of blogging tips because I have been blogging for more than 14 years now and have learned a lot about it from my experience.

And last but not least, you may want to read this article on how to find unique topics in a saturated niche like technology.

Article by Tony John
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