Why and what you must invest in your blog to make it grow

Investing in your blog project is really essential. But where to invest and what to buy is the most important and difficult part. In this article read why you must in your blog and the where you must invest.


When you start blogging, you will surely say that with passion and a lot of time, you will be able to do great things. This is true and false at the same time. True, because without passion and a minimum of time, you do not become blogger. False, because with no financial investment it is very difficult to get your blog to the next level such as a true community, a pro look, effective monetization without being intrusive, and many other things. Here are a few points why investing in your blog is important and where you must invest in.

Importance of investing money in your blog

It is important to invest money for your blog for two reasons:

1. To grow your blog

Some tools can give a very professional look to your blog and they are accessible only if you have purchased them. Some good ideas, advice and services are not free even in the area of the internet (where by definition we think everything is free). If you want to have a return to the height of your investment you should not be afraid to pay.

I'm not saying it's completely impossible to have a "good" blog without paying a penny but you have already paid for your own domain name then why stop there itself? If you own a domain name, you know that your blog must look professional and by paying for various tolls, you will move faster, better, without obstacles, compared to free equivalents.

2. Not to give up your blog

The second very important reason also why you must push to finance your blog is to "shield" your passion for blogging and not to want to give it up. Imagine you have invested around $500 in your blog. Now would it be the same "easy" way to abandon it if you had not invested? Do you think it would be easy to drop this investment as if you threw money out the window? An investment in time can always be justified (gain experience, new contacts, etc), but an investment in money you do not want to waste away.

What to invest in?

Now you know why it is important to spend money for your blog. Here are some of the useful tools that deserve to be purchased.


One of the first investments to make for your blog, for everyone, is you create a list of subscribers. Three best tools for this are:

• The first is Aweber. Why is it recommend over another? It is because this is the first heard. Because a lot of people use it and so you can always have an answer to your question (it's like WordPress, you have a very large community behind it). It has an affiliate system that benefits the sponsor without detracting from the godson of Aweber. The only drawback it has is that it does not handle accented characters in username/names.
• The second is MailChimp. It is Aweber's competitor in the UK market.
• The third is SG-Autoresponder .

Design Pro

Although a growing number of themes for WordPress are found on the net, very few actually also provide the premium design. With paying for a design you get a lot of options that makes your life easier and you avoid putting your hands in the code or ask questions right and to the left if you're not comfortable. In addition, generally the pros themes "feel", has a very specific look that is pro and knows how important first impressions are, especially for "passing" visitors.

Logo Pro

Even if you do not have logo pro, know that it is important to have one. A logo can immediately be used to identify a site on the net and remember faster. Take this test. Open 5 blogs that you do not know and look for one or two minutes. Close everything and check a few hours later if you remember them. You will find that you remember those blogs more easily which had a professional logo that matched their content and their graphic. In addition to a logo created by a professional, you can extend it to other media (twitter, facebook, business cards) and therefore to standardize your communication.

Books and Training

Books (paper or dematerialized) and training (online or physical) are a big asset to a blogger who wants to become a pro. First, they allow us to learn more about many subjects (marketing, technical, sales, efficiency, etc) and therefore give you the opportunity to advance. Then a lot of books or training will not necessarily be purchased to learn something (or maybe for "review") but also to motivate you. It helps boost your confidence and your desire to move forward.

Computer equipment and especially a microphone

It may seem totally down to earth advice to buy a microphone but I think it's a small investment that really worth it for many reasons. First to be able to make video comments, podcasts, screencasts, media articles for your blog, etc. Also for you to communicate with other people using Skype, for example. You can attend the meetings of your community groups where people help each other, motivate and where exchange ideas and fears. You can also occasionally chat with other bloggers. Finally it can also be a good way to talk with your readers or customers to make service, counseling, etc

Other areas where you can invest

There are many other areas where you can invest. A few examples are:

• A copywriting training or pay a service (to write a sales page or your auto-responder sequences for example)
• Budget Adwords (to promote your sales page, your products, your services)
• A graphic designer for the cover and images of a product or your sales page
• To buy WordPress plugins


Expenditure on items is numerous and can scare you but some investments are actually needed (like the first three mentioned above) if you want to play in the "big leagues." It will then allow you to sort between what is essential and what can wait.

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